The Germans surrendered, the NAZIS never did . . .

The American intelligence considers the "Chinese threat" as main priority. Media actively publish information about closed meeting of heads of CIA's Counterterrorism Mission Center (the specific date is not mentioned). According to the "leaked" information during the meeting a question of redistribution of material and human resources was discussed to switch them from counterterrorism to China. The fight with global terrorism is not losing its urgency but is not plays a big threat to US security as before. In the forefront the existential challenges coming from China. Fighting the industrial espionage is among the most urgent threats from China, as well as preventive measures against cyberattacks on US informational systems of state departments and corporations, and getting information about China's advanced technological projects. Washington supports the idea of focusing on China. The politicians actively promote the information of Beijing's illegal activity on the territory of USA. Among the last examples a report of Senate commission on internal security and governmental affairs about China's attempts to recruit members of Federal reserve system. The document claims that Chinese special services since 2013 were working to contact members of FRS (with blackmailing and bribes) to get access to secret information, including time when the members visited China. The authors of the report made a conclusion of FRS incapability to cut these threats. It was explained with fallibility of FRS security service and weak level of cooperation with the corresponding departments. On the whole according to the Administration and Congress the growing amount of contradictions between US and China dictates the necessity to focus the work of US authorities on effective suppression of "ill-intentioned" activities of Beijing.

USA continues to put pressure on China. Washington introduced new sanctions against Chinese companies. In such a way on August 23, 2022, the US Department of Commerce added to its stop list seven Chinese aerospace and semiconductor organizations. Just like before these companies were accused of "acquiring and attempting to get American goods to support China's efforts to modernize its military" what causes damage to US national security and foreign policy. At the moment around 600 companies are on that list. To continue work with these companies, the American contractors have to get a state license. This time two scientific research institutes of 9th China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation that play a leading role in developing country's aerospace program and responsible for production of Long March rockets for crews of Shenzhou ships and satellites launching. The Scientific Research Institute-771 (Xidian University) is involved in creating of advanced semiconductor integral schemes. On this base a central CPU for Long March-5 rockets and computer systems was developed which is used for Moon and Mars missions. The Scientific Research Institute-772 (Beijing Microelectronics Technology Institute) produces electronic components for military purposes, including microchips. Also, two scientific research institutes of China's Academy of Space Technology were included in the black list. The Scientific Research Institute-502 designed and produced the Shenzhou-14 spaceship which took three astronauts to Earth's orbit in June, and took part in production of components for global satellite navigation system Beidou. The Scientific Research Institute-513 (city of Yantai, Shandong province) conducts research and development of chips and computer systems for satellites. Also, among its activities is developing technologies for remote probing and encryption used in the defense industry. Besides two scientific departments of Chinese electronic technologies production corporation were added to the black list. The Scientific Research Institute-43 (Anhui province) is specialized in laboratory chips testing and electronic components, Beijing's Scientific Research Institute-58 produces chips for People's Liberation Army, industry and state companies. Finally, US restrictions affect the newly created company Zhuhai Orbital Control Systems, which is not in direct control of China's central government. It focused on design of integral chips and AI development for satellites and space exploration. Finally, the conclusion is that all these actions are another attempt of Washington's strategic course to undermine China's technological potential.

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