Serenum: a weather service that respects your privacy
When I was finished with [Serenum API](, I started over with the website Serenum to show the data from the API with style. I built the website with no JavaScript first, building for an example the bar charts with HTML and CSS by hand. After everything was done, I added 2 features with JavaScript: getting your current location 1 time with GPS and adding a map from Leaflet for choosing a place with it. Thanks to this strategy, Serenum works perfectly with and without JavaScript. The website are far from done, though. Both astronomical calculations and light theme are missing, more features with JavaScript will be added, and more.

Looking for an online offline calendar that can sync
Someone told me to use proton calendar, and I have been. It doesn't work offline. Like when I'm offline, I can't add new events. I would like it if I could add new events, and then when it got connection, it would sync. I think I tried tutanota a few months ago, can't remember what happened but it didn't have what I was looking for.

A fixed fork of Barinsta? (Or an alternative?)
I adore Barinsta, but lately when I've used it, I get rate limited and have to change my password and all that jazz. I've had to uninstall it because of this. I hate Instagram, but everyone (friends and artists) use it, and I want to keep up with them. Has anyone made a fork of it yet without the rate limiting issue, or is that beyond control? Additionally, are there any good alternatives to it? I'd prefer one where I can login, since I have friends I want to interact with, but if the rate limiting thing impacts all apps that have login, I guess I can use one without login.

PR Announcement: Github: Network is trained using same principles as Megatron LM, inference alone will require 4 A100s > u/gwern > > No information on how they targeted the size/compute, or a loss curve, so that probably means they undertrained it, because no one can resist the temptation to claim a bigger parameter-count than they actually have the compute-budget for, and it won't outperform models you'd expect it to. (And I don't mean Chinchilla, I mean OPT and GPT-J-20b.)

If you're looking for something like goodreads or bookwyrm but aren't interested in the social features, I can't recommend this enough.

Mozilla's common voice project on fdroid Instead of playing Candy crush saga in an elevator, contribute to the collective good of your fellow human

[SOLVED] Looking for open source library or software that implements a distributed voting system
I need this functionality for a project, but I don't know how to do it myself so I'm searching for an open source implementation. Edit: I've learned about the [Raft protocol]( which seems exactly what I needed.

Open-source Android email app K-9 Mail has joined forces with the Thunderbird project, signaling the beginning of a long-term vision to deliver an outstanding Thunderbird mobile experience.

I have been looking for a decent whiteboard app for ages and I've finally found it. Smooth, simple, and very polished. Who knew Godot would be a good tool to make cross platform apps?

what comes close to defunct CoreOS
BlueHat bought CoreOS a while back and killed it. What alternative exists?

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