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Open Source recommendations for someone trying to ditch iOS?
I probably can't get a new phone super soon, but it's been quite frustrating how little support there is for iOS versions of open source software I've been slowing moving towards or investigating. I absolutely get why though! I have the capability to understand complex topics but it takes me quite a few tries to really *get it*, so I'd like some help or recommendations of things that aren't "just use linux". (I am slowly dipping my toes by using WSL for things, though.) I am always searching for software, but I've never been active enough in communities to ask for personal recommendations and be warned of short comings. Obviously if you find recommendations, they want to look the best to you and hide their faults. I do try and research as much as possible, but like I said, I can get confused or not understand the drawbacks or full level of manual work/environments needed to operate at times. Mostly I'm looking for day to day things that I can operate from my windows computer, but can also connect to my phone, assuming I get an android next. (Librem phones looks cool, but switching carrier providers is not feasible for me at the moment.) The boring things, like calendar, email, notes (I do use obsidian already). But if you'd like to gush about your daily drivers, I'm all ears!

Any recommendations for a FOSS encrypted calendar that supports sync?
After a short realization of how disorganized I am, my girlfriend said "어 진짜 I can't. I can't do this". So at the risk of my 6 year relationship falling apart, does anyone know of a good calendar we can use together to plan out our days?

Reddit has permanently suspended my account for supporting Lemmy.
I have been supporting Lemmy recently a lot and made posts about Lemmy that got big reach. Today, sadly the [reddit account]( through which, I moderated a lot of subs and spent time on, comes to an end. The reason was because I spammed according to reddit, but the reality is that they have censored me because I was hurting Reddit. [Asking multiple third-party app devs consider Lemmy]( + [Made the same post here as well]( ![]( I never thought this would happen, not that I didn't completely expect it (but maybe not this soon and sudden), after all Reddit is known for censorship, and the fact that Reddit admins have absolute power over this website makes this believable. But part of me, misses that reddit account, it has been special to me, as I've spent countless of hours spending my personal time to moderate and improve communities that helped Reddit thrive. I moderated as many subs as over 25, many of them had atleast over 1k people, some as many as 200k if not more. Before this happened, suspiciously, they banned [r/LemmyMigration]( today early morning, ![]( it remained banned for a few hours and returned back to normal (not weird at all). I thought that was a mistake, as the sub was back to normal unbanned, but it seems like the Reddit admins realized if they banned my sub, that would prove how they censor it, it can work against them. Now, it seems like they have realized that bringing my account down would be more effective, and stop me from possibly sharing how they censored my sub on other subs for example. It's a shame, and part of me is sad, everything I worked hard for was taken away by them all of a sudden. I wanted to bring some of my communities here, now everything is gone, and it feels more like starting from scratch (Or discuss with mods I am still in contact with, and get help to bring communities I was planning on bring here, but it certainly makes things harder, not giving up anyways, especially not after this). BTW I have filled an appeal, but I don't expect this to be reversed, this was planned by the Reddit admins and all they have to do is ignore my appeal, there is nothing more I can do to get my account back, and they just got rid of someone who was pinpointing some of their biggest flaws and potentially dangering their platform's dominance in the "aggregation and discussion platforms" market. **A note to all refugees and ex-redditors here**, or those who are planning to join Lemmy - See the power a centralized corporation like Reddit holds. With a decentralized alternative like Lemmy, you can host your own instance or join another one if you get censored, with lemmy, we can put more power back in the hands of the people. I don't have much else to say, moving on I will have to work with mods left that I do know through external platforms like Discord and try to bring some communities here. I hope this does not happen to any other moderator who have spend countless of hours helping Reddit in-directly like I did, somehow escaping such a suspension. **EDIT**: There is some controversy in the comments if I actually spammed, I don't think I spammed at all, I only made a post on r/ApolloApp, it became a hit so I cross-posted it to other third-party app subs, just so that it can hopefully reach out to the respective developers for them to possibly consider Lemmy in the wake of new reddit API changes. I was also certainly not the only one mentioning alternatives like Lemmy on the r/Apolloapp or any other third-party app sub, in-fact many people were mentioning alternatives, though I was banned, also my community r/LemmyMigration as mentioned above was called spam (and was temporarily banned, but was weirdly brought back up just to put my account down later today afternoon) when it only had 2 posts today morning. To me, "spam" seems like it is only used as a cover up by Reddit, the real reason is that my posts, just like r/LemmyMigration, was about Lemmy, a competition to Reddit. Also if it was *really* spam, as soon as I cross-posted my post from r/apolloapp to the other subs, the mods would have removed it well before they got a lot of attention, why didn't they? **EDIT 2**: A user called [@danke]( has been spreading misinformation about me in the comments: > Just as you did on your newly created reddit alt, you’re painting this lie that you were banned for your tiny no-name subreddit and not for spamming this garbage on 11 different mobile app subreddits in quick succession. It’s truly like clockwork for sitebanned users to lie and omit these massive details. This is a blatant lie, I mentioned about the cross-posts right IN THIS post: "[Asking multiple third-party app devs consider Lemmy]( + [Made the same post here as well](" As you can see, I made the post right here and on reddit, i never missed any details.

What open source project(s) are you working on?
So in the spirit of this community and not just to focus on the Reddit... issues... I thought it might be nice to get a topical conversation going in here. Basically, what open source projects are you currently working on or are you heavily involved with? I think it would be nice to see what projects people have on the go, get some publicity out there and otherwise talk about stuff that we should be discussing here.

It doesn't have a UI yet since I suck at FE development and I am learning to build what I want. But I would like some feedback on what I have so far.

cross-posted from: > >The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is proposing rules that could benefit patent trolls, increase patent litigation costs, and harm the open-source software community. The Linux Foundation, along with other organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Unified Patents, is urging people to take action and submit comments to the USPTO expressing their support for a fair and open system that allows challenges to invalid patents. The proposed rules could favor non-practicing entities (NPEs) and hinder the ability of organizations like Unified Patents to challenge bad patents. The consequences could be costly for businesses and hinder innovation. The deadline for comments is June 20, 2023.

#OpenSourceDiscovery 78 -, send notifications from cli/api/app
This week's issue of newsletter - [#OpenSourceDiscovery](  covered… **** > A simple HTTP-based pub-sub service to send notifications to your phone or desktop via scripts from any computer 📺 Demo:  👨‍💻 Source:  🛠 Stack: Go, Javascript, FCM, Amazon SES, UnifiedPush 👑 Author: Philipp C. Heckel 🛡 License: GPLv2 💖 What I like: * Easy self-hosting thanks to plenty of installation options and minimal configurations required to get started * Ability to attach files to notifications enables a huge number of use cases for this service 👎 What I dislike: * Good for personal use case (when I as an end-user want to get notifications) but better tools are available for developer use case (when I want to send notifications from my app to users at scale) Note: This is a summary of this [full post]( What are your thoughts?

The NZ government is requiring use of proprietary software to do our important tests.

Asking third-party reddit app devs to consider Lemmy after recent Reddit API changes.
I've also cross-posted this post on other third-party apps' subs: * [apollo]( * [Baconreader]( * [Relay]( * [Infinity]( * [boost]( * [sync]( * [RIF]( * [Joey]( * [Get Narwhal]( * [RedReader]( * [ReddPlanet]( EDIT: Forgot to write a bit of an introduction of myself, hello to everyone here, long time redditor and someone who also happens to mod a lot of subs on reddit such as r/electricvehicles, r/trulyunpopularopinion and etc! Though I love to moderate and contribute to this communities meaningfully, I never liked reddit, as a huge FOSS fan, and these recent API changes are freaking stupid as well, there wasn't a better reason for me to not consider moving to Lemmy. I will be speaking with a lot of other reddit mods in my own mod teams and some other friends, hopefully I can bring some subs/people here. Speaking of bringing people, please do consider checking out these posts I've linked above, and consider upvoting them if you agree, this situation with third-party apps are a great opportunity for Lemmy, hopefully it reaches to the devs, and even if not all apps make a move, even one would be a win. Thank you! EDIT 2: Hey guys! I missed some third party apps on the list above, just updated them, and the new added ones are RIF, Joey, Get Narwhal and RedReader. UPDATE: Added ReddPlanet. Please do consider visiting those that I just added and upvote them, so hopefully they can reach to respective developers!

Seeking Recommendations for Manga Downloading and Reading Software on Linux Desktop
cross-posted from: > Hey fellow pirates and open-source enthusiasts! I've been a dedicated Linux user for quite some time now and I'm in need of your expertise. I'm searching for software that can handle both manga downloading and organizing, as well as providing a seamless reading experience on my Linux desktop. I prefer having separate programs for downloading and reading manga. If you have any recommendations, whether they're trusted open-source tools or reliable piracy-friendly solutions, I would greatly appreciate your insights and experiences. Thanks in advance for your help!

Haumea can now load non-Nix files with its new matcher interface
Haumea is a filesystem-based module system for Nix that allows you to import Nix files without any boilerplate. Haumea v0.2.2 was just released with a new [book]( and support for [matchers](, which allows you to load non-Nix files. Diff: Changelog: Repository:

We should start an AI channel on lemmy

Hey Mycroft, Talk to ChatGPT
"Hey Neon, Talk to ChatGPT" - Mark II Voice Assistant - Update May 2023 **New** Neon AI Voice Assistant Update For Your Mycroft Mark II Includes Pre-Release ChatGPT Skills! [Neon AI]( has released the latest Neon AI Voice Assistant for the Mycroft Mark II (and other platforms) which enables Neon AI users to converse with ChatGPT, simply by saying "Hey Neon, I want to talk to ChatGPT". To get started, tell your Mycroft Mark II device: 1. "Hey Neon, enable pre-release updates" 2. "Hey Neon, check for updates" and "Yes" to update 3. "Hey Neon, update configuration" 4. Once it's finished updating, you'll be able to say "Hey Neon, talk to ChatGPT" [Neon AI is the most advanced Open Source conversational personal assistant.]( The Neon AI private voice assistant now responds to hundreds of natural language commands (see below). **Upgrade Offer - Serious Storage! Free to Mark II Community Member Contributors** Mark II’s have their best performance with an add-on 256GB SSD memory. Visit the Neon []( shop and use coupon code " MycroftRedditReader " to pre-order one for the discount price of $29 with free shipping\*. Active community contributors can receive one for free - email me for a code \~[Clary]( \*Limited offer. Orders will be mailed out in about 4 weeks. [\\"The speed increase of running Neon AI OS off the SSD instead of a USB stick is immediately noticeable.\\" \~Mike S.]( **Hints** * "Hey Neon, Increase the volume" * Change the homescreen wallpaper in the system menu. Swipe down for the menu, choose Settings → Display → Wallpaper Settings * "Hey Neon, Talk to me faster" * "Hey Neon, Change my units to metric" * To leave the pre-release updates track, say: “Hey Neon, Enable stable update”. * "Hey Neon, Create a support ticket" to generate and email a log of recent activity. * If you need to, you can say: “Hey Neon, Restart" **Resources** **\***[Quick Reference]( & [Quick Start]( guides. \*GitHub documentation at: []( \*Advanced Neon developer updates are posted on [our GitHub Discussions page]( Please visit our [Matrix]( community to continue the conversation and read more about the Neon OS. Wishing you success with your private personal digital assistant, Clary Gasper Neon AI Projects [Clary@Neon.AI](mailto:Clary@Neon.AI) ==================================== **Community Collaboration** Community Testers wanted: Visit the new [Matrix]( chat room for testing requests. Developers working on advanced skills for the Neon OS will benefit from your testing and commenting on new features before release. To run advanced versions you can say: “Hey Neon, Enable pre-release updates”. Community Developers wanted: Bounties available for skills, applications and documentation development. The Neon AI team is available to assist community developers. Contact with your ideas and suggestions. ==================================== **Need a Mark II?** We've confirmed this morning with Michael Lewis that MycroftAI is still fulfilling all the orders placed \[here on their website\]( He'll be updating the order page soon, and you can also order one from us \[here on Square\]([]( **We welcome proposals from content creators, reviewers, and developers for projects that you would like to take on with a Mark II as a "bounty" from us.**

This would be nice if connected to a vicuna model offline. It's already possible to use webcpu for a local stable diffusion via browser, so...

The people there are full of potential, they only need guidance. Unfortunately I don't have a reddit account to do so myself, but I hope that someone is interested in teaching them about open source softwares like bookwyrm and even the open source philosophy in general.

I want to create a fully free open source computer that is modular, modern and minimal?
Basically I want to have a computer to experiment with that is 100% free and open source and that doesn't break the bank. My current idea is to use a RISCV board like the mango pi and use FreeBSD on it. I only use terminal applications expect for the browser so I'm not too worried about performance. But also I have never done anything like this before, this is really just to mess around and learn. But I'm looking for some advice what are the best RISCV boards and is it even worth it? Plus is it even possible to build a 100% free and open source computer with a RISCV board? I am currently doing research into this and this is part of my research lol, thank you.

[]( [](

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