Power sales have increased 39.3 percent since 2012 when the number of those connected to the grid jumped 271.7 percent. …

Just days before his arrest, Bidali, who moved to Qatar in 2016, made an online presentation to civil society groups on the state of migrant workers in Qatar, giving his experience working as a security guard there…

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe announced this on Friday, saying at least 200,000 doses remained unused across the country. …

Narok women's elephant dung fortune

“Elephants eat vast amounts of food each day, 200-250kg, from many different types of plants, so it is not surprising that people have found numerous uses for the stuff that comes out of the other end,” adds Ole Reyia. …

Thus, by possessing the most virulent strain of rinderpest, and which had been kept safely and alive in the Muguga laboratory, Kenya was sitting on two things: a biological warfare agent or the answer to rinderpest control. …

MUHURI activists protest against cashless-only payments at a public ferry service in Kenya. …

Clay and passion.

Brilliant craftsmanship using clay. Something about making things feels so satisfying. …


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