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If there were 3 of me, one of them would be building a desktop client using iced, the rust GUI toolkit.

Thx! Was between that and muskrat lol.

Its not even to alpha yet, but you can open up bugs on the github: https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/issues . I will probably ignore them if they’re in comments.

Lemmur is the best currently.

I’ve been working on a native android client called Jerboa recently, but I’m maybe 2 weeks or so away from a beta.

Hrm, what do you have to do? Syncthing is made to be, set it up once, then forget about it.

Don’t use cloud storage at all, use syncthing. If you really need a lot of disk space, that’s going to be the cheapest anyway.

There’s an issue on the github for this.

Community deletes are temporary, so you can always undelete it. But the back end should probably hide deleted subs from your moderated ones. Open up an issue on the lemmy github if you would.

The only unique restriction on the database table is that the same user can’t report the same item twice.

Doesn’t look like ad-blocking (why would that change a theme?), looks like you’re using one of those darkly type browser plugins.

Lemmy now has private instances, optional registration applications, optional email verification, and temporary bans! These are described in detail below. …


Sublime text still has better performance than nearly every other non console text editor out there. I remember someone did some testing and sublime lasted the longest before a crash on really large text files.

Same. I’ve been doing some android dev and have to use android studio, and i’ve really been missing vim. Never having your hands leave the keyboard is so much faster.

That was pretty funny a few years back when they officially removed the “don’t be evil” slogan. Being congruent with our corporate values was definitely said in a meeting sometime.

That’s pretty dope, but I have a Xiaomi phone and the current fingerprint reader is really fast and good enough anyway tho.

That’s pretty fun to play with.

Google glass, these spying eyeglasses that google made a huge push for back in like 2015. Turns out even then nobody wanted google spying on everything they can see, and going out in public looking like a hailcorporate tool.

If you’re not used to it, being on a ocean-flight can really get to you… you’re in an inescapable tin can that can drop like a rock as soon as anything goes wrong.

While @nutomic@lemmy.ml and I do have a lot of issues that are going to take us a lot of time this upcoming year, its still useful for us to hear what your most desired features for Lemmy are, and prioritize them. …


I find myself using them on pretty much every platform that has them: matrix, masto, discord, etc. …

Today is an exciting day for the Lemmy project. …

Used to do this with vim macros for lemmy, but a shell script is better…

Currently it blanks out the content ( IE the post title, etc ) when you go to a mod removed post, but you will still see the title in the modlog. …

Since our last release earlier this month, we’ve had ~30 commits to Lemmy. …

Lemmy.ml now uses open federation.

You no longer have to ask us to add you manually, you can subscribe and interact without the approval process. …