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Also it’s just straight up punk and more free

I mean if someone gains access to your unlocked device they can install a keylogger and whatnot, so I don’t think this is a huge issue anyways

idk they might be a really cool and respectful person

It’s because they aren’t trying to sell as many t-shirts as possible (like fashion retailers) but instead sell to their hardcore fans. People who are willing to wear a LTT shirt might even be happy if it’s just for those who really identify with it instead of random people buying it to use as a t-shirt.

tl;dr: because they can

tl;dr: Signal encryption is (almost certainly) safe, but if someone gains access to your unlocked device, all bets are off.

I feel like apart from this being a cheap shot many people are talking about the communism of the UDSSR and modern day china when they say communism bad but ultimately don’t oppose the values that communists have.

that’s not how you link to a toot, you should press dot menu -> copy link to this toot

pretty cool! This shows that people will switch to better privacy solutions if they have clear branding and are easy to use. I wish there was an open-source and decentralized alternative to ddg

Pleroma is cool as well, but since mastodon allows to move your profile to a different server while taking followers with you I feel like this is a killer feature. I can confidently tell new users that it doesn’t matter which instance they join at first, they can always move later. Like this the feeling of “missing out” is relieved a bit.

I am actually arguing for and against money being within reach of legislation here, let’s ignore that, I think all points I have made are valid at the same time

We’re currently at the mercy of banks, which get richer and richer…

That’s not true at all, many go bust or whatever. I think that they are too powerful but I’d rather have them be in reach of legislation than out of reach instead.

You seem to think that cryptocurrency is anonymous, which is totally untrue. Actually for many the opposite is true, since they literally have it baked into them to keep track of all transactions, by design. That’s what a blockchain is, a chain of blocks that each validate the ones that came before.

So cash money is actually more anonymous and versatile than what you have been describing. I go to the ATM and cash out money and from there it can’t be tracked remotely. I could hand it to some kid with a lemonade stand, buy drugs on a street corner, go to a supermarket and pay cash or hide it all in my pillow. I lost my phone, bank card, ID and keys? If I have cash I can still do some things. If my phones battery is dead, I just have cryptomoney and a virtual bank card, I am fucked.

There’s always been currency laundry, and there have always been fiscal paradises.

I am not trying to argue against the existence of anonymous ways to transfer money, I would love that if there was a good way.

What's the deal with SESSION, Lokinet, $OXEN and LLARP

Lokinet is a onion-router (like tor, i2p) implementation of the LLARP protocol which tries to be a modern re-implementation of i2p. [Session](https:/…