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It sounds like resource consumption would be improved with this, as you could run the IDE core on a server, or disable it when you dont need it.

I use Intellij with Rust all the time, and its pretty good but could be so much better if all the rough edges were smoothed. For example some files dont have syntax highlighting, and inspections like dead code search dont work. If they make progress on that, i would consider switching from foss intellij.

Its a change we made for Mastodon to be compatible with Lemmy. So it was part of the v0.14 release, but we forgot to mention it in the changelog. Without it, Mastodon wont be able to fetch Lemmy posts/communities etc when you search the url on Mastodon. But that is working fine with your instance.

There is something wrong with your inbox though, meaning activities sent to your instance dont arrive. Make sure you also have this line (with correct port). Ansible takes care of that automatically btw. If the nginx config looks fine, try to capture some logs on your instance while sending an activity (eg create comment or vote) to baraza, using docker-compose logs -f lemmy -t 100.

For Mastodon to follow Lemmy communities, you need to change the Lemmy nginx config like this.

Activitypub has shared inbox, which solves that problem (and is implemented by Mastodon). But i suppose it is possible to ddos a server by sending many messages to individual users. Blocking that might be quite tricky, especially as the Mastodon codebase seems to be in a very bad state afaik.

Signups for weblate.yerbamate.ml are working again

The domain was included in a spam list, which meant that confirmation emails couldnt be delivered, and signup was impossible. Now the problem is fixed, so if you would like to translate Lemmy into your language, register an account and get started. …

Here is the code, but theres not much info either. Probably best if you talk with @grishka@mastodon.social directly.

Sounds a bit similar to Smithereen, which is inspired by VKontakte.


Some people are suggesting to disable self votes, but start posts/comments at 1 point. I think thats a great idea, because it would also help Pleroma/Mastodon users. Those cant send votes, so they currently start at 0 points.

Yes thats how i imagined it, should have made that clearer.

Yes, thats why i posted it here and not on github :)

Do we really need self upvotes in Lemmy?

I never really thought about the automatic self upvote on Reddit and Lemmy. But after reading this article Dont let me like my own post, i’m wondering if we should just get rid of it. Its not really adding anything, or does it? Plus removing it would slightly si…

I would say that Lemmy already has a kind of democracy built in, which is that users can pick an instance based on their preferences, and also relatively easily change instances. Or use multiple accounts, anonymous or not. Communities can also be moderated from other users. But in the end, the server admin always has total control over the server, that cant be changed. The main influence that users have is the decision which instance they use (and where they create communities).

More advanced tools like the ones you suggest also sound useful, but seems like a lot of work to implement that. Maybe it would make more sense to some type of plugin system for this logic, so that instance admins can choose their preferred way of moderation.

That sounds awesome, but me and my two friends working on this are pretty much “nobodies”, so I doubt we’d be getting anything :)

It doesnt matter who you are, only that you work on a project which fits their goals. Though i believe there is a requirement that at least one of you lives in the EU, but not sure how strict that is.

This looks very interesting. I was about to ask what language you plan to use, but then i saw the proof on concept in Rust. I think thats great because Rust has a real focus on correctness, which helps to avoid problems early on, so you spend a lot less time debugging weird edge cases. For the protocol, I would recommend you dont define messages by raw bytes, thats a really complicated way to serialise information, and bandwidth is not an issue in this case. Json would work equally well, as would protobuf or something similar. That will also allow you to auto-generate the protocol docs.

Edit: No message deletion, edits and no multi-device support will severely limit the use cases for this project. I hope you can consider adding this later, even though the project will already require a ton of work. Maybe you want to apply to NLnet for funding (they also finance Lemmy development).

New Microsoft headquarters in Kiel soon?

My bank just sends SMS codes for verification, no app needed (Spain).

I think you are missing the point of the article. What it is talking about is that westerners often like to impose their standards on other cultures. Sure if you dont like “lolicon” or whatever thats fine, and you can block it on your instance. But you cant expect self-censorship from another community where it is considered normal.

To be honest i dont understand this thinking that every instance should federate with every other, and that blocking is something bad (also mentioned by @poVoq@lemmy.ml). In my view, the main point of the fediverse is that every instance can set its own rules, and decide on its own who to federate with (based on preferences of the local community). And especially for niche instances from completely different cultures and languages, there is little reason to federate.

Either one should work. Anyway, this post shows that images are working correctly in new posts now. But you will have to edit old posts manually to remove the www from the url.

You need to run docker-compose up to reload the settings. With docker-compose restart, it keeps using the old settings.

Its possible that certbot messed up something in your nginx config, but i dont see how that would affect the html sent by the server. Did you previously have www.beehaw.org set in docker-compose.yml? Maybe its still using the old setting.

Otherwise i cant think of anything.

Hmm, then did you configure www.beehaw.org in some other place? Because Lemmy certainly doesnt add that.

Reddit integrates cryptocurrency

Do they want users to switch to the fediverse? …


A “Lemmy federation map”, showing linked, allowed and blocked instances. …