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None that I’ve read. But for me the fact that Taibbi had to make a deal to publish it on Twitter in this annoying thread format rather than on his substack makes it more likely, that this is sanctioned or even initiated by Musk…

Twitter Files
Twitter ie. Musk is making public internal documents and emails on past content moderation practices and direct lines between politicians' teams and senior Twitter personel, taking first the Hunter Biden Laptop / New York Post censorhip episode. More is supposed to follow, including publishing "The Algorithm" (?). It appears that the deal with the journalist, Matt Taibbi is that he has to publish it on Twitter...

All these pundits with their utterly disgusting commentary. Worst of all is the Washington Post, attacking him now while they were more than happy to accept the Pulitzer Prize back in 2013 when they published the documents from the Snowden leaks. They must have an insane inferiority complex. They will never forgive Snowden, because deep down they know how much better a person he is than the whole lot of them together. The bravest person of my lifetime, taking a great risk to stand up for his principles! Good for him to have secured a passport after all these years. Wish him and his family all the best.

Yes but the question is wrong. It only asks if Germany should continue to “support” Ukraine (which in my book also means medical aid, taking on refugees, mediating a good deal etc. and is a no-brainer) What it does not mean is a.) to keep the sanctions against Russia which hurt us and the Russian people more than Putin and the oligarchs and b.) to deliver modern heavy German-made tanks…

Ah you think they don’t care about public opinion in the West? It would make sense that they do, because Ukraine on the other side is heavily invested in keeping up sympathy (and weapon deliveries…) for their cause in the West

It would be a very big mistake for Russia to execute anyone… This would seriously hurt or even destroy sympathy with their position that still exists in western societies.

I wish they had made the pm.me domain completely free instead :-)) I find it really cool but it is not quite worth the money for pro. I already have a tutanota paid account and I dont need two encrypted email inboxes to be honest :-D

Nancy Faeser promises instead to increase police budget for classic detective work when investigating online platforms distributing sexualised violence against children. She also acknowledged that much of the violence occurs "offline", often in the home environment and commits to improve assistance for female victims of domestic violence

Never gone for me either! Also the best solution for archiving mail offline. Good community plugins. I was and remain a big fan of Thunderbird and I’m happy to hear it might make a comeback in the mainstream.

Glenn Greenwald wrote a long piece today about the political “blame game” after such shootings, along the same lines as mentioned in the other comments:


Oh no I completely agree with you guys. However, the easier access to guns increases the body count significantly when such attacks happen. I do understand your point that it shouldn’t distract from some other issues as you mention. However, for me living in DE in Europe, US gun laws are completely insane. As I would imagine Germany having no speed limit on the Motorway is for the rest of the world 🤷‍♂️

Folk-rap collective ride their song “Stefania” and the public vote to victory

A balanced interview in my opinion with a Rolling Stone journalist and war correspondant who spent a lot of time on the ground in Ukraine. He tells of his perspective of the limited access that is provided by Ukrainian authorities to journalists trying to visit contact zones, military units or hospitals etc. At the same time he states his support of weapons deliveries to Ukraine and condemns alltogether the Russian invasion of Ukraine (as does Mate). Worth listening to in full length.

Doesn’t surprise me. War is to blame for the horrors of war, not only one side or the other. Which is why a ceasefire followed by negotiations for a GOOD peace deal should be everyone’s aim. Not delivering more weapons…

I wouldn’t go so far as to call her an intelligence asset. I will give her the benefit of doubt of simply being weak on content and focusing on form only. I.e. she is doing politics for Twitter and Instagram, serving a constituency of young, well-of, urban middle-class intellectuals. She lacks any originality and is a mediocre politician constantly intent on selling herself for more than she is (see her disasterous blunders during her bid for chancellor). It is in this context that I interpret her “transatlanticism” and “value-based foreign policy” - just stick to the old recipe and maybe throw in some feminist and human rights slogans while doing nothing of consequence or any structural reforms that might piss off the US or finance sector and industry donors of the Green Party. In a way I find such lukewarm centrists betraying the climate and social justice cause even more repelling than right wing lunatics…

Had a look a tvdb… full of annoying ads…

They certainly took their time, but on June 21, the two chairmen of the sister parties CDU and CSU announced the party platform on which the Union is running under chancellor candidate Armin Laschet. The agenda doesn’t fail to dissapoint. A quick analysis.

I use email a lot both privately and professionally. I don’t think it’s obsolete at all. In email, I still adhere to several formalities (like Dear… and signing my name etc) which is I think a nice tradition and I also pay more attention to correct grammar and punctuation, full sentences etc. I think it should be kept as a channel of more formal correspondance. It is also decentralised by design which is great. With a few updated standards, strong e2e encryption could be built into the email infrastructure by default. I hope we will reach this at some point

I set it up with Postfix and it’s running rock solid for a year now. But as a newbie to email hosting, it took me months to configure DMARC, DKIM, rDNS and all that stuff. I am actually running it on a dynamic IP and relaying outgoing mails through my domain provider to avoid blacklists. Works very well for me!

If you have a dedicated rpi4 for this, maybe you want to have a look at mail-in-a-box?


I haven’t tried it myself, but it uses almost the same components that I individually set up for my own server…

Propaganda cold war. The only way for ordinary people to find the grain of truth in all of this is to read many diverse sources and always try to be clear about who writes / sponsors the article and what their agenda is. To me there is really no difference between US and Russian methods and propaganda and NO justification for US moral superiority whatsoever. That being said, the guy was probably poisoned which I of course condemn, and Russia is an authoritarian regime that I would not chose to live in. Also, Bellingcat is NATO propaganda and probably has western intelligence sources (just look at the level of their intel, including cell phone tracking data etc.) Can / should the West do something about the authoritarian state in Russia? Lead by example. And let Russians sort it out for themselves. They don’t need or want western intervention - the only people that want it are western educated nationalists like Navalny who want to sell off the country to western investors (á la Yeltsin). I condemn his poisoning and imprisoning people for political reasons in a broad sense.

The campaign and growing support of Germany’s Free Democratic Party (FDP) and possibilities of their cooperation with other parties like the Greens and CDU (“Jamaica”) or Greens and SPD (“Traffic Light”) after the 2021 Bundestag elections

The 40-year-old party chairwoman and pragmatic green politician becomes first ever female chancellorship candidate of her party, promises to be candidate of change. Continued high support for Green party in polls gives her a real shot as Merkel’s successor. In first interview after nomination, Baerbock advocates for hardliner course against Russia and China.

The week in German COVID-19 politics
This week’s inconsistent pandemic management and communications chaos makes priorities of Merkel government painfully obvious. Interests of commerce and employers take precedence over pandemic control.

I think we’ve been trolled with this article - it didn’t make a clear point at all, completely unclear about why this is only about conferences for example. Included a lot of buzzwords from the rampant twitter cancel-culture that a lot of us want to get away from. The author even admits having posted it misleadingly so more people would read it. And the trick worked on me, it’s still on top of my feed. Please let’s not do this here.

Interesting… I myself found their new platform to be a pleasant surprise. Because I had the exact same sentiments that you just described before but this program for me is much more “rot-rot-grün” than “schwarz-grün” or Jamaica… Can you clarify which points you mean?

Gemany’s second most supported Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Party will run on a bold social and climate agenda including doubling of carbon price, no production of combustion engine vehicles after 2030, 45 % tax for incomes over 100 000 EUR, 24 months of parental leave and flexible working hours. No decision over candidacy for chancellor.

At a time when the US economy is shrinking and its European allies are politically fractured, it is difficult to imagine that any American plan to counter China’s influence, whether in the Middle East, Asia or anywhere else, will have much success. The biggest hindrance to Washington’s China strategy is that there can never be an outcome in which the US achieves a clear and precise victory. Economically, China is now driving global growth, thus balancing out the US-international crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Hurting China economically would weaken the US as well as the global markets. The same is true politically and strategically. In the case of the Middle East, the pivot to Asia has backfired on multiple fronts. On the one hand, it registered no palpable success in Asia while, on the other, it created a massive vacuum for China to refocus its own strategy in the Middle East.

Has taz.de got a co-op style business model? I never knew…! Can you post a link with some background info?

Very interesting, I really like this idea. People and communities have to fight back against corporate media. I would love to be part of something like this in my community.

Greens gain support while CDU takes political damage for corruption affairs and pandemic mismanagement

Noam Chomsky, Daniel Ellsberg, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Tulsi Gabbard also signed "Statement of Concern" as this story continues to be IGNORED by establishment press

Alexei Navalny and the propaganda cold war of the West and Russia
In the Navalny case, propaganda is state sponsored and present on both sides. Russian propaganda is scrambling to cast at least some amount of doubt on the poisoning of Navalny by Russian state actors. Propaganda in the West is, in the meantime, engaged in a kind of white-washing that tries to show Navalny as a hero and a real opponent to Putin, which is false. https://www.outputblog.de/world/2021/03/15/Alexei-Navalny.html

@poVoq@lemmy.ml I also prefer politics based on principal to realpolitik. Still, I find this argument interesting, ie. the SPD is indeed taking some risk in putting all their money on a coalition with the Left and the Greens, a combination that according to “voting math” is not the most favorable option for them currently. Looks like they are ready to leave the CDU behind and they also don’t seem interested in the “traffic light coalition” option (SPD - Free Democrats - Greens : red - yellow - green).

German Election 2021 - Merkel’s coalition party SPD running on progressive green agenda but criticized for support of Russian gas pipeline
Gearing up to German elections 2021 - Merkel's coalition party SPD puts forward green agenda, struggles with credibility for supporting Nord Stream 2 construction https://www.outputblog.de/germany/2021/03/06/SPD.html

Unfortunately, the UK has a terrible track record with privacy. I guess the architecture has to be good

Maybe the 2xcomment was just a one time thing… thanks for the response!! 👍

Also, something is up with the time zones I guess because my freshly posted comments show up as ‘posted 1 hour ago’

where can I file bug reports? For me, links won’t open at all. Also, when commenting, I have to manually close the keyboard before I can hit “post” and then the comment gets sent twice :-))

Hype around Clubhouse App in Germany
What I know or heard about the Clubhouse App and it's German Debut. Read about the social engineering hack that jump-started the app in Germany, the rough start of German politicians on Clubhouse, the privacy concerns and cancel culture. Disclaimer: haven't tried the app myself. I couldn't do that even if I wanted to and had an invite, because it's iPhone only. https://output.ilonagabor.de/tech/2021/02/12/Clubhouse.html

Guys, I use and love both XMPP and Matrix however I don’t see masses adopting them in fact I can’t even convince my immediate family to use them. People want reliable push notifications and cute stickers :-) I think Signal is a good compromise, I know it’s US based (I discuss this in the post) however it’s zero knowledge. The code is open source if there were vulnerabilities we would probably know by now…

The age of Signal has come
Recent intrusive changes in the privacy policy of WhatsApp (including the sharing of never before seen amounts of unencrypted user data with the parent company Facebook) have prompted a mass exodus of WhatsApp users to the secure and open-source alternative Signal. I have been hoping for a change like this for years. I wrote a non-technical blog post about the problems with WhatsApp in detail, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of other messaging apps as well. https://output.ilonagabor.de/general/2021/01/11/Signal.html