We anticipate some pushback to this work – those who will say that the arts should be off-limits from AI, and that AI has no business trying to replicate the human creative process. Yet when it comes to the arts, I see AI not as a replacement, but as a tool – one that opens doors for artists to ex…

In a later interview, Haacaaluu revealed that he had come to that event knowing the power of his message and the resistance/revolution that it represented. He understood that EPRDF government stalwarts, including those to be in attendance, would be highly offended by his gerarsaa, but the youth w…

Boubacar Traoré (re)connects Mali with the Southern States of the USA. …

For the Records - Southern Cultures

At their peak, there were “at least 400 to 500 black-owned record stores—and probably closer to one thousand,” Davis writes. For their customers, each represented much more than a place to listen to the latest Curtis Mayfield or Joe Tex release (although that’s a great reason to exist), but a cha…

Music can be many things to many of us. But at the heart of it all, music connects us at much deeper levels. Sound tracks to revolutions, spirituals, folk, jams … share and discuss them all.

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