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Which is why I’m optimistic! It’s honestly more the West has ruined the entire concept of smart stuff for the world as opposed to an actual doubt on China’s abilities.

China's new supercapacitor tram rolls off production line (2020 article)
![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/9c9cf301-e9f7-4898-a5a1-2450c9673ed9.jpeg) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/e748dc37-bdb2-45b2-ab64-76d9f9adf67f.jpeg)

Homophobic language violates Lemmy.ml rule 1. This is your first warning.

The gender divide, political or otherwise, is another classic tactic by the rich ruling class to ensure we never organise enough to overthrow them. They pit us against ourselves so we don’t attack them. If we’re to have a successful revolution, we must be a united front, not have separate competing movements along arbitrary lines like gender, race, etc.

Fun fact, there are many programs that use the idle time to compute scientific data, BOINC and Folding@Home are the biggest ones. Great way to donate computing power you don’t use to science! (Though this will increase your power consumption)

I see people trying to convince people who use those platforms to switch to mining Cryptos, so I’ll always recommend the exact opposite.

After all the “smart stuff” grifting from the West, I’m still skeptical but also optimistic to see what China will bring.

Reminds me of how after the Fukushima tsunami, 1000 year old markers were discovered on the hills warning to never build houses below them lest they be flooded. Nearly all the destroyed areas were below the markers.

Makes it real easy to turn those troops against their own citizens when they demand liveable conditions.

No online reviews are reliable. Seriously, every single one can and will be gamed.

Don’t worry, it’s the UN. Whenever a Western country does something utterly disgusting and tyrannical, they’ll make a speech or two and then pat themselves on the back for doing all that they could.

Meanwhile, any rumour of any slight fuckup by a socialist country or any country the West hates in general will get them sanctioned to hell and back, and so will any other country that tries to help them or even tries disputing the claims.

Absolutely. Colonialism’s biggest goal was to homogenise according to the coloniser culture, by force, genocide, any means. It is intended to languages, traditions, and identity before installing their own, so the colonized are easy to control. Just look at how the US, Canada, Australia. New Zealand, and Hawai’i are considered fully white countries, despite white people being there for less than a hundredth of the time human activity has existed in those places.

Nah, you’d need an entire landfill to fit them.

Under capitalism, you have freedom of speech and the right to criticize the government, unlike communism. 😉

Doesn’t Texas still technically outlaw anal sex, or “sodomy” between consenting adults?

The most pro life and pro family country is also the only one that has children getting murdered in droves every other week.

Isn’t the second amendment specifically intended for civilian rebellions against tyrannical governments? Genuine question, not an American so I wouldn’t know.

What about the cultural or religious beliefs if the dead? Plenty of cultures have specific procedures for handling the dead that are considered sacred, yet no one else cares the instant it becomes inconvenient. Biggest example is Native Americans simply wanting the government to not bulldoze their ancestral burial grounds and build a mall over it, but noooo they’re just being selfish and can’t let go!

More info: Before anyone says "oh well maybe there's a genuine technical reason", it didn't have this restriction for years, and then suddenly started doing this. Also, the app communicates to Fido servers via an online API, and you're logged in to your account, whether you're on one kind of network or the other should be irrelevant because everything should be happening server side anyway. Also, it's not just "you can't be connected to Wi-Fi", it's you can't have Wi-Fi enabled period. Even when you're not connected to a network and it's already directly connected to data, it doesn't work. Also also, if you run of regular data but still have unlimited sessions left, you can't actually use them without first buying a data add-on, since you can't start your session on Wi-Fi and then switch to data.