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I somewhat disagree with parts of it regarding density driving innovation (seems like a statistical artifact), but overall the extreme raise in the percentage of income that people pay for housing for sure has a huge negative impact…

Their donation page has some details, seems like a passionate one-man project.

I am not in it for creating “debates”. Feel free to just complain and shit on other people efforts to create something positive as an alternative (which is true for lemmy the software too btw.).

There are loads of non-dogmatic socialists or even just broadly left-leaning people on Lemmy. I would not make a Solarpunk community on Lemmygrad. And you are highly mistaken if you think Solarpunk is some mildly environmental feel-good concept.

Yeah it could be more active… but solarpunk is inherently anti-authoritarian (by design) and that it isn’t in-your-face counter something is a strong point of it from the on-boarding perspective.

I for example run the /c/solarpunk community here on lemmy. Which I see as an onboarding exercise for forward looking (future) anarchists.

No I don’t, because I don’t subscribe to this “countering” culture. I engage in building alternatives and offering bridges even to those that I don’t fully agree with.

And you think you will reach “bystanders” by posting these things? At best they will say this all sucks and go somewhere else, or worse you will get into some petty argument with a “tankie” that they are likely to win in the eyes of a bystander as you are engaging the “tankie” on their turf.

How does that contradict what I said?

I am not saying it will be easy ;)

Have fun trying to beat them on their own turf. Most of them are obsessive about the (false) history of the bolshevik revolution :p Dogmatic as you say.

Easier to try and create some cognitive dissonance on more contemporary topics.

No I did not say that. I said that you will not be able to convince anyone otherwise when pointing out long ago examples that these people are probably already aware off and have already neatly rationalized away in their dogmatic world-view.

Yeah, I agree to that, but posting some age old stuff a calling them “tankies” doesn’t help a single bit and is probably counter-productive.

see my other responses in this thread.

Yes because tankies belong to some sort of hive-mind and will never ever be able to change their mind /s

(especially when we are not even trying to convince them, but just like to have a happy in-group circle jerk about how bad these “tankies” are).

Great, post some more examples of what happened in Syria then! The story is indeed a bit more complex and warrants some debate about!

I think most of the people living today that you like to call “tankies” are just historically ignorant, have had a bit too much USSR propaganda and likely think China is somehow cool because they are seemingly “winning” the current geo-political conflict.

But they are mostly not really bad people, just quite deluded (and that is substantially different to some hardcore Neo-Nazies).

And they will happily justify handing over people to the Nazis during the 1930ties because they can easily rationalize away some age old stuff. There is really no point in harping on and on about that.

If you have some contemporary examples I am happy to hear them and I am sure some of those “tankies” will have a lot harder time to rationalize those away.

Genocides of the USSR were horrible and there is nothing to justify them, but those are also not contemporary.

Question: Whenever criticism against authoritarian communists is presented, why do you always come along as someone to defend them?

I am not defending them, but I think you do the cause a dis-service by posting nearly 100 year old examples and thus drawing false analogies. That is just preaching to the choir and all the old time anarchists will say “hmm, hmm, like we always said” and nothing changes at all.