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“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned” – Rich Feynman

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The whole issue stems around the president not having any agenda and just playing it all by ear. I’m all about ending fossil fuel subsidies, but subsides should be setup for alternative fuels at the very least, especially for the biggest country in Africa.

Sure, but being that the US occupied Haiti from 1915 to 1934 as “the United States had been interested in controlling Haiti in the decades following its independence from France” means they took over after France granted Haiti independence. Yet, the U.S. also retained influence on Haiti’s external finances until 1947. Both of these aspects have impacted modem day Haiti much more than France’s occupation, without question.

Proton Calendar works well for this, only thing is you’ll need their unlimited 2 year package for ~$200. Comes with 10 VPN connections, upgraded simplelogin account, shared calendar, 500GB of enceyed cloud storage and many email perks.

I’m all about it! Great to see a platform take off when it’s centered around being ad free and open sourced.

It’ll be nasty, that’s for sure, hope it’s at least quick too. Quick and nasty isn’t soo bad, right?

Especially since eveyone & their moms now uses a VPN, setting up an encrypted & no log DNS connection is vital for privacy!

Why There Should Be a Treaty Against the Use of Weaponized Drones
One of the favorite weapons of war of the 21st century has turned out to be weaponized unmanned aerial vehicles. With these automated aircraft, human operators can be tens of thousands of miles away watching from cameras onboard the plane. No human must be on the ground to verify what the operators think they see from the plane, which may be thousands of feet above. As a result of imprecise data analysis by the drone operators, thousands of innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Gaza, Ukraine and Russia have been slaughtered by the Hellfire missiles and other munitions triggered by the drone operators. Innocent civilians attending wedding parties and funeral gatherings have been massacred by drone pilots. Even those coming to aid victims of a first drone strike have been killed in what is called “double tap.”

Deaf, But Not Blind On United State’s Decline
In Fiona Hill’s recent speech, it’s possible to detect the very faint signals of Washington’s policy elite responding to the immense global power shift that is underway. I count the advance among non–Western nations toward what we now call a new world order the single most momentous development of our time.

Taiwan Says It’s in Talks on Being Brought Under US Nuclear Umbrella
Taiwan’s foreign minister said last week that the US and Taiwan are in talks on the possibility of the island being brought under Washington’s nuclear umbrella, a step that would make a catastrophic war between the US and China much more likely.

The Human Consequences of Economic Sanctions
The Center for Economic and Policy Research brought together leading experts in the study of economic sanctions to help to answer a critical, but often-ignored, question: What are the human consequences of US economic sanctions? Assessing a wide range of evidence, the findings of our panelists were unanimous: economic sanctions, even when touted as targeted, often have widespread deleterious effects on entire national economies, and therefore severely harm millions of everyday people.

US Troops To Train Peruvian Armed Forces, Proves US Behind Coup
Amid continuing social upheaval five months after the parliamentary coup against Pedro Castillo, the Peruvian Congress, controlled by the hard right, has approved the entrance of US troops into national territory to train the Peruvian military and National Police beginning June 1st through the end of the year. This comes after the Supreme Court ruled that protest is not a protected right under the 1993 Fujimori dictatorship era constitution. This also comes after a visit from the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights to Peaceful Assembly and Association Clément Nyaletsossi Voule stated that there was no evidence of terrorism from protesters and called for accountability and political reform to end the crisis. As multiple reports from human rights observers have confirmed, the armed forces carried out extrajudicial killings and massacres during the first few months of the popular uprising following the overthrow of President Pedro Castillo. The Peruvian masses have stated that this was a clear US backed coup from the beginning and are now getting concrete evidence that the right-wing coup regime works hand in hand with the North American hegemonic power to train armed forces in so called “conflict zones”, particularly in the south of the country where the strike and blockades have been the strongest.

Initiative on Ukraine Settlement Cements Africa’s New Global Role
Earlier this week, South African leader Cyril Ramaphosa confirmed that Moscow and Kiev had agreed to receive a mission of African leaders with their peace initiative on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov later confirmed that the African mission was planning to visit Russia in mid-June or early July.

With KDE any telemetry is opt in only, so by default there’s zero telemetry

KDE or bust in my book, zero telemetry by default is how all software should be setup!

https://searx.thegpm.org is working on my end. So at least this instance is working. I’d assume it’s those instances or possibly a browser issue

Hopefully this catches like wild fire and we see similar movement in country’s across the globe!

It’s a demonstration the idea is on the rise and well accepted in the younger generations. That’s what I got from it at least

To take things beyond face value, isn’t reading outlooks from those who’ve spenta lot of time in digital rights a good next step?

If you’re looking for an open sourced Picasa option, digiKam is great. Faststone Image Viewer is supposed to be fantastic as well but its proprietary, still free though

According to F-Droid, Drip was updated 7 months ago and before that it was updated two years prior. Maybe it doesn’t need much updating 🤷‍♂️

That’s odd, I saw your message and thought the link might be down, but it’s all working on my end. Not sure how else I could share it either.

Edit: Here’s a link from the Brazilian government covering the discussion between the two leaders: https://www.gov.br/mre/en/contact-us/press-area/press-releases/joint-communique-between-the-federative-republic-of-brazil-and-the-people2019s-republic-of-china-on-the-deepening-of-their-global-strategic-partnership-beijing-14-april-2023

Here’s a copy/paste from Popular Resistance too:

Lula And Xi Jinping Sign 15 Partnership Agreements In Beijiing By Kawsachun News.

April 16, 2023 Educate!

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Chinese President Xi Jinping signed, this Friday (14th), in Beijing, 15 trade and partnership agreements. Lula was received at the Great Hall of the People, seat of the Chinese government.

The leaders participated in an expanded meeting with ministers and advisors from both countries and had a private meeting. In this conversation, in addition to bilateral issues, they discussed dialogue and negotiation to end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. A dinner in honor of Lula was also hosted by Xi Jinping.

The Chinese people warmly welcome @LulaOficial at the Great Hall of the People, to the tune of “Um Novo Tempo” by Brazilian composer Ivan Lins.pic.twitter.com/qfe3GjIpks

— Kawsachun News (@KawsachunNews) April 14, 2023

The terms signed between the two countries include space cooperation agreements, research and innovation, digital economy and fight against hunger, exchange of communication content between the two countries and trade facilitation.

One of the agreements foresees the development of CBERS-6, the sixth of a line of satellites built in the bilateral partnership. According to the Brazilian government, the differential of the new model is a technology that allows the monitoring of biomes such as the Amazon Forest, even with clouds. Certification

Other signed documents deal with electronic certification for products of animal origin and the sanitary and quarantine requirements that must be followed by slaughterhouses to export meat from Brazil to China. Brazil is the biggest supplier of beef to the Asian country and 60% of Brazilian production is sold to China.

In the context of the Brazilian president’s visit, the business sector also announced 20 new agreements between the two countries in areas such as renewable energies, automotive industry, agribusiness, green credit lines, information technology, health and infrastructure.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, these agreements are in addition to those announced during the Brazil-China Economic Seminar, held on March 29, totaling more than 40 new partnerships. Lula was supposed to make that trip at the end of last month, on the occasion of the seminar, but a case of pneumonia forced him to postpone the appointment.

“In the tourism sector, the inclusion of Brazil in the list of authorized destinations for travel by groups of Chinese tourists stands out, which represents a great opportunity for the growth of the flow of visitors between the two countries”, highlighted the Itamaraty.

Before signing the acts, Lula and the Brazilian entourage participated in a flower laying ceremony at the Monument to the Heroes of the People, in Tiananmen Square.

Other encounters Earlier, also at the Great Hall of the People, Lula had a meeting with the president of the National People’s Congress of China, Zhao Leji. According to the Presidency of the Republic, they dealt with the strategic partnership between Brazil and China, the expansion of trade flows between the countries and the balance of world geopolitics.

“Lula pointed out that Brazil was the first country to recognize China as a market economy. He reinforced that China was an essential partner for the creation of the Brics [bloc formed by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa] and that the bilateral relationship between the nations has the potential to consolidate a new south-south relationship within the scope global,” reported the Planalto Palace.

The two leaders also highlighted the intention to expand investments and strengthen cooperation in sectors such as education and space.

The first commitment of the day for Lula and members of the entourage was the meeting with the president of State Grid, Zhang Zhigang. The company is a leader in the electricity sector in China and has investments in Brazil, with 19 concessionaires and transmission lines in 14 states.

According to Planalto, Lula reinforced the importance of Chinese investments in Brazil, confidence in the national economy and the federal government’s focus on investments in renewable energy and expansion of the transmission network, integrating wind and solar generation projects with the conventional grid.

China has been Brazil’s main trading partner since 2009. The volume traded between the two countries in 2022 was US$ 150.4 billion. The year 2023 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the beginning of trade relations between Brazil and China. The first sale between the two countries took place in 1973, a year before the establishment of Sino-Brazilian diplomatic relations.

This trip is Lula’s fourth international visit after taking office in this third term. The president has already been to Argentina, Uruguay and the United States. He also received, in Brasilia, the Prime Minister of Germany, Olaf Scholz, at the end of January.

Yesterday (13), Lula carried out an agenda in Shanghai, where he participated in the inauguration of former President Dilma Rousseff in charge of the New Development Bank, the promotion bank of the Brics, had a meeting with businessmen and visited the company’s research and development center of Huawei technology.

President Lula’s entourage leaves China tomorrow (15). Upon returning to Brazil, the presidential plane will land in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, for an official visit.

Makes sense, as a Fedora fan due to it’s security, privacy & functionality, maybe try it out for a bit in a VM before locking in with Debian. Debian using proprietary firmware makes me unsure about their overall direction. But different strokes for different folks 100%, especially with linux based OS’s

Interesting, I had no idea. I played around with Whonix in a VM then plunged into Fedora, so I’m not all that familiar outside Red Hat/KDE based OS’s

In your search result, click “view detailed” in the upper right, should be more what you’re looking for. I hope setting detailed view as default becomes an option.

The fact sources aren’t provided with ChatGPT is detrimental. We’re in the early stages where errors are not uncommon, sourcing the info used to generate the paraphrases with ChatGPT would help instill confidence in its responses. This is a primary reason I prefer using perplexity.ai over ChatGPT, plus there’s no need to create an account with perplexity as well!

Interesting to me how most Protozoa (the Ciliates, Ameboa’s & Flagellates) are free living microbes yet also opportunistic parasites. Wonder if we’ll see an uptick with Ciliates and Flagellates in addition to the Ameboa’s

As water continues to warm, algae which can survive/thrive at 37°C (human body temp) will be more and more common too. This could mean a masive global health issue is being created as we’re ~70% water. But billionaires adding to their already insane amounts of wealth is all that matters…they aren’t sociopath’s and will save us all, right?

Ya, I stay up to date with my software but seems like F-Droid maybe a bit behind . Thankfully reinstalling the app has it functioning again just fine and dandy!

I signed out and back in yet still had the issue. In reinstalling Jebora though all things seem to be back to normal. Thank you kindly for the assistance!

Thank you! Not sure why I waited soo long to due the basic fix approach. But in reinstalling Jebora I have access to comments again! Many thanks

I’m not sure where to find the language setting in the app, clicking through the settings now and I haven’t seen the option. The error message I receive when trying to read messges is “Value Query of type java.lang.String cannot be converted to JSONObject”. Does this match up with the issue being due to the language setting?

Thanks for finding an alternative link! I sourced a new one from CommonDreams so it works again now

iStaunch will send you the chegg answer if you send them a question. Open Free Chegg Answers by iStaunch on your phone, enter the question + your email and they’ll send to you the answer within 30 minutes.

I enjoy perplexity.ai as it doesn’t require an account and doesn’t recall previous sessions. It’s built on OpenAI yet it’s not open sourced. To quote the founder of StabilityAI, the “toughest part of open chatGPT creation (aside from millions of bucks for RL bit) is the governance aspect…The nice thing is once all the blood sweat and tears go into creating the models and frameworks they can proliferate like crazy as a new type of dev primitive.”

There is are a few options on GitHub which could use help though. OpenAssistant, trlX, and PaLM + RLHF seem to have the most potential. Hopefully there will be a few options in the not to distant future.