We welcome our new members from r/GenZedong
Over the past few days, with worries of r/genzedong being banned, we have seen a major uptick in new accounts created. The admin team at Lemmygrad and, I'm sure, the whole community as well would like to welcome you here! Lemmygrad is built by communists and for communists, there is no censorship here and no worries about being banned for being Marxist-Leninists. Lemmygrad is not too different from what you're used to on Reddit. We have our own c/genzedong community, as well as unique communities such as c/palestine, c/prolewiki, c/feminism and even c/me_IRA, which is very much alive and well on Lemmygrad. Some other advantages of Lemmygrad over Reddit is our federated aspect (anyone can make their instance and federate with us), our ML community, and of course our hands-off approach. There are no investors to please here, there are no CIA agents moderating content. You can talk about piracy, you can say what you want to do to fascists, without being reported by a lib and suspended for it. We have had to enable account applications for a while now as we were under a fascist raid not too long ago, but please be assured that we get around to approving accounts very, very quickly. Finally, if there is anything that you need help with regarding lemmygrad, please feel free to ask in this thread! We hope that the switch will not be too confusing for you, and that you will adopt lemmygrad as your new communication and memeing platform!

I copied over the Marxism-Leninism study guides from r/communism in case the subreddit gets banned, should be a useful resource for beginners
# Basic Marxism-Leninism Study Plan **Introduction** - Lenin. [The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism]( - Lenin. [Karl Marx: A Brief Biographical Sketch With an Exposition of Marxism]( - Marx, Engels. [Manifesto of the Communist Party]( **Historical Materialism** - Marx, Engels. [The German Ideology, chapter I]( **Scientific Socialism** - Engels. [Socialism: Utopian and Scientific]( - Lenin. [What Is To Be Done?]( - Lenin. [The State and Revolution]( - Lenin. [The Historical Destiny of the Doctrine of Karl Marx]( - Lenin. [Opportunism, and the Collapse of the Second International]( - Lenin. [The Collapse of the Second International]( - Lenin. [Imperialism and the Split in Socialism]( - Lenin. [Certain Features of the Historical Development of Marxism]( - Lenin. [Marxism and Revisionism]( - Lenin. [Marxism and Reformism]( - Lenin. [“Left-Wing” Communism: an Infantile Disorder]( - Engels. [Anti-Dühring, part III: Socialism]( - Stalin. [The Foundations of Leninism]( - Lenin. [The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky]( **Philosophy** - Mao. [On Contradiction]( - Engels. [Anti-Dühring, part I: Philosophy]( - Engels. [Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy]( - Marx. [Theses on Feuerbach]( **Political Economy** - Marx. [Value, Price and Profit]( - Engels. [Anti-Dühring, part II: Political Economy]( - Marx. [Capital, volume I: The Process of Production of Capital]( - Lenin. [Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism]( # How to Make Historical Materialist Analysis **Introduction to the method** - Marx. [A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, preface]( - Marx, Engels. [The German Ideology, chapter I]( **Marx & Engels' Application** - Marx. [The Class Struggles in France, 1848 to 1850]( - Marx. [The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte]( - Marx. [The Civil War in France]( - Engels. [The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State]( - Engels. [The Peasant War in Germany]( - Engels. [Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Germany]( - Engels. [Anti-Dühring: Herr Eugen Dühring's Revolution in Science]( **Other** - Stalin. [Dialectical and Historical Materialism]( - Plekhanov. [Historical Materialism and the Arts]( - Plekhanov. [The Materialist Conception of History]( - Bukharin. [Historical Materialism: A System of Sociology]( - [Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat]( by J. Sakai - [Divided World, Divided Class: Global Political Economy and the Stratification of Labour Under Capitalism]( by Zak Cope # Resources for Marxist Political Economy - Marx. [Capital: A Critique of Political Economy]( - [The Law of Value Video Series]( - [Reading Capital with David Harvey]( - [Introduction to Marxist Dialectics]( - [Richard Wolff's Online Lecture Series]( - [The Law of Worldwide Value]( by Samir Amin - Lenin. [Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism]( - Luxemburg. [The Accumulation of Capital](

Communist chat through Matrix
I created a matrix room for anybody on Lemmy to join. The main goal of this chat is to bring people together and use the internet for organizing. Organizing locally is still the best way to get things done and this or any chat rooms over the internet should be considered complimentary because the material conditions and strategical peculiarities vary according to the nation you're in. Tasks in mind: - Bring comrades from other social media to communist Lemmy - Promote periodic discussions, quality posts on Lemmy - Do a collective research or essays on chosen subjects, translate them, and share through private social media. - Produce propaganda to share on private social media. Remember, our strength depends entirely on our historical and personal commitment to organization. We alone cannot do much, but together we'll have enough forces to make a difference.

What surprised you most when reading theory?
One thing for me was how light hearted and funny Lenin was. I expected it to be really hard going like a lot of Marx but he had such a wit about him and I remember laughing out loud a few times by his turn of phrase. I don't think he gets enough credit for it, he took a really serious, dry subject and made it enjoyable to read. He really was an incredible writer.

How radical is Prof. Richard Wolff?
Anyone else get the impression that Richard Wolff is "hiding his power level" so to speak and is actually way more radical than he lets on? He seems to be more of a co-op, market socialism guy on the surface because he talks about workplace democracy a lot, but i remember him during an interview with Hakim saying pretty positive things about economic planning. Recently he has also been praising the People's Republic of China a lot in various interviews, and in the latest interview i watched him give to Briahna Joy Gray he even snuck in a Lenin quote at the end (uncredited of course saying just "a famous political leader once said") basically paraphrased the well known "there are decades when nothing happens and there are weeks when decades happen" line. Is he a closeted ML or what? Is his focus on workplace democracy just a smart strategy to appeal to "baby leftist" Americans and introduce them to basic Marxist concepts without scaring them away?

Are there any ML mutual aid communities similar to r/loans?
Long story short I am fucked right now, I can’t apply for traditional loans, or payday loans, or even those stupid manipulative apps like “Dave”, because I do 80 hours a week of gig work and apparently that’s not good enough for them. I’m trapped in a cycle of hell, medical bills, pos jobs, broken/stolen cars, rising rent, and the past year it’s been like watching one big slow trainwreck because with the way inflation has been accelerating I can’t afford to live in one of the cheapest cities in the US anymore. Car broke down two months ago and then one month ago it got stolen and found wrecked. I’ve got like nothing and honestly am beyond ready to die, but ofc I pawned my guns to pay rent last year and never got them back. America is a shithole country, the worst one. I spend my day delivering to fat and lazy petite bourgeois who can’t be bothered to fucking tip a gallon of gas, being paid 2.25 an order by one of the most evil companies in the world. The vehicle I’m borrowing right now is a truck and shit for gas mileage so over half my income goes back into that. Haven’t been able to afford to wait 2-3 weeks to get a check from a normal job in years, since pandemic started and the government fucked us. I know I’m not making the best case for myself here but for the love of god is there anyone out there who will let me borrow $100 for a week and a half? You can have all my damn info if you want, nobody is going to want to steal my identity anyway, I can promise that. And even if not, because I can surely understand the skepticism…at least try to ponder the idea…I know I’m already a marginally well read ML because this shit alone has radicalized me beyond return, but maybe it would be a good idea to create some sort of online mutual aid system so that people can directly help others in need, and all in the name of the cause so everyone can begin to understand what we stand for. There are probably tons of comrades out there who want to help but don’t have access to a local party or org, and an internet mass line might just be what they’re missing. Just a thought. If I had money, it’s something I would be proud to be a part of or donate to, much more than some bum ass charity or NGO anyway. It would also be nice to have a place to ask that I don’t feel like a piece of shit or get vetted out for being a leftist like r/loans or r/borrow. If this is against the rules please don’t ban me, just delete it and move on, even though I only have mobile and I’m still figuring this site out, I really don’t want to go back to the cesspool of reaction that is Reddit. Thanks for hearing me out.

Marx2Mao Archive
This site was created because the OG site didn't have SSL and the original site goes down often. For those of you who don't know the site it is an impressive archive of Marxist works from Marx to Mao based on the translations published in USSR and Chinese publishing houses. Onion link: http://gndqrlzytvhexjqxhp2emk4cdvh7cxqjugu5cmavpc4czezthjesclyd.onion/

My new union representative (you won't believe what his name is)
I just wanted to share this, because it's too good not to share. I started my new job today and made sure to join the union right away, but the point of my share is the following: My new union representative's first name is...Stalin. No kidding. I even have his card to prove it.

Recently, the YouTube creator Viki1999 published a video called ["Why (I think) the labour theory of value is dead!"]( and exposing her arguments, which you can check by watching the video. I have written a criticism in the comments of her video, and I will adapt them here to publish here. Viki1999's main argument is that the so-called labor theory of value (LTV) may not be useful to agitate workers towards revolution. In the middle of her arguments, she distances herself from her point to bash the LTV altogether, in what sounds like a liberal deviation from Marxism. I argue that she is blinded by imperialism. She claims: > *"Most Western nations have service economies. Huge part of the economy are people who serve people in diners. Quantifying the value of a service job is close to impossible. The same is true for haircuts. The value of a haircut is very hard to quantify."* First of all, this argument ignores that capitalism is a world-market, a service economy (or consumer market) can only function if there is production elsewhere. This argument is from a viewpoint of someone living in the imperialist core, ignoring the reality of the productive sphere of the world-market, mainly restricted to the periphery countries where all the cheap labor is available to be exploited. For a service economy to exist, there needs to be hundreds of millions of workers in poverty producing the goods for the consumers in the "service economy". Still, there is a measure to "quantify" the labor related to service sector: time. Serving people in diners and cutting hair both have this measure. The work someone does needs to earn them enough value so that the worker can reproduce their lives, especially by eating and resting. If a work does not earn them enough value, i.e., if they cannot sustain themselves with their work, they cannot continue working otherwise. The question then becomes, how come big employers have enough value to maintain thousands of service workers? The answer: imperialism. The value extracted from the proletariat in the periphery countries of the Global South is what maintains the the wages of service workers and the international labor aristocracy. By being a worker living in an imperialist country, you are certainly exploited, but not by the degree of exploitation which workers in the South face. Exploitation for a labor aristocrat is much less *apparent*, to the point some of them deny it altogether, like Viki1999. > *"Raising children is not compensated by the economy at all"* It's true. But does that mean raising children is not work? Or, rather, that it does not create value? Raising children creates workers, which create value. It's reproductive work that makes productive work exist in the first place. It follows that we should fight for it to be compensated fairly. Mostly women are exploited by this circumstance, and the LTV actually helps understand this condition so that the inherent exploitation becomes apparent. Later in the video, she gives the old liberal example of "bucket of water in a desert" which supposedly would determine a high price for water based on its need, and that value is therefore subjective, a common liberal argument. But then she contradicts herself mentioning the example of unskilled workers, how the average working time and skill affects the value of the work and the commodities produced by work. The same goes for a bucket of water in a desert. A bucket of water in a desert can be overpriced by someone selling to another in great need, but this would be only an isolated exchange not at all representative of the value of extracting and transporting water, and of water as a commodity. Exploitation exists in the Western imperialist countries including in the productive sphere, especially in the United States where it's more apparent (even on the skin color). One common example is Amazon and the exploitation of workers inside its factories. Another example is the production line of the packaging of many food industries, which harshly exploits cheap and even uncompensated prison labor (quick reminder that slavery in the US is constitutionally permitted in the case of punishment for crimes). And later in the video, Viki1999 even claims "there are plenty of reasons to get rid of capitalists even if they don't take surplus-value," insinuating that capitalists do not exploit surplus-value from workers. This outrageous claim ignores the obvious reality that billionaires continue to enrich themselves while the mass of the workers in the whole world continue to live in poverty conditions more and more extreme (search for the Oxfam studies on global inequality). This enriching of capitalists and impoverishment of workers CANNOT be attributed to anything else except exploitation of workers on a global scale. For a handful of capitalists to be criminally rich, there needs to be hundreds of millions of workers criminally poor. Conclusion: While I respect Viki1999's work, I have noticed that the content of her videos has been tending towards a liberal perspective and sometimes even anti-communist and opportunist tone. The fact that she thinks the LTV is not a good argument to use for workers living in imperialist countries such as herself does not mean that the LTV is false or incorrect. The fact that the LTV, up to this day, still correctly predicts certain phenomena of capitalism means it shouldn't be discarded, only updated to our material conditions, such as explaining how a service economy can maintain itself (e.g.: through imperialism). At some points in the video she even considers that "value is subjective" using a common liberal argument and she even claims that capitalists "don't take surplus-value." One thing is to argue that exploitation is not a good argument to convince workers to organize a revolution in the imperialist core, the other thing is to argue that exploitation does not exist, which is an anti-Marxist, anti-worker claim, coming from someone living in the imperial core. Either her understanding of Marxism is lacking in its theoretical basis, or she is purposefully deceiving her viewers to discard some nonnegotiable principles of Marxism and adopting a liberal worldview. I rather think that it is her lack of study, not an arrogant attempt at falsifying the only theoretical concise explanation for exploitation from the point of view of the working class.

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