> “Kenyans holding ordinary passports will be allowed to enter South Africa on a visa-free regime for up to 90 days per calendar year”


> Security agencies in Narok have arrested three women in Emurua Dikirr constituency and seized 16 identity cards that they believed were intended to be used to commit election malpractices.

> The new ETR will be connected through the Internet to the KRA’s systems, allowing it to monitor all transactions in the traders’ point of sale and invoicing systems.

> Gauged on their own, Azimio deputy presidential candidate Ms Karua trounced her colleagues, with the news about her exciting many Kenyans and giving her 78.8 per cent of media coverage while United Democratic Alliance’s (UDA) Mr Gachagua only got 20.9 per cent ...

DEGURBA methodology: - Captures the urban-rural continuum in a harmonised manner; - Uses the same population size and density thresholds across the globe; - Starts from a population grid to reduce the bias generated by the different shapes and sizes of spatial units; - Measures population clusters directly; Defines areas to monitor access to services, not areas defined by access to services; and, - Proposes a cost-effective approach.-

90%+ of TV audience is under media houses who are campaigning for one coalition in the upcoming elections.

Archive link:

> On arrival in Ngorongoro, George moved into a derelict farmhouse located between the crater and the Lerai forest. He was optimistic that he could own the crater, home to more than 50,000 zebra and wildebeest. He, therefore, made an application to be allocated the land by the Custodian of Enemy Property, a government department tasked with reallocating assets seized by Britain upon the defeat of Germany in WWI. > > George was optimistic about getting the Ngorongoro Crater ranch seized from a German, W.F. Siedentopf. It was on this conviction that he squatted in the dilapidated farmhouse biding his time. > > But his hopes were dashed when his application was rejected and the government gifted the coveted crater teeming with wildlife to an aristocrat, Sir Charles Ross, manufacturer of the Ross rifle and Ross cartridge. The Siedentopf brothers had killed thousands of wildebeest, whose tongues they canned and shipped out of the country. > > One of the Siedentopf brothers, Adolf, was however found dead, with a Maasai spear protruding from his body. > > Disappointed by his failure to secure his dream paradise, and upon learning that Ross would be its owner for the next 99 years (until 2022 AD), George wandered off into the wider Ngorongoro. And here disaster waited.

cross-posted from: > > > - The move follows a meeting on Thursday between City Hall and boda boda associations that agreed on a raft of new regulations aimed at streamlining a sector that has been dogged by crime, indiscipline and accidents. > - Announcing the new development, Ms Kananu said that they have agreed that boda boda operators will have their motorcycles fitted with the digital numbers with each of the 17 sub-Counties in Nairobi having a different colour code for easy identification. > - Ms Kananu said the special plates, when scanned, will be able to reveal the name, ID number and phone number of each rider.

State extends e-passport migration deadline to November
> The Immigration Department on Friday extended the deadline for the phasing out of the old generation passports to November this year. > >The Interior Ministry in a statement dated Friday, January 21 said the deadline had been extended to November 2022. This follows a council meeting of the East African Community (EAC) member states. > > The government had previously set a deadline of December 31 last year for the phasing out of the old generation passport, according to the Directorate of Immigration Services.

cross-posted from: > > If the proposed law is approved by the National Assembly as passed by the Senate, sign language will become the third official language after Kiswahili and English and will be used in all government offices, schools and courts.

Archive link:

Street toponymy and the decolonisation of the urban landscape in post-colonial Nairobi
> ABSTRACT > > Kenya attained independence from the British in 1963 and immediately following this, the country embarked on a decolonisation process in the political, social, and economic sectors. As a result of this process, urban landscape symbols began to change. In this paper, we examine how decolonisation occurred through the naming and renaming of streets. Using critical toponymic theory, we analyse the socio-political processes that influenced the inscription of street names as part of the symbolic production of the urban space of Nairobi. Our study suggests that, during the period of British rule (1895–1963), toponymy was used as an exercise of power and ideological dominance over space with the purpose of reflecting British control. Soon after Kenya gained independence, the erasure and re-inscription of street names were used to renounce the colonial regime and its ideology, and redefine the city’s identity with toponymic symbols of nationalism and pan-Africanism. In the process, street names acted as sites for the restitution of justice and arenas for reputational politics, spatial scales of memory, and symbols of ethnic diversity and unity. This research demonstrates the role played by street names as symbols of memory and socio-political ideology, especially during major political transitions.

> Attracted by the promise of well-paid work and a chance to escape joblessness at home, more than 100,000 Kenyans work in Saudi Arabia - sending home millions of dollars every year, government and central bank data shows.

Communist Party of Kenya’s Quarterly Magazine Itikadi is having its third issue
cross-posted from: > [Here it is]( (in case the link doesn't work). > > Has some Gonzalo cringe but it is well-worth the read.

> Running for 354 or 355 days, it is approximately 11 days shorter than the solar, Gregorian calendar. > > The year has 12 months beginning with Muharram, and ending with Dhul al-Hijjah. Each month starts with the sighting of the new moon.

This kind of reasoning is part of the problem: > “We applied the principle of equity, fairness, merit, inclusiveness and affirmative action, that is why the process took longer (than usual). We trusted the computer and it doesn’t have a mother or a father,” Prof Magoha

> Power sales have increased 39.3 percent since 2012 when the number of those connected to the grid jumped 271.7 percent.

> Just days before his arrest, Bidali, who moved to Qatar in 2016, made an online presentation to civil society groups on the state of migrant workers in Qatar, giving his experience working as a security guard there.

> Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe announced this on Friday, saying at least 200,000 doses remained unused across the country. > > "We are going to take back vaccines that are lying idle in counties due to slow uptake and distribution. We cannot afford to have the jabs expire in our stores," he said, adding they will be dispatched to other counties.

cross-posted from: > > “While the introduction of a cashless payment system is laudable in view of containment of the spread of Covid-19, KFS’ refusal to accept cash or any other cashless payment system save for M-Pesa is discriminative, oppressive, unfair and unjust,” Muhuri says in its petition. > >

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