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Translation is inconsistent

I have been translating into Korean for several months. I get ideas from some users and some are modified…


Only getting seeing posts from ~13 hours ago at any time

My instance is subscribed to a few communities and I’m only seeing content after it’s been up around 13 hours. …

Community Names vs. Titles

Currently, whenever a community is shown (e.g. under a post or on the main page sidebar), it always shows the full title with spaces, etc. Is there a way to toggle a setting somewhere to replace these titles with just the name identifier? I didn’t see anywhere in settings. …

Catchpoint migration

Hi, support team! …

NSFW and Post button too close together.

I mostly post URLs and when I first write a title, which I tend to do, and then paste the URL, the post button jumps down around the same time I try to press the post button when the system retrieves the title of the webpage and adds this as a title option. …

Trouble with getting instance federated

I have gone ahead and added …

Need help setting up an instance on VPS

Hello, I am having trouble using ansible to setup an instance of lemmy. I’m not too sure if the ansible stuff needs to be run on local pc rather than VPS? I assume its on VPS. I am following the documentation over at

How is leftist?

According to, the instance is “A community of leftist privacy and FOSS enthusiasts, run by Lemmy’s developers.” What does that mean, and how is it enforced? Will right-wing but still-reasonable communities be taken down? Does the same apply for posts? What makes a com…


Ways to support the development of Lemmy?

Hello, I would like to ask how can I do my part to support the development and missions of lemmy? …

Staged Deployment

Feasible? Is there a way to set up a stage instance mirrored with a live instance to test updates, bug fixes, themes, etc. before pushing them to the live instance?..

See the linked Lemmy comment. The site name “bit-chute”, but written without the dash is substituted with “removedute”…

Enable federation after ansible setup

i set up a lemmy instance via ansible, but now i 'm stuck enabling federation afterwards. …

Wrong URL termination in several posts in Lemmy

I don’t know if it is a tendency in Lemmy but I have started to see that several new posts in Lemmy finish with the “?” symbol without sense, like when you make a request in a form…

Can I create a community on a different instance?

As far as I understood, Lemmygrad, where my account is, is specifically for leftist content, while is for generic discussions. I’m interested in creating a community about Blender (the software), which would fit better on …

Add some OpenGraph meta to

Just shared some Ideas for federating Lemmy to the Fediverse and noticed that the site at does not contain any OpenGraph metadata, so a link preview wasn’t generated. Should be easy to add something that depicts the nice Lemmy logo for shared lin…

so I was reading this thread, and I noticed I could read the comment by , while I knew they had deleted the comment. on the other hand, the comment by @Travis Skaalgrad was displayed as deleted, which I knew was incorrect. so I checked a few more time…

Support / questions about Lemmy.

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