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I have huge problems with my account
I got error 'you can't login cause you miss information' very often when I try to login via firefox Lemmur and chrome cannot login at all

I can't reset my password
Lemmygrad doesn't send a reset email to my account, I checked both my inbox and my spam filter

Does lemmy planning to make an Android app?
Hello, folks. Basically question in title: maybe the app already in developing stage/any plans for timebeing? Thanks.

Friendica-Lemmy federation question
cross-posted from: > This profile: > > Appears on lemmy as a remote community here: > > ...which i found interesting because so far I've only seen lemmy be able to support remotely subscribing to peertube channels (and remote lemmy communities). > > However, when I put another friendica profile URL like in to the lemmy search box, it federates it as a remote user instead of a community: > > Can anyone explain what is going on here? cc []( [](

Are we ever going to get better key-commands?
All I want is a way to finalize a post or comment without having to reach for the mouse. It's a little thing that's almost universally implemented. Just a simple Ctrl-Enter. That's all I'm asking for.

Can anybody point me in the right direction on why postgres would take this much CPU sometimes?
I noticed my Lemmy server's CPU sometimes spikes for unknown reasons. Here are some screenshots of the usage. It seems to be a postgres SELECT process and some parallel worker processes causing this. ![]( ![](

Unable to fetch posts on my instance from mastodon
I set up a mastodon instance and I'd like to interact with my lemmy instance ( from it. Looking at the logs whenever I query a post, it returns a 200 OK with no data, but if I query a post on it returns data like it should. I must have something configured wrong on my lemmy server. Here is the log for a query: ``` Error encountered while processing the incoming HTTP request: lemmy_server::root_span_builder: NotFound lemmy_1 | 0: lemmy_apub::http::post::get_apub_post lemmy_1 | at crates/apub/src/http/ lemmy_1 | 1: lemmy_server::root_span_builder::HTTP request lemmy_1 | with http.method=GET http.scheme="http" otel.kind="server" request_id=1b0dce53-f66f-4f1d-9d6a-212de403f62a http.status_code=404 otel.status_code="OK" ```

Do markdown images work?
I'm trying to embed an image like `![](` but it doesn't work. [Here]( []( says that it works.

How is the URL search option supposed to work?
When I [search for]( with the URL option I expect to see every post with a youtube link but I get no results. So how am I supposed to use the URL search? How does it work?

Can I share a pict-rs installation between multiple Lemmy instances?
Would simplify the setup a bit if you host more that one Lemmy instance.

The image shows a 'onebox' or OpenGraph link preview generated when dropping this link into a Discourse forum post. It would be very nice if the preview included the name of the Community to which this was posted, i.e. [!](

Context not working
Using a browser. Every time I look at my inbox and click context underneath a comment, I get a 404. Any help would be appreciated.

Re-title a post?
Is there a way to change the title of a post someone else created on a community you moderate? If not, can we please add this functionality

[Solved] All 'Save' actions remain hanging
Since a little while all 'Save' actions hang on the spinner that keeps running. This while the save already happened. To see that I need to refresh the page. I had this with Create comment, Create cross-post, and soon I'll know if it happens with Create post too. Note that the refresh caused the cross-post not to be marked as such, and it looks like I duplicated a topic independently now.. [this post]( should be a cross-post of [this one]( Am using Firefox 105.0.3 on Ubuntu 22.04

Not receiving emails
I ticked the box for email notifications but I'm not getting any emails

context - button: 404 Page
If you click on the "context" button within, you basically get a 404 page. If you click this when the post was published from another community, it works. Do you know why?

Can't upload images
Hey. I just installed a lemmy instance via YunoHost and I can't upload images. This includes an icon and banner for the instance. I get a SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

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Webhook support?
Is there some sort of webhook support in Lemmy to automatically push new posts to a chat channel for example? I guess it could be done with a RSS feed bot, but doing it via webhooks would be nicer.

Error when accessing inbox at
404: FetchError: invalid json response body at http://lemmy:8536/api/v3/user/replies?sort=New&unread_only=true&page=1&limit=20

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