This release really blew my mind last week. Thought I'd share since I'm on here, and still thinking about it. It's from a big band in the vaporwave scene, though it's hard to describe as that at some points xD

Just discovered this duo a couple of days ago, and can't get their music out of my head. Kind of a throwback to 90's alternative with a great sound. Check them out and give them some love! :)

progressive rock

i made an album and i'd love to get some thoughts on it!
i made an album and i'd love to get some thoughts on it! it's a blend of pop/rap/edm/hyperpop and a few other genres, i think i have a unique sound and i think you guys have unique taste (seeing as you're using lemmy) please drop any music you want to share, i'd love to check it out! and if anybody wants to collaborate just lmk :) hope you have a fantastic day! i've shared my music here before and the engagement was great! i don't want to just spam my stuff here, instead to start a discussion with my music as an example!

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