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The best would be to just torrent music on-demand, then use any music player app you like.

If you want a large library, you could run a music server like navidrome, then get the app DSub to connect to it.

That article is so good. That and Parenti’s Inventing reality are great intros to how controlled media is in western countries.

Oh also this video lining up ~44 US local news stations doing the exact same script.

Pointing out western media’s bigotry and bias against non-whites is hate speech?

Seems like even with “fair use”, they still have to source where they got the info from.

Also, the feds were involved in this from the very beginning, and hid their involvement, suggesting they had other reasons to go after swartz, possibly his correspondence with Assange. This was a time when the Obama admin was ruthlessly going after whistleblowers and open information activists.

Swartz was the second computer-person from the same prosecutor that resulted in suicide, the first being Jonathan James, and wikileaks claimed after swartz’s death that he had been in contact with Assange, and was possibly a source.

Jfc, sorry to hear that comrade. Fuck Canada.

Why do none of these ever list the resolution identifier so we can see what the votes were?

Also, all the people Ukraine has been killing in the Donbass since 2014.

To even compare China’s responsive democracy with burgerland’s dictatorship of the rich, is insulting.

Bill Gates has been getting richer every year since he decided to do the same.

Can’t believe people are naive enough to fall for these PR campaigns.

A skilled audio person would be able to extract the two. I’m fairly convinced all of that stuff is reversible.

I don’t think so unfortunately. If the goal is just for your voice to not be instantly recognizable tho, @Aru@lemmygrad.ml is right, just change the pitch. But if you’re trying to hide from state-level actors, they could probably easily undo whatever transformations you apply to it.

Not sure, but somehow its even easier than most audio editing programs I’ve used. Plus as @sparkingcircuit@lemmygrad.ml said, its open-source.

Last night, Lemmygrad went down due to a hardware glitch on our VPS provider. Unfortunately, they were unable to do anything to help me fix the issue, and asked that I reinstall from scratch 🙁 . They did inform me that the hardware issue at fault is fixed at least. I do daily backups, so we lost a day of posts. Pictures are in the process of being restored now, but it should take a day or so to restore them all. Let me know if there are any other ongoing issues so I can fix them. Again, sorry everyone.

How much targeted pandering can you concentrate into one show? Shows now seem to be auto-generated from earnings and audience market-prospectives.

[Link to full letter](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oJzvpfFzIKu76oE1CkzZlarRiVpYIggFMFzSt6OgHx0/mobilebasic)