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Update error from 0.16.3
Following official instructions for Docker and when I run 'docker-compose up -d' it throws this error: Pulling lemmy (dessalines/lemmy:0.16.5)... 0.16.5: Pulling from dessalines/lemmy ERROR: no matching manifest for linux/amd64 in the manifest list entries

this is what it says (it comes disabled by default) Tracking

Test all you want and then choose the best for you. Or keep using all of them if you wish. By the way, yes, it’s kinda redundant.

If you want focus in your work and not in your distro features just use Debian.

you must follow the Lemmy community of your choice from your fediverse account, it’s all what you need to do. But we aware that as far as I know Misskey don’t federate with Lemmy servers.

Not sure if I want see lemmy.ml's Modlog
I can see lemmy.ml's Modlog from my Lemmy instance. I'm not sure if I want see it or not. Maybe could be useful give admins the option to deactivate it. ![lemmy.ml modlog](https://lemmy.cat/pictrs/image/48bf8c42-a1b7-4459-9af1-933abac79eaa.jpeg)

Many years ago after my first Linux distro installation ever I was spreading it to an IRC channel like ‘hey, I’m on Linux now, nobody can hack me’. Few minutes later someone replied me: ‘check your root directory content’ I found a new text file ‘hacked’, opened it: ‘had been so easy’

I would like to have a local users administration page.

And Apple have a lot more money so will be funny

Seems that the Reddit community has a different opinion than the rest of the outside world.

yes, thank you! just now I received your reply. Thanks again.

I don’t get it, just upgraded to 0.14.1 and can’t follow this user from Mastodon or Pleroma

Right but Lemmy is not federating with the known fediverse yet so I call it lemmyverse

Do you count Lemmy as part of fediverse? it’s not federating (yet?) with Mastodon, Pleroma, whatever

[fediverse](https://mastodont.cat/@fediverse) is now detecting Wordpress instances with ActivityPub enabled.

Thank you for creating it! Works fine and smooth.

Just released this code that can help you to control your Mastodon server bills and donations and even share them with your users by posting your current financial status.