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Navalny is the guy who said that all muslims are cockroaches and should be exterminated. Why are you posting white supremacists here?

This is really sad. RARBG was one of the top 3 torrent sites, we’re down to just a few now.

There’s a new one being worked on, called Mlem. Its still in the very early stages tho. I think its on testflight.

Thanks, I’m going down a rabbit hole with this channel rn. The gender reveal party one is wild.

Indiana Jones rule

Source on that?

BTW here’s the state of western surveillance:

So many privacy-focused tech-people have focused on software only, because its at least somewhere that they can make a positive contribution, but in all likelihood, something we can’t mess with, the hardware, has backdoors and spying. Everything from CPUs, radios, and even hard drives likely have backdoors.

There’s pretty much no way around that until we get competing non-western-owned hardware industries, which rn, only china and india are attempting.

You might be waiting a while, considering the life expectancy of any historical anarchist attempt is usually less long than it takes for someone to get through highschool.

I think the Dune part 2 is coming out this year. Does anyone know of other non-comic book related movies they’re excited about?

For sure, I’ll keep you in mind if we need to add more admins at some point. We’re just not adding any rn.

This one is reserved for the lemmygrad admins, it should have the same modlist.

Why did NATO bomb and murder civilians, and stir ethnic tensions in Yugoslavia to break it up?

We don’t have to worry too much about brigading, since we have server applications.

Sure! Workers right’s in the PRC are stronger than nearly anywhere else in the world. Wages are up 4x in the last 3 decades, homeownership is nearly universal, urban poverty is essentially eradicated, workers right and safety are enshrined in its constitutional documents, unions are strong and regularly get the backing of the government against employer abuses. Mandatory unions and CPC reps in every business above a certain employee number threshold.

The 996 work schedules prevalent in some industries like tech remain a problem to be tackled, but since work hours have been decreasing steadily over the last few years, I think we can be confident that this will be addressed at higher levels.

In her team slack chat: “Sorry everyone I’ll be away for a few minutes, my brother is flatlining and I have to go get a nurse. Go team!”

How do you feel about the Falun gong cult’s homophobic and racist stances?

It begins. Not too long a step until they start charging app developers and various clients for usage. If the goal is to funnel people to using only their official apps, like twitter, fb, and instagram do, they need to start this as a first step.

Never lived in NYC, but it’s outrageously expensive, and it’s long been a city for tourists and haute-bourgeios land speculators. Fun to visit, not to live there. It’s public transport is also one of the most disgusting and dangerous ones I’ve ever used.

I’ve lived in a lot of US cities, and none of them are that good for anything but visiting. I’d choose one of the very few where public transportation is functional, or where rents aren’t outrageous (a city that checks both these boxes doesn’t exist in the US).

When travelling with your phone, you should definitely turn it off when going through customs, so that fingerprint or face unlocking won’t work. But you are under no obligation whatsoever to unlock your phone when they ask you to.

Say no, ask to use their phone to call someone who can get you a lawyer or contact your embassy. The people I know who’ve done this, haven’t been detained for more than a few hours, never overnight. Any more than that, they risk legal and public repercussions, which is the last thing they want.

Don’t give them what they want, and let them know you’ll be a pest throughout the entire process. The author’s advice of “just unlock your phone because they can technically detain you forever” is extremely misguided, and exactly what customs wants you to do.

By default, telemetry is not enabled. On first launch, gut will ask you if you want to enable it.

Side note: The US just started designating another African country in the same axis of evil category of the dprk, iran, russia, venezuela and bolivia: Eritrea. The US is currently at the sanction and isolate stage.

My partner and I use hedgedoc, a collorative markdown editor, to keep a shared grocery list.

I imagine its probably like the desert libertarian wasteland in Mad Max.

That’s the line the US is selling, that China and Chinese companies like Huawei are “spying on the world”. As usual it’s the US projecting their own strategies and nefarious behavior on their enemies.

The US’s prism program, the crypto AG revelations, hell the US spying on Angela Merkle’s phone all got revealed more than a decade ago. The US in its imperial arrogance, doesn’t hesitate even to spy on its allies.

Do you have any proof China is doing the same?

I love that he’s not afraid to call out the monroe doctrine, or put the collateral murder video on air whenever US officials take shots at him. The US is running out of friends fast, I couldn’t have imagined this was possible even 10 years ago. Exciting times.

Good, why would you want US tech giants operating in your country, hoovering up data on all your citizens? Which they got caught doing by the way:

Probably some truth to it, at least on some platforms… especially ones obsessed with selling high user counts and “engagement” numbers to advertisers.

iirc a significant chunk of twitter accounts are bots, like over 20%. Probably similar amounts for youtube, reddit, and facebook.

I hate discord, but the fact that discord servers can do their own vetting and application process, and weed out the chatbots and AI noise, has probably contributed to many of them having a closer feeling of “community” than a lot of other platforms.

I def don’t think its a hidden conspiracy though. There are a ton of companies working in the AI space, trying things out, and the big tech firms don’t care about having actual people on them, they care about what they can sell to advertisers.

Demographic decline in the US
For the first time in US history, there are more people living alone, than households with a child.

Last night, Lemmygrad went down due to a hardware glitch on our VPS provider. Unfortunately, they were unable to do anything to help me fix the issue, and asked that I reinstall from scratch 🙁 . They did inform me that the hardware issue at fault is fixed at least. I do daily backups, so we lost a day of posts. Pictures are in the process of being restored now, but it should take a day or so to restore them all. Let me know if there are any other ongoing issues so I can fix them. Again, sorry everyone.

How much targeted pandering can you concentrate into one show? Shows now seem to be auto-generated from earnings and audience market-prospectives.

[Link to full letter](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oJzvpfFzIKu76oE1CkzZlarRiVpYIggFMFzSt6OgHx0/mobilebasic)

Apparently auto-renew is broken for this DNS :( . Anyways we're set for the next few years.