The denial of new forms of identification for Tigrayans facilitated subsequent targeting. “It was a very good technique for them to easily recognize who is Tigray and who is Amhara,” said Yemane, from Rawyan. "They kept asking people for ID cards . and could easily arrest and hold the Tigrayans wh…

The narrative of Zaga Christ (Ṣägga Krәstos): the first published African autobiography (1635)

Ṣägga Krәstos’s is the earliest known autobiography voluntarily written and published in Europe by an African-born author…

Ermias, Alibaba anticipate e-commerce Company to be online in six months

Trade Ministry is finalizing new platform to serve Chinese community …

The border area has been the source of frequent clashes over the last two years. Reportedly, 700,000 acres of Sudanese agricultural land has been illegally appropriated by Ethiopian farmers since the 1960s…

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