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People are afraid that AI will “turn” evil but don’t realize that AI being made by evil humans in the first place is the bigger threat…

People are afraid that AI will “turn” evil but don’t realize that AI being made by evil humans in the first place is the bigger threat…

Hey, if this means non-techy people have better access to FLOSS, I’m all for it. I’m just saying that I personally don’t need it.

Uh… You may not realise it but I for one joined because it is “leftist”. Scaring away people doesn’t work if they actually believe in what you say…

Well in that case, welcome! I’d say it’s less “scaring away” people as opposed to each instance being its own niche.

I remember them saying something about not wanting to have massive threads with millions of comments, like how some long-term BB forum threads are. I wonder if it’s due to the possibility for server strain since Reddit (and Lemmy) uses a nested commenting system that needs to be loaded recursively, or if it’s just a decision about the “style” of forum they want Reddit to be.

Honestly though, I’ve never felt like I needed an easy installer. There are only a few Fastboot commands you need to know, and they’re given to you in every major ROM’s documentation. Using Fastboot is more reliable too in my experience.

Block 'em and move on I say. It’s clear there’s no reasoning with them and there isn’t much we can do to stop them from spewing propaganda at us. In fact, engaging them will probably only exacerbate things.

I was in the same boat before I joined Lemmy and talked to actual socialists and communists. I was staunchly anticommunist and anti-China without even knowing all the facts.

Genuinely curious: Is Tankie a slur? I’ve seen more communists use it than noncommunists. Though that might simply reveal who I like to hang out with more.

I suspect it’s by design. It’s surprisingly hard to discover past conversations on Mastodon, and the single depth comment/reply system makes it a pain to actually follow a serious discussion between multiple people.

Us: “China isn’t committing the atrocities the West accuses them of and here’s evidence.”

Anti-China people: “OMG you actively advocate for China’s atrocities and want them to keep happening!”

Yeah, okay, I’ll just say it: the admins can’t care less if a bunch of reactionaries don’t use this platform. None of us are getting ad revenue or any sort of money from more users, and we have no incentive to, nor want to, cater to a bunch of US propaganda spewing haters.

As for the devs being communists, yes. Dessalines and Nutomic are ML. I’m at least Marxist myself. We have not, and are not going to hide this fact to placate the haters and we honestly don’t care if that makes people leave or boycott this project.

Short answer: GDPR does not apply to EU state surveillance (intentionally).

Just make sure you back it up vigilantly to a secure location. Especially if you’re like me and occasionally need to wipe your computer/phone due to screwing up while tinkering with the OS. Especially especially if you use auto-generated random passwords that you yourself have no hope of memorizing, as recommended by security experts. In any case, your passwords database is one thing you really don’t want to try to restore from back up and realize it’s many months out of date.

They have eroded privacy though, so in the capitalist State’s view, that’s a win

You’ve definitely got someone else’s eyes in your pocket nowadays. And ears.

I’m not sure how I feel about actively enforcing a rule like that, but I’d certainly support encouraging people to make the distinction.

Admittedly, I use “Americans” for US citizens a lot too just out of habit, I probably shouldn’t.