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Covid has taught them that they very much can treat workers like gutter shit, force them to work with threats of firing and that people will still continue to work for them. And if they do get too sick to work, or even die - there are others to take their place.

Line goes up.

As my friend jokes: “Oil will be pumped through Baltics, where they’ll remove the molecule of totalitarianism, add a molecule of European Values and Freedom, then pumped to Germany”

On a serious note: this means that the oil capitalists (and frankly other capitalists) will just continue with their stealing and moving their wealth offshore, while the commoners will be blocked out. Making it only easier for capitalists to hide their stolen wealth.

These people are getting killed and censored and I swear by it, but they do exist and there are trying to make a statement even if no one is listening or able to hear them.

Well there’s no one to support them it seems. Not domestically, and definitely not internationally

it’s honestly a matter of time before a ton of non-Chinese people start seeking academic careers in China

I don’t really see it happening tbh. China doesn’t seem to be that desperate to grab any talent they can (unlike certain other places). Not to mention other factors

Why Sweden now decided to turn him to turkey

This one’s easy. Sweden wants to join NATO. Turkey is currently blocking the move. This is a bargain.

Of course. Gotta convince the proles that it’s cool and hip and not at all mind wrenchingly horrible and dehumanising

To paraphrase William Gibson, cyberpunk is already here - it’s just unevenly distributed

And even that is likely much more benign than reality

Good question. I’d say it’s possible. The government has already pushed several unpopular acts - i.e. raising of the retirement age, monetisation of privileges (for the lack of a better term) for pensioners, introduction of “orthodoxy lessons” in schools, etc. If served properly (i.e. to prevent children from mucking about and getting into drugs and politics) I can kind of see it being popular. Not to mention the possibility of selling it to children themselves as an act of independence.

Ayup. We’re starting to get similar crap in Russia as well. Recently a law proposition was offered to Gosduma to permit children aged 14 or higher to work without the written consent of the child protection services.