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The most troubling for the aviation bosses was a clause that gave Exim Bank the sole authority to approve withdraws of funds from the UCAA accounts. The bank also had the power to approve annual and monthly operating budgets, which it could reject, and the rights to inspect the government and UCCA…

Ground-breaking anti-imperialist books like Walter Rodney’s How Europe Underdeveloped Africa and Issa Shivji’s Class Struggles in Tanzania were released under his watch. Rodney was then based in Dar es Salaam…

The same company that has been punishing self-repairs. A closed-ecosystem in the name of security was not enough to keep off the “bad guys”.

The contempt of court sentences come after Mr Kinoti defied a court order compelling him to return firearms confiscated from businessman Jimi Wanjigi.

Amazing stuff right there. I have never listened to any Sao Tomense music before (as far as I can tell) but this gave me a good impression of São Tomé and Príncipe. Who else should I listen to from there? Political music, reggae, local stuff…any.

It caters for local flavours and preferences, whilst still interconnecting.

This is to me the key development with ActivityHub protocol (and others like it). It allows decentralization without losing the wider network. Centralization agents threaten the world with balkanization (splinternet, for example is the common catchphrase) but you often feel the issue is a refusal to support interoperability as that challenges their business logic. They have not built value-exchange systems that can succeed under decentralized networks the same way they have succeeded under centralized networks. So to see Lemmy and others rebutt the splinternet argument without centralization, one can only support its development.

Follow up comment which reiterates your concerns. The information network security agency (INSA) claims the platforms are being tested. You can also tell the sovereignty agenda has been re-upped again especially after last week’s Facebook take down of a post by the Prime Minister.


The department’s complaint alleges that Uber violates the ADA by failing to reasonably modify its wait time fee policy for passengers who, because of disability, need more than two minutes to get in an Uber car. Passengers with disabilities may need additional time to enter a car for various reaso…


Ituĩka is Gikuyu name for break/rapture and revolution, transformation, and transition. At ituika Literary Platform we believe that by centering the writing, the teaching and translation of African languages, we can transform African societies. …

While this latest move by the Israeli government is part of an alarming trend that is designed to try to stop the work of human rights organisations and human rights defenders, the timing and method of the designation suggests that it is also an effort to legitimate the surveillance and infiltrati…

Internet and phone network shutdown in Sudan

A coup is said to be happening in Sudan. Communication systems pulled down. …

“The eNaira therefore marks a major step forward in the evolution of money and the CBN is committed in ensuring that the eNaira, like the physical Naira, is accessible by everyone,” the bank said in a statement…

When The Record shared a link to the government’s press release in which officials blamed the intrusion on a possibly compromised VPN account, the hacker simply replied “careless employees yes,” indirectly confirming the point of entry. …

They say as much here ^1

Why does PayPal provide this list?

PayPal’s banking license is issued in Luxembourg. This means that in addition to other European laws, PayPal must comply with Luxembourg Banking Laws, including banking secrecy.

PayPal publishes this list as required, to ensure that PayPal customers in the EU, EEA and Switzerland who are covered by the Luxembourg banking laws are informed as to which other companies (‘third parties’) may receive their data if they request PayPal services.

Why are so many companies listed?

PayPal has a significant number of customers in the EU, EEA and Switzerland that rely on PayPal to process their payments securely and safely. Providing these services efficiently sometimes requires PayPal to use the services provided by other Companies.

This list also includes companies used by other members of the PayPal Group, including Hyperwallet, Zettle and Xoom.

100% agree. Whenever a broker like Google slots themselves in social relations, they almost always gain power to change social reality by being dishonest translators. I am worried by how much everyday banal activities are mediated by centralized IDs. Paying for a cup of coffee using your phone? Papers, Please. Opening your house with that shiny iPhone, ID, please. We have increased instances where we need an ID while also reducing ID options to the surveillance monopolies.

In line with upcoming regulations, like the European Union’s Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD), we will also be introducing a new age verification step over the next few months. As part of this process some European users may be asked to provide additional proof of age when attempting to watch mature content. If our systems are unable to establish that a viewer is above the age of 18, we will request that they provide a valid ID or credit card to verify their age.

A little bit of background on where this is coming from. ET gov is currently facing unprecedented tensions that can be generally classified under efforts at political centralization v political federation. Because of the opportunism of former cabal of corrupt and despotic individuals who ruled the country since early 1990s, armed conflict in the Tigray region sparked global information waves, especially in the diaspora. Ethiopian diaspora is huge, composed also of intellectuals who were forced out during major political moments like 1974 revolution, 1990s transition, and 2005 election purge. The current gov has been on the receiving end of this information battles, with digital spaces overrun by anti-centralization, anti-Abiy discourse. Feeling the heat, the government accuses digital platforms of supporting such ‘disinformation’ and failing to stick to ‘government facts’. This is why they are calling for their own platforms. Perhaps ones they can easily control and should they differ with American platforms like Facebook and Twitter, they will still have their followers drinking from their ‘facts’. Nigeria tiff with Twitter may have given them ideas…

To know that expenditure decisions (both big and petty) for billions of people are increasingly tied to your identity in a very dynamic way is quite a milestone in our society. While it feels like the dam is breaking and cash sticklers like me are just pushing back in a lost war, I also see a chance to amplify all those ideas people have been working on on distributed payment systems that are accepted by the corner store, digital, anonymous, and stable.

welcome to Lemmy! Look around and participate in shaping how the communities evolve. Frontend is decoupled from the backend so you can create whatever frontend works for you while losing nothing from the wider federated community.

building a large wall around the smaller walls

Interesting point. Never saw it from that perspective.

Most conventional wisdom on why networked people find it hard to exit said network is the network effects, which is amplified by being known by your real name and identity to the other network members/nodes. Seeing as Reddit has a pseudonymous identification system, I wonder to what extent that deflates the exit resistance force. Reputation (say karma or community level creds) may keep people in exploitative networks but I am not well versed in these things to make informed conclusions.

As noted, the share was for the comments on HN as a great way of listening to what people consider as Reddit’s pain points.

I wonder how long non-official apps will be free to access the API gratis, as they do now, seeign as the monitization drive is high. Re linking to the original article, my focus was on the comments folks on HN made regarding this specific issue. Thank you for linking to the article.

From reading that thread (more of getting pain points from people out there so I can help improve Lemmy), I got the feeling that a decent mobile experience is probably 60% what such folks are looking for. I think Lemmy has a great advantage on the backend, and a mobile experience would be a great way to keep user generated content and comments flowing. I use Apollo for Reddit and I would donate to get that kind of experience for Lemmy. Lemmur is actually really good and I think it can get better with more UI refinements.

An important caveat is " insofar as it is just a host, and not contributing to giving access." Content recommendation algorithms may be a clear way where YouTube would lose their intermediary liability protection. I also wonder if a creator can provide copies of their work to YouTube in advance as a condition of prewarned.

Same question I keep asking on why these governments that are so furious with Twitter for flagging and deleting some tweets from their presidents can’t initiate their instances for all official posts. Perhaps they fear there will be no traction. But either way, the pull force of these commercial and private platforms is very strong. Some don’t know alternatives exist.

As pointed, make sure you are generating the right rss link between subscribed, local, and All. For a specific community, you want the local option.

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