I went out to dinner the other night with a family friend, and he spent the entire dinner talking about some right wing conspiracies. I feel like my brain is rotting oml. Does anyone else have to sit through conversations like this?

  • Non-heterosexuals are evil and should be killed/not respected/not appear in public conversations.
  • Working class should be happy they have some work, and aim to save enough to bring up a family.
  • God is all powerful and when things seem to be tough on you, God is teaching you a lesson.
  • Any form of disability is linked to a sin and can be resolved through repentance or something like that.
  • Israel is the promised land and Jews are God’s chosen people, so anyone who crosses their way should be destroyed as per Biblical teachings.

You may think these things are far fetched, but this is like 50% of people I deal with in an East African country. Perhaps context matters but these are not even considered right wing. They are considered centrists.

Why would people in East Africa care about the Jews? Especially hardcore Christians, which I presume is the case, judging by the mention of the Bible


Because in the last 120 years, most have transformed into fanatical Abrahamic religion followers. It is not possible to separate Christianity and Israel in the popular imagination in our region. People take out loans to visit the Holy Land. It is actually a big deal here.

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