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Finding a web host, avoiding Cloudflare
How the heck do I avoid Cloudflare when selecting a web host, please? I was considering getting a DigitalOcean “droplet” and running something in that, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be inside Cloudflare’s evil embrace. I asked in what I thought was an obvious place but was met by bewildered looks.

I suppose executing recruitment agencies is out of the question?

Ban ATS’ (seriously, how could centralising all of everyone’s personal information ever go wrong?!)

Have competent people working in Personnel departments (and thank you, I am not a Human “Resource”, that’s just your slave master mentality shining through)

And, yeah, executing recruitment agents. Sorry, but it has to be done, for the future of humanity. (Or maybe it doesn’t? Are they actually able to interbreed with human beings?)

In other words they’re testing what the Zurich city public transport system has been doing for years (as well as trams taking power from overhead cables, some bus routes do too)?

In summary: ‘I like X. I do not like Y. Therefore X is the greatest and Y is rubbish.’

Okay then.

P = Penis, NP = No Penis?

I just can’t tell from the title. A summary would be nice so that people have information to go on to help them decide whether they’re interested in downloading and reading the PDF.

Even supposedly educated people don’t get it. My doctor wanted me to send him some health information by email a month ago. It’s a good job my blood pressure is under control or I might have exploded.

You don’t have to look hard at all - petrol was hard to get hold of and is approaching record high prices, random foodstuffs aren’t available, you can’t see a doctor for love nor money, Brexit (obviously), Covid (obviously), idiotic decisions taken by Tory govt. that seems to have no clue how to govern and no concern for the state of the country of its citizens (most obviously of all). But never mind, Princess Di was lovely wasn’t she.

I was thinking that if the police or someone like that got involved then it would be better to have the entire unaltered thing available, so that rather than delete it from the db it should just not appear in the front end.

Might you not want to be able to preserve the offending post so that the poster can be brought to justice?

I don’t imagine there’s any one thing that “causes” it. High standard of living helps (so more disposable income to spend on things like computers); a technological society, in the sense that people aren’t afraid of technology or of being seen as an “engineer”-type of person; a somewhat left, privacy aware population and generally more altruistic attitude than in other countries I’ve lived in; finally, for my list, I think there’s somewhat of a Streisand effect in that there are a large number of foss developers in Germany because they see that there are a large number of foss developers in Germany.

The answer to your question (“Why is it like this?”) is because they have somehow convinced employers that they can provide something their own (useless) HR droids can’t. It may or may not be true that they can, but they’re so firmly entrenched between employers and potential employees in some industries that it’s very difficult to find work without them. I think if I saw a recruitment agency building was burning down I’d barricade the doors so that fewer of them got out alive.

Mismatching SSL versions between your browser and the server, maybe? Did it go away (for example if you cleared your browser cache, or use a different browser)?

I’m quite startled that anybody uses the term “programmer” (rather than “software developer” or similar) any more. Maybe that’s the root of the author’s problem.

If it “just works” for you, why do you want to try a new one?

I’m not sure it’s good enough, really. By the time a, possibly vulnerable, victim has seen abuse directed against them the damage is done. Saying that everyone should be able to use third party tools, for example, doesn’t recognise that not everyone is savvy enough technically to use them, to keep them updated, or even to know that they exist or which is the best one for them to use (for whatever browser you are using now, how many ad-blocking add-ons are there? How many of your “normal” friends or relatives use one of them?). Much like advertising, receiving abuse should be an “opt in” thing. Also much like advertising, I suspect that few people would actively choose to opt in.

How to re-jig screens when I disconnect one
Setup: Ubuntu, Openbox, notebook, occasionally an external screen. I've set things up so that if an external monitor is attached when I start my notebook, a script (run by Openbox's autostart), xrandr makes that the primary monitor. What I'd like to do is run that script when I turn off or otherwise disconnect that external monitor, so that I can make the notebook's built-in screen the primary again. Does anyone here have any ideas how to do that automatically?