[TikTok Ban in US before 2024](

cross-posted from: > I've been wondering about these questions for a while now but the docs were scarce. > > 1. Does loading an image (cache/thumbnail) from external hosting takes up any server storage? If so, is it cleaned up when original image deleted? > 1. Do (internally hosted) "orphan" images (not linked to any post/comments) get deleted? > 1. Any recommendations for image hosting? Preferably freemium+donation based, open source, able to keep spinning until end of times -- all that jazz > 1. In relation to creating posts on lemmiverse: any hints for streamlined workflow uploading images to external hosting? (bookmarklets, scripts, custom frontends) > 1. Are there any promising Lemmy initiatives for optimizing storage usage? > > Got any questions of your own about image hosting? Let's hear it

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