Best Activitypub software to hang out with friends?
Mastodon/Pleroma looks to be for broadcast, what would be the best options for sharing content with friends/groups - I'm assuming without knowing better Diaspora or Frendica?

The blog author experiments with static files. Don't miss the What doesn’t work paragraph.

Contribute to Fediverse curated lists of the Delightful Club
cross-posted from: > The Fediverse going mainstream is ablaze with new developer activities. Many new projects are starting. I am co-maintaining 3 lists, part of the [delightful project]( (this is similar to Github Awesome lists, but only for FOSS, Open Data and Open Science, and without sponsored ads) and can need your help to keep the lists up-to-date. > > Find a new project or an entry that needs updating? Please PR to one of the following repositories: > > - > - > - > > The apps and ActivityPub resources from these lists will be hand-picked for inclusion in [Fediverse Party]( website. And the lists are auto-compiled into the [Delightful Club]( website. > > If you want to become part of the Delightful Club and maintain a sub-list on a subject of your choice, then [file an issue]( to the top-level ist.

Understanding A Protocol - Aeracode
By the author of Takahē - An efficient ActivityPub Server, for small installs with multiple domains

The interesting part in this article starts at the paragraph starting with : *The biggest name in the Twitter replacement game is Mastodon*

Thoughts on Mastodon - Nolan Lawson
By the developer of Pinafore, writing : *My heart’s just not really in it, so maintaining these projects is probably not a great idea long-term. At some point, I will probably need to find a new maintainer for my Mastodon instance, and either “retire” Pinafore or pass it on to another maintainer.*

About installing the light-weight Pleroma with the Soapbox front end.

The comeback of the Fediverse and the Old Web
Twitter is not dead (yet), but we act like it was, while the old web wants to come back from its grave. [...]

*Hachyderm has reached 30,000 users. A ‘small sized’ service in regard to scale. However, in the process we have hit very familiar ‘medium sized’ scale problems which caused us to migrate our services out of my basement. This is the outage report, post mortem, and high level overview of the process of migrating to Hetzner in Germany. From observation to production fixes. This is the story.*

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Fediverse is a portmanteau of “federation” and “universe”. It is a common, informal name for a federation of social network servers whose main purpose is microblogging, the sharing of short, public messages.

Getting started on Fediverse;

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