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Lemmy.ml now uses open federation.

You no longer have to ask us to add you manually, you can subscribe and interact without the approval process. …

Fixed several critical websocket bugs. …

We’re getting ready to do a release on friday, we can either add you then, or we might move to open federation for this instance.

On a guide I have, I just put I like arch linux, and ppl still pushed back that I’m not recommending others. Can’t make everyone happy.

No, but we have a hide read posts option in your settings.

This one isn’t too much of an issue, because now we sort the communities by active users within the last month, on the communities page.

I don’t think so… we do allow necrobumping for the sort called New Comments, which is essentially a forum sort. And that’d be extremely useful for question and answer type communities.

The default 2-day bump limited Active and Hot sorts keeps things fresh, and makes it feel like a news page, but the other sorts can turn lemmy into a forum, or who knows what else.

We do have a sort that allows necro-bumping, called New Comments, which is basically a forum sort. It would be ideal for use in 101 / question / answer type communities.

At least on this instance, we have a mod team that’s strict about banning covid deniers. If its another instance, we’d de-federate with them.

We politely asked this fedi account to take this discussion here, but they obstinately refused. They’ve equated even any discussion questioning the Zenz / Byler / ASPI narrative as genocide denial.

I’m 100% sure you’re right… I don’t know why but the twitter style seems like someone’s yelling into the void, trying to start arguments, while the tree format feels like you can have principled discussions and learn from each other.

Someone could try to submit it again, but its pry still not enough interviews.

Here’s our contibuting doc that’s a great place to get started. After familiarizing yourself with the codebase, take a look at the open issues on our repos (there are many, way too many for just us 2 devs to handle right now), and we can help you get started.

Either one works, we’re happy to host communities in any language here. Making your own thai only lemmy instance, so you can have a collection of communities in thai, then federating with the wider lemmyverse is probably the better option tho. Let us know if you’d like to do that, and need any help.

Nice. I think I did do that once a while back too, so maybe key exchange isn’t working properly.

Ya try nheko again, key exchange should be working.

Lemmy’s official install docs are here, and it uses separate containers.

Someone else could do that, there are too many providers that have one click setups for us to take care of ourselves.

Same. My dream would be to have a lemmy android app using jetpack and kotlin. I’d like to do this myself but I have too many other priorities, and I’d have to learn jetpack.

Follow this ansible install guide.. It sets up everything for you: lemmy and all its necessary services, letsencrypt, email, etc.


Lemmy instance list updated!

If your instance doesn’t have a description, please edit it in your instance settings (It will be the Description field, above the sidebar), and we’ll pick that info up on our next update of join-lemmy


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I thought this would be good to share, its an excerpt from an unpublished interview written in december 2020 about Lemmy’s origins and goals. …


join.lemmy.ml now redirects to join-lemmy.org

This is due to wanting to separate the lemmy flagship instance from the onboarding site…