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I have doubts. Which of them is the one that does not exist (at least in earth)?

It’s always fun to see how most of Asia is red. And then Japan.

“If you’re […]” that’s the problem, they probably don’t really really care

I’m just happy using pass. I made several scripts to create new passwords and get usernames and passwords. I may end up using a GUI some day though, but not yet. And if I have more contents on encrypted files, I just use pass from the command line. I like having everything on git and the repository itself on a USB stick. Although I’m currently curious at Himitsu. If I have time I might try it.

nah, it just goes on with its life as if nothing happened and once a girl finds him living in the forest he starts to make more friends (and enemies), but he beats them all and sometimes they eventually become their friends. He may even become the strongest in the universe.

A master in martial arts adopts and trains him. But it is unmanageable, until it falls from a cliff and it becomes a good alien. Then he keeps training with what the alien considers now as his grandfather, until a full moon night, where he dies and the alien is left alone.

That’s true. I made slow jumps on right one too.

Although, technically, you could jump in the wall if you ever go between one of those columns.

I always end up using Simple Dialer, soo…

That depends on the new clause you add. Of course, it would not be permissive, though.

We need to start adding a new explicit clause to licenses.

Edit: Although when uploading code to github, because of its terms of use, microsoft might be able to void any clause related to ML model training, with something like “when you upload code to GitHub, you accept that it might be used to construct data sets aimed at AI model training”.

I think more pokemons spawn, the more players are in the area.

If I read the “Red Hat Linux” part, I’m not sure if they are talking about an actual “Red Hat” distribution or the Red Hat enterprise. I would say the latter.

I’m looking forward to see what happens now with translations. Currently everything is available in English. The rest of languages are always secondary. I want to see what happens when Chinese only software and environments start to show up.

3 about the Linux Foundation, 1 about OSI, 1 for Mozilla and another one for Open Source/NSA. Neither surprising, in my opinion, nor downvote worthy (currently it is -1). It is nice that someone talks about this.

Can I block a whole instance?
Is it possible for a regular user to block posts made by users on an specified instance? Also, is it possible for a regular user to block posts with links (link as URL or as a cross-post, if that feature exists already) to another instance? I think I can only do so for users and communities.