Does anyone here have some trustfull info on Idi Amin?
I did watch some videos of his speeches, and i readed some info about him. He apparentelly was an Pan-africanist, friend of multiple arab and third world countries, including Cuba, was anti Israel, and anti-anglo hegemony. And then there is the Genocide that most people relate him with, where he supposedly orchestrated the genocide of over a million Tutsis, Twas and Hulus. I dont believe on literally anything that the western midia says about third world leaders anymore, they acused literally every single one of them that did go against the western hegemony, while at the same time they white washed dozens of cruel dictators they installed themselves on several countries. Does anyone got some trustfull info on Idi and his goverment that proves or disproves this supposedly genocide?

> On Tuesday, April 12, “Defiance actions’’ were organized by the Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) across Swaziland. The date marks 49 years since King Sobhuza II, father of the current monarch, took absolute power in 1973. The key demand of the protests was an end to the absolute monarchy as well as the creation of a people’s government with a multiparty democracy and democratic ownership of the economy.

I suggest putting this on your Google Calendar or some other thing. (Seriously, digital calendars are a godsend.) Also, make sure to register.

How anyone can say that the "Europeans were at least up front about it" (like Trevor Noah said) boils my blood. []( [](

A history video that's about 7 minutes long. I'm about to start it, but I just found this channel recently and really enjoy it, at least so far. Check it out.

Everyone should read this article. Contains useful information about Afghanistan as well.

I hope the SACP continues to decouple from the ANC. Y'all should read this article.

Everyone should listen to this; it's about 10 minutes long.

Long live the SACP! They may have fallen on hard times, but hopefully they'll decouple from the ANC soon enough.

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