Snowden's Russian Citizenship: Establishment Response Illustrates Why He Hasn't Returned Home -
Among other wishes, Snowden opponents want to see the NSA whistleblower deployed to the Russian front, captured by Ukraine and returned to the US.

Why hasn’t he returned home? Pretty sure it’s because he’d get jailed for life at best or “commit suicide” at worst.

As USA projects onto China and Russia, he will be “disappeared”. It will happen the same way kids are in ICE camps.

Nah, he wouldn’t be disappeared, but it would be just as bad. The proposed action by the DoJ is a closed door proceeding where he would be unable to make a full defense that he was acting in the public good. This is completely unacceptable and makes a mockery of due process.

I lay everything that has happened with Snowden at the feet of the US government. They stranded Snowden in an authoritarian country that is a rival of the US, then had the gall to criticize him for trying to make a life there. That was after he was pushed into going to the media because it was clear that the normal whistleblower channels were full of rubber stampers.

completely agree

Assange is effectively disappeared from society. He is not seeing the light of the day outside his cell ever again. Snowden is smarter.

All these pundits with their utterly disgusting commentary. Worst of all is the Washington Post, attacking him now while they were more than happy to accept the Pulitzer Prize back in 2013 when they published the documents from the Snowden leaks. They must have an insane inferiority complex. They will never forgive Snowden, because deep down they know how much better a person he is than the whole lot of them together. The bravest person of my lifetime, taking a great risk to stand up for his principles! Good for him to have secured a passport after all these years. Wish him and his family all the best.


“Now Snowden can advise Putin on the ‘military operation’ in Ukraine. Hopefully a future Russian government will deport him to the US so he can stand trial.”

Lol yeah because he’s a military strategist apparently.

Ive been reading up on all these USA intelligence responses to snowdrn and they’re just so batshit insane.

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