On Social Media: The Commodification of Human Connection
Trying to start writing down my thoughts and for the first time going to attempt to keep a blog. Nothing super active but something. Was hesitant on posting so I'm not self-promoting, but eh! Clicks aren't tracked or anything and there's a nice clean RSS feed for anyone. But anyway, I've had a lot of thoughts about social media and I tried to formulate some coherent "essay" on its commodification of a basic aspect of humanity. I hope I made enough sense and I got what I was trying to across!

Video form with Yanis: TL;DR: Europe may copy Greece's energy cap solution. In energy markets where auctions are held in a *pay-as-clear* structure, meaning the highest price required to provide the necessary energy output is the price paid to all selected providers regardless of their bid price, renewables are being sold at the same price as gas. In example, this means that if 1/2 of your energy needs are provided for at 50 euros in renewables, and the other half is in gas at 100 euros, then you will pay all providers the highest price accepted (known as the *marginal clearing price*) at 100 euros. You will pay 100 euros to the renewables providers as well, meaning they get an extra 50 euros in profit. The alternative auction structure is known as *pay-as-bid*, where each accepted bid is paid at their respective bid prices, i.e. you only pay 50 euros for the renewables, no extra revenue is made. Energy producers (make power) and energy retailers (sell and deliver power) are different companies, but often owned by the same parent. This model was implemented by Thatcher in the UK, and has been adopted in almost every privatized energy system in Europe. So, in Greece the government implemented a price cap to this process, which on the surface sounds like a benefit for the consumers. However, the price caps formula still include the energy market auctions, so in *pay-as-clear* auctions, the price cap is set at the inflated price of gas, so you will still be paying extra money to the cheaper competitors to gas. The way the caps deal with this is by paying the full *marginal clearing price* to all providers, and then ask for the difference between the cost of renewables and the cost of gas. Then, they give it to the energy retailers, instead of returning it to the people (through the state). In cases where a company is both a retailer and a producer, the state gives the money right back to them. The states will have to borrow this money, collect it in taxes, or cut spending to cover this. A new front has opened in the class war.

Does r/LateStageCapitalism have Communist moderators?
Just saw a post that's been hijacked by anti-China colonials.

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