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It also means that the show can have more intricate story arcs. When an important detail got dropped at the beginning of a show and you’re binging, you are fairly likely to remember it. Contrast that with a 20 episode season spread over a month where you’re likely to have forgotten half of what went on.

This is a direct quote stating that US is now the leading supplier of LNG to Europe.

Which has little to do with your headline “Blinken calls Nord Stream sabotage a tremendous strategic opportunity for years to come.” The association between those two portions of the speech is a complete fabrication.

…it offers a chance for us to deepen our economic integration and expand inclusive economic opportunity for our people.

That paragraph is pretty clear. The Inflation Reduction Act is an investment that will benefit both sides of the Atlantic. The key part is “deepen our [Europe’s and North America’s] economic integration” to provide “economic opportunity” in both regions. This is in contrast to how the US has historically approached climate issues, constantly falling short of meaningful actions.

huge opportunity for US based LNG suppliers

No, there are two separate quotes that you keep insisting are related when they aren’t. One is that the US is supplying LNG to make up for Russia cutting off supplies to Europe. The other is that the current situation provides an opportunity to transition from dependence on Russian fossil fuel to renewables. They aren’t even in adjacent parts of the speech, given that multiple speakers are rotating.

That is not what Blinken said at all. You’re cherry picking pieces of his speech and then putting them together in creative and highly speculative ways. The US is temporarily supplying LNG to our allies so Europe doesn’t freeze come winter. And the portion where he talks about it being an opportunity never mentions LNG at all. Rather, it discusses getting off dependency on Russian fossil fuels. The conclusion you’ve produced is a Frankenstein’s monster of cherry picked quotes and bad faith interpretation.

You’re no different from a 9/11 conspiracy theorist.

You’re literally on here hawking conspiracy theories from a creative interpretation of a speech. Typical conspiracy theorist tactic: find a text and mangle it until it means what you want. So pot meet kettle.

I would argue that them calling a country an existential risk means something nasty.

Sure, it means they don’t trust Russia. Which considering that Russia just started the largest conflict in Europe since WW2 is not an unfounded fear.

bait claim that Russia stole nukes

I never said anything of the sort.

Which fake election

The one where this footage was released on TV. The one that was taken at gunpoint. The one where an impossibly high percentage voted yes.

Navalny puppet

Navalny? You mean the guy Putin can’t bare to have a fair and free election against? Or are you going to defend those fake elections too?

A distinct problem that demonstrates a wider one. That is, divisions that are made between male and female that may seem small and harmless to begin with can grow over time, particularly as people navigate systems and institutions that are already in place.

Russia’s the one that just strongly hinted that it would use nukes to “defend” the land it just stole in an obviously fake election. No one else has been talking about destroying Russia (besides maybe encouraging the downfall of Putin), and certainly not “wiped off the map”.

Nah, he wouldn’t be disappeared, but it would be just as bad. The proposed action by the DoJ is a closed door proceeding where he would be unable to make a full defense that he was acting in the public good. This is completely unacceptable and makes a mockery of due process.

I lay everything that has happened with Snowden at the feet of the US government. They stranded Snowden in an authoritarian country that is a rival of the US, then had the gall to criticize him for trying to make a life there. That was after he was pushed into going to the media because it was clear that the normal whistleblower channels were full of rubber stampers.

Gasp, me, liberal? Caught in the act! If you are going to try to insult people, maybe don’t use the ideology they openly identify with.

It still would be nice to have a few more formally recognized fields like wiki in the record for a community.

It makes no sense for the US to have done this. The risk to reward ratio just doesn’t pencil out. Right now NATO is united behind Ukraine in a way it hasn’t been in decades. There is no need to burn the ships to keep other countries in line. Sabotage like this risks discovery, and discovery would break that unity. I am not saying it was Russia, but it doesn’t pass the sniff test of being the US.

And if challenged in the future, they’ll make sure to creatively reinterpret any past statements to be in line with current interests. China cares about China. That’s fine, but people shouldn’t have any illusions.

Resorting to cheap shots and personal insults is a weakness, not a strength. All it does is cheapen debate. That’s especially true in spaces like Lemmy that tend towards an echo chamber where minority opinions routinely get shouted down.

Or a SAML provider? It would avoid sending credentials through the wiki software.

The paper doesn’t avoid the topic of genocide. It categorically and explicitly rules out genocide by name. And just because a conflict is based around national identity and ethnicity does not automatically make it a genocide. Nor do acts of violence. This is war.

The plane was almost certainly shot down by separatists who mistakened it for a Ukrainian air force bomber. They then prevented any neutral third party from investigating.

It literally says the opposite of that on page 12.

This analysis and common political science definitions show that genocide, fascist, junta, and terrorism are not appropriate terms to define the conflict in Donbas.

Claims of genocide by the Ukrainian government. There have been no such efforts from the government. The worst I have seen in concrete terms is trying to force Russian speakers to use Ukrainian, and that had been limited. It’s mostly just fear mongering.

Blocking on instance level?
Is there a way to block posts from an instance from showing up on my post feed? Lemmygrad has gotten to be a bit much over the past week or so. I know I can block communities, but I would rather not play wack a mole there.

This thread does a good rundown of why the whole pathogen biolab allegation is just a bunch disinformation. Like with many such claims, it's appealing at first blush, but someone with more knowledge can spot that it's misleading.