> “In 2021 we gave 100 percent of our one month salary to be deducted over a year for [PM Abiy Ahmed’s] ’Dine for Ethiopia’ program. In 2022 we did the same for the construction of zonal Prosperity Party office. Now for the third year they asked as to do the same for construction of the zone’s culture and tourism office and we refused stating that inflation has already made our lives difficult,” a teacher said.

> FIS accused some money transfer agencies based abroad of keeping their deposits outside of Ethiopia and making payments in Ethiopian Birr “by colluding with their accomplices in Ethiopia and avoiding the foreign currency that should be legally brought into Ethiopia.”

> The three high tech companies are working in different countries on border control, internet surveillance, CCTV camera, digital identity and security.

> There was a new hitch. ERCA categorised the product as a luxury item, and imposed a 69% tax. “It was madness,” says Eklund. “The system is made to infuriate and frustrate.”

> The denial of new forms of identification for Tigrayans facilitated subsequent targeting. "It was a very good technique for them to easily recognize who is Tigray and who is Amhara," said Yemane, from Rawyan. "They kept asking people for ID cards . and could easily arrest and hold the Tigrayans who didn't have an ID."

The narrative of Zaga Christ (Ṣägga Krәstos): the first published African autobiography (1635)
> Ṣägga Krәstos’s is the earliest known autobiography voluntarily written and published in Europe by an African-born author.

Ermias, Alibaba anticipate e-commerce Company to be online in six months
Trade Ministry is finalizing new platform to serve Chinese community A game-changing e-commerce company is slated to join Ethiopia’s digital economy within the next six months. The e-commerce company, which is nearing implementation, is birthed from the partnership between Alibaba, china’s e-commerce giant, and Ermias Amelga, an Ethiopian business magnate with immense experience in banking, technology and real estate, among others. “It will take us six months to launch the company and start implementations. There are some challenges such as difficulties in accessing foreign currency,” said Ermias, adding “We have partnered with Alibaba, to launch an e-commerce company in Ethiopia. The name of the new company will include Alibaba and another local name that represents us.” The new e-commerce platform, on which all items in Ethiopian shops will have a digital presence, is expected to place Ethiopia on a new digital economic trajectory, with end-to-end online ordering, e-payment, and delivery systems. Similarly, the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration (MoTRI) is also finalizing a new platform that will serve the Chinese community in Ethiopia, which is estimated to be close to 300,000, The Reporter has learnt. The agreements were reached when Jack Ma, Alibaba’s founder visited Ethiopia. The need for digital transaction took-off following the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with measures taken by the central bank to discourage cash usage. The decision to liberalize the telecom sector by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration has also given momentum to the trend. Currently, there are close to 30 e-commerce companies in Ethiopia. “The existing situation in Ethiopia is enabling e-commerce. Fully digitized e-commerce can be realized gradually,” said Ermias. A draft electronic transaction regulation, crafted by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MInT) has also been reviewed by the Ministry of Justice and tabled to the Office of the Prime Minister. The Parliament passed the Electronic Transaction proclamation last year. “Once approved, the e-transaction regulation will enable end-to-end e-commerce service,” said Mandefro Eshete (PhD), legal affairs advisor at MInT. The Ministry of Revenue is already installing technologies that enable e-receipts, among other e-services. Archive:

About your Fayda Number | National ID
cross-posted from: > > Upon successful enrollment process residents will be issued unique number which can be used for further identifications. Faydasys – The enrollment platform guaranties that a unique number is issued to an individual and will never be issued again to any one else forever. > > > > Based on the lifespan of unique number and its usage, multiple unique numbers can be generated and issued to a single resident. >

> The border area has been the source of frequent clashes over the last two years. Reportedly, 700,000 acres of Sudanese agricultural land has been illegally appropriated by Ethiopian farmers since the 1960s.

Alarm grows over escalating Ethiopia war as more foreign citizens told to flee
> France became the latest country to tell its citizens to get out of Ethiopia, while the UN has ordered the immediate evacuation of family members of international staff

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