cross-posted from: > > Lilian Mapunda, whose Nationa ID is set to expire on August 18, 2024, said, "We are scared because there are our colleagues here on the streets since they registered, this is the second year they have not received their IDs, all they have are numbers."

cross-posted from: > > The denial of new forms of identification for Tigrayans facilitated subsequent targeting. "It was a very good technique for them to easily recognize who is Tigray and who is Amhara," said Yemane, from Rawyan. "They kept asking people for ID cards . and could easily arrest and hold the Tigrayans who didn't have an ID."

> - The move follows a meeting on Thursday between City Hall and boda boda associations that agreed on a raft of new regulations aimed at streamlining a sector that has been dogged by crime, indiscipline and accidents. - Announcing the new development, Ms Kananu said that they have agreed that boda boda operators will have their motorcycles fitted with the digital numbers with each of the 17 sub-Counties in Nairobi having a different colour code for easy identification. - Ms Kananu said the special plates, when scanned, will be able to reveal the name, ID number and phone number of each rider.

> It would seem the biometric focus now is on the face, giving devices the ability to unlock an iPhone even if the owner is wearing a mask.

> “For years, Nixu has been promoting the development of national digital identity […] Mass-adopted, cost-effective and secure digital authentication is an essential part of cybersecurity of digital services,” comments the company’s CEO Petri Kairinen. > > “As a cybersecurity company, it is very important for us to be involved in a project that will enable Finland to quickly introduce a national-level digital identity solution suitable for extensive use. This enables us to keep the digital society running through our own contribution, and it also includes export potential,” he concludes.

Optimizing for a broken idea. Instead of making IDs so central to everyday life, what if we de-emphasize the use of biometrics for everyday activities like buying bread.

cross-posted from: > Xiaomi has patented a new fingerprint scanning technology that allows the user to use the fingerprint sensor by touching any part of their screen. Now you don’t have to try anymore to turn on your phone or place your finger on the finger reader, because you can do this by touching anywhere on the phone’s screen. This is a very privacy issue. > > It will have a set of infrared LED light transmitters under the capacitive touch screen layer and above the usual AMOLED display. > > ![](

> The SIM re-registration exercise aims to secure the country’s cyberspace, monitor and track down persons who procure multiple SIMs for unscrupulous activities. > > Initiated by the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation (MoCD), the SIM card registration exercise is in accordance with the Subscriber Identity Module Registration Regulations, 2011, LI 2006. > > The Subscriber Identity Module Registration Regulations, 2011, L.I 2006 mandates network operators or service providers to activate a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) only after the subscriber registers the SIM as directed by the National Communication Authority (NCA).

> Called by its owners as the "first consumer pet tracker to utilize artificial intelligence," the BioMetic Smart Dog Collar uses sensors, accelerometers and embedded deep neural networking capabilities to monitor a dog's respirator and heart vitals. It can also detect anomalies in a dog's behavior, alerting owners and vets of possible health issues. Further, the new product can accurately differentiate between walking, running, scratching, eating/drinking, barking, and rest periods.

cross-posted from: > > The federal government has again extended the deadline for Nigerians to link their phone numbers with their National Identity Numbers (NIN). > > > > The deadline was to elapse on Friday, December 31, but the government again moved it to March 31, 2022.

About your Fayda Number | National ID
> Upon successful enrollment process residents will be issued unique number which can be used for further identifications. Faydasys – The enrollment platform guaranties that a unique number is issued to an individual and will never be issued again to any one else forever. > > Based on the lifespan of unique number and its usage, multiple unique numbers can be generated and issued to a single resident.

A space to share and discuss information on identification practices. Articles shared here are not necessarily an endorsement of the many forms of identification (in fact it is mostly the opposite). They are shared here to bring them to the attention of individuals interested in IDs.

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