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[Mod] What is your vision for asklemmy?

Hey! Back after a large break from lemmy and after returning to the community it seems it is more advice focused: what is the best way to learn programming vs story focused what is a bad mistake when you started programming. …

Why does Lemmy use a matrix server over an XMPP server?

I heard that XMPP is better for privacy and security over Matrix because of the issues outlined in this article. So I wanted to ask why does Lemmy choose to run a Matrix server over a XMPP server?..

Tracking position bike

Hello everybody, …

Fair warning, I’m completely new and I’m not sure what’s going to happen with me putting the URL as a song I’m listening to right now lol. _ (Hopefully you like it if it lets you listen to it somehow or just plays while you read. :) ) …

Do any of you have your own knowledge base and if so what software do you use?

Personally I have my own Dokuwiki personal wiki served locally on my machine where I keep anything of interest to me and serves as my own personal knowledge base. I might release it to the public one day I’m not too sure. …

What RSS feeds are you subscribed to?

Personally I am subscribed to various news sources. Hacker news top, Luke Smith’s videos and Dark Reading…

What's your favorite book?

Not necessarily a book you can recommend to everyone, just a book you personally like very much. Feel free to mention multiple books if you can’t name just one. …

Is digitalocean good to host a lemmy instance that allows freedom of speech?

I have a good experience with digitalocean when it comes to technical stuff, or computing stability, most of my apps hosted there are business related apps, has nothing to do with public opinion. but recently i decided to launch a lemmy instance that allows freedom of speech with very less restricti…

How do I delete an old facebook account?

I have an old facebook account, I don’t have access to or even remember my phone number or email that was associated with the account. I also don’t have “three friends”…is there anything I can do to delete that account?..

Is it okay to steal, if your child is hungry?

A friend and I were having a debate. Can I hear someone else’s opinion about this?
And please give me an explanation. If yes, why? If no, why? …

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