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The F-droid Version oft Lemmur is currently outdated and dies not log in. Otherwise it is fine I think.

Bragging on the internet about (semi-) illegal stuff is probably not the best idea ;)

Pidgin does not support the modern voice/video call function that is in Conversations.

On Windows you can use movim.eu in the browser to make calls. There is also an inofficial Windows build for Dino that in theory should work.

Many are only partially open source since they use Unity3D, but there have been some strong contenders using Godot this time…

Selfhosted is usually referring to having your own hardware at home, with VPS as a secondary choice. So I still think those are duplicates.

Uhmm, there is already /c/selfhosted and /c/selfhost which are already a duplication I don’t understand, so why have a third?

Yeah, this one also has a “crypt-drive” for file-storage. But I think it can only be accessed through the browser.

The official e2ee app of Nextcloud is not really great though. Otherwise yeah, solid choice for the most part, even if it has a lot of feature creep.

And lose all their jucy defense and national security contracts…

Capitalism is about ownership of the means of production. Land is only a minor and usually non-relevant part of this. Your question would be correct for feudalism.

I think his main issue was re-distributing a recompiled version of the official Signal client but he got a bit carried away when arguing. So I guess as long as there is no chance that a 3rd party client is mistaken for the official one, it is being tolerated for now.

There are studies about people with longer lasting effects after an Covid-19 infection, but it is unclear yet how long they will persist and with overloaded hospitals and doctors it is not really a priority to do lengthy clinical studies about that right now.

No I think the way the right-wing media is abusing the VAERS data for political gain is misinformation.

If a scientific research project etc. is using it as some anecdotal evidence to plan actual research as it is entire purpose of the VAERS, that is totally fine.

But that is all clearly and non-ideologically explained in the original article, so if that doesn’t convince you I honestly don’t know what else to tell you.

Try to break out of your ideological bubble and use your own brain a bit more.

Very few people under 50 have to go to hospital with the endemic flu.

I’ll try to find the study again about permanent lung damage, but I doubt there are good statistics on that and long covid yet. The real damage will likely only be known a few years after the pandemic.

It explains what the VAERS system was originally meant for and that it can not be reliably used to estimate vaccine side effects. Doing so is misinformation.

But it seems you are too ideologically blinded to engage with normal scientific arguments :(

Just looking at deaths is an oversimplification. A lot of people under 50 had to go to hospital with Covid-19 and might have died without care (i.e. if hospitals would have gotten overwhelmed). Also there is a significant number of younger people with long lasting symptoms after recovery and even permanent lung damage.

Did you read the article and not just the headline? Because from your answer it seems like you didn’t.

The article explains that the interpretation of the VARS data that can be found in right-wing media is faulty and hyperbole to a point that intentional misrepresentation of the VARS data seems likely.

The article would be the exact same if left-wing media was peddling such factually incorrect fear-mongering for political gain.

The second/third wave was not less deadly at all, the curve was just flatter due to non-pharmaceutical interventions. It would have far exceeded the first wave if hospitals would have been overwhelmed. As for the 15%… that is very likely an significant underestimation as Spain AFAIK isn’t testing randomly for antibodies.

Crypto-currencies as something other then speculation and scams.

Stem cells - in terms of healing paralysis, regrowing organs etc

Biotech moves much slower, especially when it comes to human treatment. I think this one is still very much in the cards, although specifically embryonic stem-cells are not needed any longer.

Left/Right, an outdated distinction?

This is not to say that I think they are equally bad or that there should be a “united front” or some non-sense like that! …

Another one of those ;)…