I’m asking if there is a greatly moderated and curated Spotify-like Funkwhale instance, where only verified creators can upload songs, and with the respect of copyrighted content.

Why do I need one like this?

Because Spotify started to make my life harder, and they are not caring about me so much as well, only about my data. They block VPNs and stuff. I appreciate every help.

i dislike Spotify’s monopolisation to such an extent that I spotify-dl’ed all my music and stopped my subscription.


I listen to a bunch of indie bands, and I bought about everything on Bandcamp. It’s all stored on my NAS and I access it all through Plexamp.


I can recommend this instance https://open.audio. It allows to upload 3Gb of libre audio or even upload your own non-libre audio. The latter as long as you use it personally and not share it publicly. The instance is well moderated and curated. Content wise it is of course nothing like Spotify because of the copyright restrictions. The instance currently has over 60.000 songs a far cry from the millions of songs on other platforms. Use cases for Funkwhale are either upload your own libre music, have your own music cloud or listen to more experimental music which can actually be a lot of fun. Lastly via RSS you can subscribe to podcasts.

If you just want to listen to a large library of mostly non-free music Funkwhale isn’t a good option. Better turn to Bandcamp or even Soundcloud.

I agree, we need more curated music playlists. Bandcamp themselves do an amazing job at it


Link to some playlist from them. Didn’t know they did playlists.

Well you’re right, they don’t do directly playlists as far as I can tell. But they do an amazing job at presenting artists and music genres: https://daily.bandcamp.com/bandcamp-navigator#all-nav


last.fm did a better job and it was based on a similar concept, only less commercialized. It used to be quite popular in Europe, but quickly got overrun by Spotify, which really just sucks. A federated replacement is badly needed!

Travis Skaalgard

I miss how good last.fm was around ~2010

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