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Incredibly sad. I wonder how the push for reviving the Scots language compares with Irish?

Nato has started (or been involved in establishing US dominance in) 5 wars just in the past 30 years: attacking / overthrowing Iraq (twice), overthrowing Yugoslavia, overthrowing Libya, overthrowing Afghanistan, attacking Syria.

Covid has been a godsend for the US government in helping them eliminate some of the surplus population, mainly the elderly who are a drain on public health resources from their point of view.

What prevents any other anarchist grouping from claiming the hierarchy you prefer isn’t justified?

however I sternly argue that that does not necessitate a state.

Lets make this simple: A bunch of oppressed people group together and use violence to defend their interests. What prevents any anarchist from calling that an “authoritarian redfash state”?

The “freedom” of the capitalist class is the freedom to extract surplus value from workers. Should that freedom not be challenged? When workers do exactly that, don’t capitalists and their defenders start whining about the sanctity of “freedom”?

You realize also that socialist Vietnam fought a war against Pol Pot right?

Western media is completely controlled.

Six companies control all media.

A swiss study on media / news concentration and western propanda.

Lenin on this:

Some more capitalist monopolies:


No probs! This is a very detailed account of the history, negotiations and details around the winter war. Remember also that Finland crushed their own workers revolts in 1919, and were part of the alliance attacking the USSR in the russian civil war / revolution, as they were to do again in ww2 alongside nazi germany.

The safety of Leningrad (which was within artillery range of Finland, and which had been attacked in the previous decades by Finland, Britain and Germany, and which Finland later assisted nazi germany in nearly starving leningrad’s people to death), was the primary issue of the winter war.

NATO has been the invader for 30+ years, and the war is primarily about halting continued NATO encroachment.

John Mearsheimer on the history of NATO in Ukraine.

NATO is gonna fail as hard as the nazis did when they tried to advance eastward. Sorry europe, not gonna work this time either.

Yep. I move around a lot, and whereas I used to only see this sickening poverty and homelessness in big cities, its very much hitting mid size and smaller ones now too.

Wikipedia dissallows leftist sources, they even explicitly banned the one I linked. See here, for example the executive director of the wikimedia foundation, katherine maher, worked for US-gov entities that carry out regime changeg, like the atlantic council and national endowment for democracy.

And its dominated by a small number of full-time pro-US editors ( the first part of that article gets into it ). Wikipedia isn’t reliable when it comes to political topics.

Very, the generics aren’t allowed here. Here’s just one case. Unfortunately the US government doesn’t keep statistics on how many deaths are caused by lack of ability of people to pay for their meds.

A warning that vice media isn’t to be trusted: it was founded by gavin mcinnes, ya know, the US hipster white supremacist who founded the proud boys, and for most of its history is owned by rupert murdoch, and disney.

They push a pro-US foreign policy by interviewing a small number of kooks in these countries, and packaging it in a hipster way that’s appealing to younger ppl (like that time they interviewed reactionary rich venezuelans and painted them as the whole population), and ignore the masses. The top comment on this video suggests they did the same to Crimea.

Its best to think of vice as millenial and genz fox news.

Her heading back to chipotle because they forgot her guac.

Independent, current admins are on the right.

Apparently auto-renew is broken for this DNS :( . Anyways we're set for the next few years.

Context: https://twitter.com/joeywreck/status/1549894000588595202?s=20&t=kffuGg3LAAusUGSeO39k9Q

The Lemmygrad mod team has deliberated and decided that "patsocs", especially those claiming the title such as Maupin, Hinckle, and Infrared, are hereby banned and are not welcome on lemmygrad. This ban does **not include** those who feel some level of "patriotism" (for lack of a better word) for non-settler states ( namely those who have historically been victims of colonialism ). Discussions surrounding the topics of settler-colonialism, and decolonization will always be allowed, as long as they don't veer into the territory of defenses of colonialism, or affinity with colonizer over the colonized. This includes: - No apologia of settler-colonialism, or defenses of colonizer over the colonized. IE no defenses of Israelis over Palestinians, or European Settlers over indigenous americans fighting for the return of stolen lands. - Please adhere to the Marxist-Leninist principle of **Right of Nations to Self-Determination**: especially holding true for indigeous peoples. - Please adhere to the Marxist-Leninist principle of Proletarian Internationalism. - No social-chauvinism, or opportunistic appeals to "conservative values" to win converts to socialism. Here are some Marxist books / resources to learn more about Settler-Colonialism ( Audiobook torrents are linked as well ) - [Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz - An indigenous people's history of the US](https://libgen.li/edition.php?id=5044833) . [audiobook](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1ae24bda86bd23da6edad32568ad5ff574663f88&dn=Roxanne%20Dunbar-Ortiz%20-%20An%20Indigenous%20Peoples%27%20History%20of%20the%20United%20States.mp3) - [Walter Rodney - How europe underdeveloped Africa](https://libgen.li/edition.php?id=136032865) . [audiobook](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:c8ea24a6b93f427d17585cbde9f31ee2f5acf2eb&dn=Walter%20Rodney%20-%20How%20Europe%20Underdeveloped%20Africa%20%5baudiobook%5d%20audible) - [Zak Cope - Divided world divided class](https://libgen.li/edition.php?id=136687877) . [audiobook](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:45aceb7c7d52b3dda9d340eb2c0d02fdcc762929&dn=Zak%20Cope%20-%20Divided%20World%20Divided%20Class%20%5baudiobook%5d%20by%20dessalines%20v2) - [Nick Estes - Red Nation Rising: From Bordertown Violence to Native Liberation](https://libgen.li/edition.php?id=140718797) - [J. Sakai - Settlers : The Mythology of the white proletariat](https://libgen.li/edition.php?id=137226511) . [audiobook](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:d5b23e33017d02876f52a7ffe316dad1200f1f9a&dn=J.%20Sakai%20-%20Settlers%20-%20The%20Mythology%20of%20the%20White%20Proletariat%20%5baudiobook%5d%20by%20dessalines%20v2) - Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz - Not a nation of immigrants . [audiobook](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:f29314ae5e410b9aaba7982c47ddd088dacaa8e5&dn=Roxanne%20Dunbar-Ortiz%20-%20Not%20a%20Nation%20of%20Immigrants%20%5baudible%5d) - [Rashid Khalidi - The hundred years war on Palestine](https://libgen.li/edition.php?id=138241863) . [audiobook](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:e99d327dae64097f0fadc1fcbbffe25ac4708f9b&dn=The%20Hundred%20Years%27%20War%20on%20Palestine%20-%20Rashid%20Khalidi) - [Galeano - Open veins of latin america](https://libgen.li/edition.php?id=3138652) . [audiobook](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3cc58222c97db89a139260f0ca11368671bea609&dn=Eduardo%20Galeano%20-%20Open%20Veins%20of%20Latin%20America%2c%20Five%20Centuries%20of%20the%20Pillage%20of%20a%20Continent.mp3) - [Vincent Bevins - The Jakarta method](https://libgen.li/edition.php?id=138301799) . [audiobook](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:f6efc022c01aba59148ea144535bc1f7fe14697a&dn=Vincent%20Bevins%20-%20The%20Jakarta%20Method%20%5baudible%5d) - [Fanon - The wretched of the earth](https://libgen.li/edition.php?id=6057070) . [audiobook](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3d30b2f79eb66d809dc5c0c0af8341517af454d8&dn=The%20Wretched%20of%20The%20Earth%20-%20Frantz%20Fanon) - [CLR James - The Black Jacobins](https://libgen.li/edition.php?id=136239829) . [audiobook](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:d205972f1200de9670514679710cd3da3a3c2774&dn=The%20Black%20Jacobins%20Toussaint%20L%27Ouverture%20and%20the%20San%20Domingo%20Revolution%20-%20C.L.R.%20James)

Let the ridicule of anti-indigenous settlerism commence.