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This seems to be the case right now, yes.

That was the original idea of IPFS, no? Just that they pivoted now to trying to sell you filecoins :(

I see, well that is one risk less then. I guess with automatic down-scaling in pict-rs 0.4 it will be mostly solved as there will not be a bunch of 5mb direct uploads.

Edit: well thumbnails at least are definitely cached, larger images too, I just tested it on slrpnk.net Edit: odd, but not all of them. Something is strange… Ah I think I know what is happening… actual user uploads do not get cached, but images from linked websites do, even if the origin is a federated instance. But those website images are usually quite well optimized.

That sounds promising. Any idea when 0.4 will be released?

Object-storage on large cloud providers is not an option for me for various reasons (privacy, legal etc.).

How much of that is cached from federated instances though? I can hardly imagine a low-traffic community like that uploaded 1.6GB of their own images already. If it is mostly cached then that can increase very quickly as new users subscribe to additional communities on other servers.

Lemmy Pict-rs storage requirements?
I might take over one of these one-year-free hosted Lemmy instances on my server infrastructure, but I read several times now that Lemmy's image hosting system Pict-rs is using a lot of storage quickly. The server I could run this on is limited to 32gb ssd storage with no easy way to expand it. Is there some way to limit the image storage use and automatically prune old images that are not user or community icons or such?

I wonder if this has a similar effect on older intel HW… would probably help with Vulkan using emulators.

Microblog.pub a minimalist ActivityPub server
Kinda nice that it is also accessible via Gemini it seems.

Yeah, I hope there is an easy way to also add Steam Bigpicture mode from this launcher. Sadly the KODI plugin for that has problems, but this looks like an excellent replacement for KODI.

Without having been involved too much in the community I would guess it is a factor of two things: a general move towards chat based discussion and that fediverse tools have matured enough that people can dogfood them instead of using an external non-federated forum.

Yes it uses Astericks internally an you can hook that up to any voip service or even your own land-line or GSM modem. But to be honest the setup is quite involved and only for advanced sysadmins.

Good to know. Maybe it is possible to store user and community avatars separately from other user uploads to avoid such problems in the future?

Any idea when the broken image problem will be resolved?

Any thoughts on why it has waned? Maybe it would be better to analyze that first?

Its all open source, you can self-host it. But I agree, it is more useful for US or Canada based users given the limited selection of country codes.

tl;dr? If you ask questions don’t expect people to first watch lengthy videos.

Maybe https://scuttlebutt.nz/ ?

Assets are sadly non-libre, but it works quite nicely otherwise.

Sorry, but you don’t even know what “debt-trap diplomacy” is then… mind boggling that you are getting worked up on a strawman that you have no idea what it even means. Seriously… educate yourself before coming back and arguing about something you have obviously no f*cking clue about.

How is that related to your pet peeve “debt-trap diplomacy” which you keep on harping about here. That is an entirely unrelated issue.

And besides, yes the Chinese are also doing it, on a massive scale. Have you actually been in any African country? If you had you would not be so obviously clueless. Greetings from Africa.

I am not dodging at all, I don’t even really disagree with you on the topic of debt-trap diplomacy. But why do you constantly derail this discussion to a topic that no one other than you even talks about here?

It’s a classic strawman to avoid talking about the real issue which is no-questions-asked financial support to currupt regimes and elites in Africa.

Do you even understand what Strawman argument means? Please stop assuming that I am arguing about something which I am not even talking about.

Stop arguing a strawman, I never claimed anything about so called debt-trap diplomacy. But China is very much cooperating with corrupt local elites in destroying the environment.

And CO2 isn’t the only environmental damage. Cutting down trees for charcoal production for example might not significantly contribute to global carbon levels, but it has a massive negative effect on the local water cycle and biodiversity.

Lots of images broken on lemmy.ml?
It is just me, or are there a lot of icons broken on Lemmy.ml since a few days? I also get a lot of time-outs when posting stuff. Some ongoing attack or problems with the hoster?