How to login using Jerboa [Solved]
I have a working account I access from my Linux machine using Firefox on, I can login there. The problem I am having is I just installed Jerboa on my Android phone and I can't seem to locate where to click to login or provide credentials so I can Lemmy on the go. Where do I click to login on android Jerboa?

Help with Lemmy setup
Hello! I have been struggling through a few tutorials on getting a lemmy instance to work correctly when setup with Docker. I have it mostly done, but there are various issues each time that I do not have the knowledge to properly correct. I am familiar with Docker, and already have an Oracle VPS set up on ARM64 Ubuntu. I already have portainer and an NGINX proxy set up and working okay. I have an existing lemmy instance "running" but not quite working. My best guess here would be to have someone assist with setting up the docker-compose to work with current updates/settings, as well as the config.hjson. TIA, and I cant wait to have my own entry into the fediverse working right!

do users who get rejected when they apply for an account receive any indicator that they’ve been denied, and/or the associated denial reason?
posting this on behalf of [Beehaw](, as we've started doing denials in meaningful amounts. we have a little rejection letter telling people to reapply if they are rejected, but we just experimented and it seem users *do not* receive the rejection reason in any way. if the rejection field is intended exclusively as a moderator backend thing, it's very ambiguously indicated. if it isn't, and users *do* receive some sort of information on rejection, we are also unclear on what that information is or by what mechanism people receive it. we made a test account to see how our users would receive what we assumed they'd be getting, and so far any rejection is: - not indicated on the account; - not indicated through logging in to the account (because you *can't* log in, as far as i can tell, if you've been rejected); - and not given to you through email, if you choose to provide one. clarification would be much appreciated, as the answer to this question would obviously have direct implications on how we move forward with approvals and denials. thanks!

Cross-Instance Links
Links to other instances always say I'm logged out (which, technically, I am) that makes the link useless. For example, I am logged in at my home instance of []( If I click a link to go to []( it takes me to that community, but I am not logged in (to so I am unable to meaningfully interact with it. I have to manually edit each lemmy URL that I go to in the URL bar in order for me to go to that community with my lemmy account. So I need to manually change []( into []( and I have to do this each time I click a link to another instance if I want to post there. I've been a system administrator for 20 years, and this took me a few minutes to figure out. "Casual" users are just going to be SOL since they aren't going to be analyzing editing URLs to make them work. I feel like the only want to fix this is to have a browser addon intercept any lemmy URLs and modify them to work based on your home instance. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just how it is?

“Show Context” link icons confusion
Hi guys! First of all, I just want to say thank you again for creating such a great platform. I'm really loving it here, and I hope that I'm not being a pest to anyone. (Please let me know if I'm rubbing you the wrong way and I'll do my best to right my wrongs.) Anyway, I've noticed something on comment replies.... These two links on comment/post replies in your inbox: ![]( On both of them, the tooltip says "Show Context" but the first one (the link one) actually is the one that shows the context and the second one (the colorful one) is more of just a permanlink to the comment. Shouldn't the tooltip say "permalink" on the colorful one?

The webapp is somehow using data from another posting or something? You can see in the screenshot that the posting was only 1 minute old.

“Type: All” doesn’t seem to work in the account settings
cross-posted from: > I want to show All communities by default. There is an option for that, in the account settings, where one can choose between "Subscribed", "Local" and "All". Subscribed and Local seem to work as expected. However, "All" doesn't work.. I select "All", save, go to the frontpage, reload, and it is still showing "Local".

I have been trying to subscribe to using my account on, however I get a 404 error when I visit Other communities work fine and I'm able to subscribe. Just curious what could be the issue. Do I need to wait for the community to be made "available" on

Wrong vote count on posts since latest update
Since the new lemmy update I sometimes see a wrong (higher) vote count than it really is on the web UI. When I open a post it sometimes shows that it has like 30 or 60 upvotes. When I refresh that number goes down by more than half. I have checked that the post doesn't have that many votes on the server that it's on, so it's not that these votes exist but aren't shown on our server. I hope it's understandable what I am trying to say, lmao

Lemmy desktop extensions
This might be a bit early, but are there any browser extensions for Lemmy similar to what there was for Reddit like RES? I would assume something similar to it will popup eventually, just didn't know if it existed yet.

Sorting Communities
Is there anything in the pipeline that will enable sorting the communities in the Community list by the columns they have listed there?

Finding the right instance
So in light of finding out that I can't block an instance as a user, I am trying to find an instance that actually suits me better. Specifically I do not want to see anything relating to and from what I can see, the main instances that block lemmygrad are which isn't accepting new applications and beehaw which, while I don't mind interacting with their instance at all, I don't wish to join it for a couple reasons. There are others like but I don't live near there and while I know it is open to people that don't live there it doesn't exactly seem like where I would want to make an account that I plan on actually using. So if I'm not mistaken, my options are basically to stay on and deal with having to see posts and comments from users, go to beehaw which I also don't want to do, make a new instance for myself which I'm not going to do, or just leave and come back later when there are actually options that suit me better. Does that sound about right?

How to read time on posts.
I feel kind of stupid. On the time since the post or comment was posted the minute and month both use the letter "m". I'm on a rather small instance that has older posts and am having trouble determining which is which.

Posts to multiple instances?
I am wondering at the moment how to handle the different communities on the various instances that are covering the same topic: For example there is a technology community on nearly every instance. If I now want to create a post, do I just post this to one instance to avoid spam (I think most users are subscribed to multiple technology communities like myself) or is it better to post it to multiple instances to create more content and also support smaller instances? At the moment I lean towards only posting to one instance, because I think there is no way to hide/ignore a post in the feed, when it shows up multiple times. What do you guys think?

How to discover new communities within Lemmy?
Apologies as I am new here. Trying to find a way to discover new communities within lemmy. I'm currently using Jerboa if that helps. Edit: Communities can be searched and discovered through the site by clicking on the header and choosing communities. However, it appears that Jerboa does not have that option yet.

How do I look at other instances?
So, I don't know if this is a dumb question, but how do I change from to let's say, beehaw, without switching accounts? I'm on the Jerboa app.

How to delete image from server, accidentally added one during creation of a post
I was trying to copy/paste some things into the body section while making a post. I accidentally pasted a screenshot and it seems to have loaded it onto the server, made a link and everything. I don't want to add to server overload by having a dead, unused image on here. Is there a way to find that image from my profile or something and remove it? It isn't even part of my actual post and honestly seems like a great way to quickly mess up server storage if someone had malicious intent.

How long does it for a new instance to start federating?
I recently setup a new instance and have federation enabled. I tested with the curl command and its returning a proper JSON response. How long does it typically take for an instance to start federating with others?

Are reports on lemmy federated?
If I click report on a post, will this report be sent only to my server admins or the admins of the server that the user is on or the admins of the community that the post was made in?

What do I need to have in order to run my own instance?
The documentation give clear instructions for installing and setting up a Lemmy instance, but it doesn't really tell me what I need to do so beyond the implication that I need some computer running Linux. I have a QNAP NAS device which is running a flavor of linux; how much storage space is recommended for a public instance? Do I need my own website?

When I fill in all the info and then click 'create' nothing happens. Is there something I'm missing?

I finally caught it on video, this bug has been bugging me for months. Please comment or whatever if you have seen this too, I think the last time I wrote about it a couple of people had the same thing. Sometimes it's scrolling this fast, sometimes it's way slower. Especially on mobile it's way slower, which is really annoying. Usually I reload the website to stop it, clicking to a different tab doesn't help I think.

One of the things that may hold people back from switching to Lemmy is FOMO on Reddit. Adding a way to view Reddit posts from Lemmy, would significantly make it more appealing to switch to, especially since many people are already used to 3rd party apps to view Reddit. There already exist frontend projects like Libreddit and Teddit. So that should make it easier to port into Lemmy. URL can be a pseudo instance like:, and comments/interactions can be disabled to reflect the status of the actual Reddit post. As for how the API changes will affect FOSS front-ends of Reddit, I'm [not yet sure]( but I hope there would still be a way, even if by non-api methods like scrapping.

An easy way for instance owners to chat with each other?
Is there a matrix channel or something for instance owners to chat with each other? We've had a small amount of growing pains in the last few days and being able to quickly talk with people running other instances could be useful to crowdsource knowledge. Does such a space exist?

Blocking instances as a user
Is it possible to block an entire instance as a user that your current instance hasn't already blocked for you or would I have to go through and find all of their individual communities and block them?
fedilink constantly reloads
As the title states, when using on my iPhone, in the safari browser, is reloading far too often. Sometimes randomly while scrolling, but also every time I go back a page. If I am on a post then go back to my feed, it reloads the page. It will keep my position, but on cell signal I feel like this will drastically increase data usage, while also taking sometimes a full 45 seconds to load if I’m not on good reception. Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions for a solution? Makes the website unusable if I’m not on wifi fast enough that the reloads are less than a second or two, and frustrating even then.

feedback: language settings with the new update
I really like the indicator on posts, it rounds the language feature and looks nice. I think the disclaimer in the settings >Warning: If you deselect Undetermined, you will not see most content. is perfect as well. Two questions: - why is this disclaimer shown when I create a post? > Warning: If you deselect Undetermined, you will not see most content. Maybe this is meant to say this: > Warning: If you deselect Undetermined, most people will not see your post. - I post in English and German and it is a little bit annoying that I always have to choose a language when posting. What about another setting, where you choose your default post language? You would have to choose a language that isn't undetermined which then will be preselected in the drop down menu when posting/commenting. This would make it so much easier for me. Would that be hard to implement? Or clutter the settings too much?

How do I take over an abandoned community?
There's a particular community that I'd like to take over, which has been inactive for over 2 years. One of the mods was last active two years ago, and the other never even made a single post. I've reached out to them to be added as a mod, but I haven't received any response. Is there anything that the Lemmy admins can do about this? I'd hate for Lemmy to be in the same situation as Reddit, with bunch of abandoned subs with inactive mods and subs getting filled with spam. Thanks!

How does handle the Reddit hug of death?
I'm the sysadmin for and our user-base has almost tripled in 24 hours. Our site has been crashing so much over this time period. We do have some volunteers that are trying to figure out a reasonable solution for when this happens again four weeks from now. Do you have any recommendations?
How does handle the Reddit hug of death?

How does community federation work
I wanted to post a comment in [indieheads]( community here on lemmy, but from lemmygrad it does not show up. I noticed that the community is quite recent, just two days old, is there some sync that I have to wait for? Or is the issue somewhere else?

Translation: Click here to delete the image: {{filename}}

Thumnails images not regenerating
Is there a way to trigger Lemmy so it regenerates all of the pict-rs images? I mistakenly destroyed `volumes/pictrs`. I've since recreated the directory with the correct permissions and restarted everything, but now none of my posts have link preview thumbnails. If I do a hard refresh of my browser I see the following in my log: ``` lemmy-pictrs-1 | 2023-06-03T20:24:40.564141Z INFO HTTP request{http.method=GET http.route=/image/original/{filename} http.flavor=1.1 http.scheme=http http.client_ip= http.user_agent=Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36 GET /image/original/{filename} otel.kind="server" request_id=6ad6bb97-8de7-4417-ab44-b81adc2611e4 trace_id=00000000000000000000000000000000 http.status_code=200 otel.status_code="OK"}:Serving file{range=None alias=Path("4ecd76ed-69be-4073-bafe-046897298828.png") store=Data(FileStore { path_gen: "generator", root_dir: "/mnt" })}: pict_rs: close time.busy=260µs time.idle=302µs ``` The target in question doesn't exist on the filesystem anymore but it merrily wants to serve it anyway. Should I start over from scratch, or there a relatively easy way to correct this?

Unable to comment or post on c/baduk
I was able to comment elsewhere earlier today, but just now when I went to post a comment on someone else's post in c/baduk it just gave me the spinning wheel forever. I tried to make a post of my own and it did the same thing. Am I just being stupid or is there something out of my control that's happening here?

pict-rs, magick and lemmy-ui consuming lots of CPU time
Hi guys, so recently we had a bit of an [influx of users]( on, which lead to [some support questions]( due to the site being unstable. I looked at the nginx config and introduced rate limiting and we scaled up from 2→4 CPU cores and 4→8GB RAM. That alleviated these issues a bit, but we still have a load of ~2.0 with just a few hundred/thousand users online. In my experience with web services this is not a lot of users. What I found out is that a `magick` process is getting OOM killed frequently, that pict-rs often calls `exiftool` which causes lots of load and that basically the `server.js` from Lemmy-UI is not fast enough dealing with requests from `nginx`. How do I debug where the bottleneck is? Do you already have an idea on how to reduce the load? We're still running 0.17.2, but upgraded from pict-rs 0.3.0 to 0.3.1. Is it safe to upgrade to pict-rs 0.3.3 or even 0.4.0? Can you configure pict-rs to not use exiftool? I wouldn't want to `renice` it manually if there's a good way to optimise requests/s. pinging []( []( []( [](

What mobile apps are y’all using?
Hey all, new here. Attempted to use lemmur but I cannot for the life of me actually get any sort of response from the app. It never loads, cannot log into my account, nothing. Any other viable mobile apps?

Is it possible to follow Mastodon accounts from Lemmy?
I can see that I can follow Lemmy communities from Mastodon (just tried it out with a handful of communities), but I don't see a way to have it work the other way. There's a few lovely people on Mastodon that post things I'd love to see pop up in my Lemmy feed - like, for example. But I can't figure out how to follow them from here?

Is it possible to follow a comment for responses?
I am reading a post and somebody says something interesting. Is there a way to receive notifications when new comments are made in response to that interesting comment?

Where can i see which instances are blocked here?
Unless i'm blind i can't find it anywhere for On Mastodon this is listed on the instances about page. Thanks.

How can I, as a regular user, block certain remote instances?
Hello, I'm considering hosting my own instance of Lemmy but it is crucial that users are allowed to block remote instances, not just individual communities. This is because some of our members will want nothing to do with politics, while others will love it. And even within those who enjoy politics, some are really left leaning while others are more moderate. In order not to stress out the moderators, it's crucial that we give each user the ability to block things on their own, instead of demanding from the staff that we ban X, Y or Z for everyone. I haven't been able to see that feature in this flagship instance. Is that something that is possible or has been considered for future implementation? Thank you!

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