The software generates attractive graphs showing the history of each hop. The attractive visuals makes it easy to follow network routes and finding the causes of downtimes and poor network performance. This is helped by the software’s tab support, which lets you analyse multiple routes simultaneousl…


FOSS share and hosting platform Each file is encrypted on upload using an AES-256-CTR cipher…


I came across this while browsing the web in Grand Theft Auto IV. Kind of humorous to be honest…


Encrypted and anonimous FOSS platform for collaborative projects

11 Open source Medium Front end

This is a recent toot from the creator: I’ve made an alternative frontend to Medium:…

Looking for an offline/online calendar that can sync to multiple devices

A bunch of calendars only work when connected to the internet. Others don’t sync across multiple types of devices (linux, android, apple, etc). …

What's a good FOSS PDF reader/editor you recommend?

Looking online, google seems to think open source = free (as in price), so thanks for that google. …

Looking for an open source smartwatch you’re in total control of? If so, check out the Bangle.js 2 which is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. This hacker-friendly piece of horological hardware is the brainchild of Espruino developer Gordon Williams. Much like Williams’ earlier efforts in this a…

FLOSS alternative for : Google's plus code & what3words.

Google Plus code and what3words are geo addressing systems which provide a precise location address (upto 3 sq.m.) of any place on earth. These are used to address location which don’t have well known postal address. And these systems provide memorable codes for humans for sharing. …

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