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The West doesn’t need to find an excuse to reject Chinese vaccines, or Chinese anything. “Chinese” is reason enough in their eyes, and the massive number of sinophobes in the population eat it up, too.

Indeed, copyleft is not enough to guarantee that corporations won’t make money with your code. Without modifying the code, an evil company could increase its profit just by using your software.

Correct, but depending on the specific license, they would still have to distribute the source (read: not JUST credit you, THEY have to independently provide a way of getting access to the source code), and if they make any improvements, which they’ll probably want to do, they have to share that back with you. This results in the product itself continuously improving for everyone, profit or not.

If there wasn’t a license term against it, companies will be greatly incentivized to keep any improvements they made closed and therefore their product will be better than the original open source product, which will give their now proprietary product an edge in the market, which has historically shown to be enough to snuff out the original open source efforts.

Or, some of the largest and most successful FLOSS projects in the world still use mailing lists, and they’re doing fine.

And don’t call me out on my awful management.

And of course it’s Rick Astley lol. Jokes on you, I know the video ID already.

Related, an article about the psychology of liminal spaces and liminality: https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/general/understanding-how-liminal-space-is-different-from-other-places/

A lot of people describe liminal spaces as nostslgic, even as “I swear I’ve seen this before” even if the location is completely foreign to them (or even fictional, like a computer rendering). But most people also say that looking at them feels eerie or gives them unease. It probably falls under the umbrella of what you’re asking and could offer some insight.

Are non circadian rhythm disrupting light bulbs a thing?

Another one of my random ideas that I’m curious if it’s actually available. I tried searching for this but couldn’t find much information. Basically, the same concept of reducing blue light as those glasses and the “night mode” for screens to help you sleep. I imagine it’s not that hard to do that w…

They don’t call 'em walkers for nothing!

When you type the file extension wrong but Linux automatically recognizes the file content so you’re too lazy to fix it.

There is actually an ongoing debate among the Lemmy.ml admins on how antivaxx should be handled. Nutomic probably didn’t remove this, but another admin did. Or, as others have pointed out, it was removed for spam and trolling.

rry Tesler, inventor of the cut, copy, and paste commands, dies a

Sorry I’m on mobile

Apple to cry foul when people call bullshit on their unverifiable privacy claims and prefer open, auditable, reproducible software instead.

Wow. Still doing indentured servitude for paying off debt huh? Always thought that was a product of colonial times.

See, this wouldn’t be a problem if they used GPL. The issue is that MPL stipulates that the modified files must be open source, while the GPL says that any derivative work must be open source.

There are a lot of cases where gay conversion “therapy” involved sexual abuse.

So it would seem to me that they are the perverts and pedophiles that they claim homosexuals are.

Ideally, the same as any other worker. And that pay should be enough to cover, you know, living, and supporting a family.

Even worse than that. It funnels money right to corporations that make the least green packaging decisions! It by very principle fails to be a green law and is yet another tax on the poor.

It doesn’t seen to be open source. Which is a damn shame and definitely not Mozilla’s vision for their project.