If you’re on version 0.9.0 of the Lemmy webclient, you may have noticed that the full display names for communities is now displayed everywhere, if the community has one. This is a new look Lemmy is trying, but for it to work well, display names should be short. If you have a display name on your community, I recommend shortening it to at most a few words, and put the long description in the sidebar.

You should also choose a display name that in itself describes the community, since it won’t readily display the actual community name outside of the community itself. Putting inside jokes or something like that in the display name also won’t work well in this new style. Maybe just put the formatted version of the community name itself.

For example, for /c/announcements on this instance, a good display name might just be “Announcements” or at most “Lemmy Announcements” instead of “Announcemets for both the Lemmy project as a whole and this Lemmy instance”. The last one should go in the sidebar.


Also a lot of these communities are abandoned, if you’d like to take them over, let us know at !community_requests@lemmy.ml

These are some of the ones I saw with bigger names:

Anarchims @xe8@lemmy.ml seems one of the most active users, it would be nice if they could become an admin and change the name to simply Anarchism because the current name is huge.

Chess has an active admin, @ajz@lemmy.ml so it would be nice to change the name to simply Chess.

[Futurology](https://lemmy.ml/c/futurology] also has a huge name, and it is kind of dead but maybe @Rumblestiltskin@lemmy.ml is interested?

Memes could also use a change of name and @QuentinCallaghan@lemmy.ml is definitively active there.

I could take over Memes.

Sure, I’m happy to do that if it’s needed. If anyone else would like to take on the role of admin for /c/anarchism just speak up.

I can help with futurology.


!linux and !anime need adoption, but they are potentially big ones, so too much work for me ;)


I can take !linux. Made a request already.


Nice. Thanks!

I might not be able to simplify my username, as I run by that very name in privacy communities across Lemmy, Reddit and rest of the internet.

Or are you referring to the description of the sublemmy? I shortened it now.

Just the community description is fine, thanks! I think it’s still a bit wordy myself, but I’m not your boss ;) At least now you’re aware of the PSA!

Yeah it is all good, thanks for spreading the awareness. I had no idea about the change, since all I am is a Lemmy user, no matter if I am a moderator or how much I am in the privacy scene.

Hey sorry I’m somewhat active but if someone wants to become a more active mod I’m down for that. I also forgot I modded !decentralized@lemmy.ml lmao.

/e I fixed them.


Thank you! And yea I could pick up mod duties for !decentralized@lemmy.ml if you’d like. I’m usually checking what’s new a few times a day.

Nice I appointed you :)

Appreciate it!

Thanks, someone should have asked people to do that. Really like the way it looks now!

This is ridiculous. The software should just show the real name of the communities in this cases. The display name worths nothing if it’s just the name of the community.

The display name is now meant to be a formatted version of the actual name, which is easier to read than a snake_case string, or one that has contractions to fit in the character limit. Detailed information about the community should go in the sidebar.

It allows for more flexibility while still being easy to link to. Think of the major subreddits that you might struggle to link because their name is too long or you’re not sure how to spell it or you can’t remember how many As are in it. I think this is to make that a lot easier for those kinds of communities.

Lemmy Announcements

Feel free to announce new communities here.

Other than that, this is reserved for admin use only.

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