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“This afternoon, WHO gave emergency use listing to sign off on Beijing’s COVID-19 vaccine, making it the sixth vaccine to receive WHO validation for safety, efficacy and quality,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhahom Ghebreyesus said…

current knowledge about SARS-CoV-2 transmission and reformatted to be more concise. that airborne virus can be inhaled even when one is more than six feet away from an infected individual. …

All 15 of the large companies Reuters spoke to this week said that they now had vaccination schemes in place. Several outlined COVID-19 “war-rooms” they had launched to support staff and secure oxygen and other supplies. …

At the city’s Bhadbhada Vishram Ghat crematorium, workers said they cremated more than 110 people on Saturday, even as government figures in the city of 1.8 million put the total number of virus deaths at just 10…

Exhumed Bodies: Reburials and Cultural Resistance in Covid Times | African Arguments

“Nolusapho, Thembisile’s widow, said that within weeks of the funeral, family members started to see Thembisile appearing in their dreams complaining of suffocation caused by the plastic wraps around his body.”…

Health authorities found virus strains in humans and in mink which showed decreased sensitivity against antibodies, potentially lowering the efficacy of future vaccines, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said. …

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