The world is already dead, deal with it

PS: May Chaos take the world

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Ah yes, the basic need to pleasure themselves

Jamais je n’ai jamais autant aimé être Bas-voté

jokes on you I’m on Lemmy

federation baby!

Seems cracking down on the institution of password sharing was not a good idea

the legislative elections are in one month

That’s the problem, with this schedule, the winner allays get majority in parliament

Approximately at the same time I joined Lemmy

Also there are some free VPNs (Proton VPN and RiseupVPN) but they are slow AF (maybe because a lot of people use them?)

you can’t stop progress

Laugh in autoritarian regime

This title sound like a protest slogan, Awsome

A cryptohead wetdream and an economical hell

See crapy Watermarks

You’ve angered the worng person!

Boots DeepCreamPy

either Google is screwed or society is screwed

It’s society. That’s why I’m Posadist

I don’t understand why Google did that unless they were legaly obligied

LET'S FUCKING GO EDIT: If this allows the existence of a FOSS Twitch alternative, this is a blessing in disguise