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I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned -Rich Feynman

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iStaunch will send you the chegg answer if you send them a question. Open Free Chegg Answers by iStaunch on your phone, enter the question + your email and they’ll send to you the answer within 30 minutes.

I enjoy perplexity.ai as it doesn’t require an account and doesn’t recall previous sessions. It’s built on OpenAI yet it’s not open sourced. To quote the founder of StabilityAI, the “toughest part of open chatGPT creation (aside from millions of bucks for RL bit) is the governance aspect…The nice thing is once all the blood sweat and tears go into creating the models and frameworks they can proliferate like crazy as a new type of dev primitive.”

There is are a few options on GitHub which could use help though. OpenAssistant, trlX, and PaLM + RLHF seem to have the most potential. Hopefully there will be a few options in the not to distant future.

The article highlights some of the bigger upgrades include finalized PE format conversion, upgraded “Windows-like” WoW64 mode plus better Vulkan support. But Wine updating will still require Proton to make changes before these features are included I believe

Finally! Sucked when you opened a doc then closed the program, you couldn't open another doc without a system restart. Stoked its been addressed!

At this point I’d be blown away to see any logic utilized by these war profiteers, I mean the US. Especially as their global power is fading fast.

Ya, a few days ago it was announced Conoco is figuring out how sell Venezuelan oil in the US in hopes of making the billions Venezuela apparently owes Conoco

It’s as if the US went blind from the world leading position acquired due to countries fear of military action if they opposed the US offers/demands.

Clean water access is the upsetting component to it all.

From the report: “Israel, the Occupying Power, appropriates Palestinian communities water resources in three consecutive steps: through the issuing of discriminatory zoning and planning orders; through the exploitation and redirection of core Palestinian water resources; and through licensing private water providers to exploit and supply the captive Palestinian market for commercial profit.”

If someone has a gun that’s used for both hunting and a mass shooting, the reasonable aspect doesn’t cover for the atrocious layer. This really just helps demonstrate how Israel is basicly an extension of US global control. Using the equipment the US helped them acquire to tighten control over an underhanded group is obscene from where I stand.

Guess whenever Google rolls out the update to disable tracker blocking as we currently know it, we’ll be firmly able to answer this question. It’s unclear to me if this will impact Brave but if it doesn’t then this will show Brave was worth the hype more or less I think.

Edit: I love FF but something’s just run better on chromium, I have FF as default with Brave as a back up

After reading Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World by Bruce Schneier. The book blew my mind and made me rethink my internet usage. Also, seeing how much money is made off data sales without true consent or any consideration to pay the individual for their data being sold, I began the journey. It’s a marathon as it takes a good while and it’s consistently evolving but well worth the effort!

Literally nothing, the liability they are responsible for is no more than 10x the annual rate. A small box where I’m at is $35/year while it’s a safe bet the items stored in the box exceed that value in a big way. This article blew my mind!

At BurningMan, due to the lack of any running water, Dr. Bronner’s runs a Human Carwash and there’s always a long line. It’s setup like the ones you’d drive through but you just walk through it. Very solid marketing as their target market is hippies which overlaps thoroughly with Burners!

Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Soap is solid as a body wash, shampoo, hand soap, for dishes and even cleaning the floor. So I actually do I guess and never realized until right now lol

Being philosophy basically is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality & existence while psychology more deals with the study of the human mind and its behaviour, I’d say the two are notably different. For example, a neuroscientist’s course load is roughly half psychology classes as this is the culmination of neurological variations. Whereas philosophy is more related to ideals sculpted through one’s individual experience. I’d expect to see some overlap between the two yet each is not dependent on the other if that makes sense.

Fedora settings I was referring to actually, hope this helps!

That could be your issue, go to: settings -> connections -> select the VPN your connecting to -> VPN (openvpn) tab -> advanced -> general tab -> check use TCP connection

If the issue continues, definitely check the other advanced settings for sure. If you still have an issue I’d hit up Proton using https://protonvpn.com/support-form

Edit: Shield options are directly next to the kill switch icon under connect/disconnect as well

Have you tried reinstalling yet? If you’re in the UK that could explain the issue as ProtonVPN is apparently unlawfully being blocked out that way.