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If only there was a way to make it wider. Our screens are wider and content narrower than ever. Many webpages are just a narrow strip in the center of my screen, as if I were browsing a mobile site.

I’ve been pretty busy with non-online things lately

If I recall correctly, (and I could be wrong about this) early Mastodon had somewhat of a similar issue, with the large majority of users centralized on As time goes on, I imagine more instances will pop up. I honestly think some more generalized instances will do wonders for this, but I know this is a heretical opinion on the Fediverse, where people want a three-person instance for Amstrad programmers and Magic-the-Gathering-enthusiasts named Larry from Ohio.

More likely due to shady anatomy studies than murder, tho.

I really wish I could use Thunderbird with a free ProtonMail account ;_;

This is like the ONE thing I enjoy about using Outlook at work. If you use the word “attached” in your email, it’ll prompt you when you hit “send” if you haven’t attached anything. I know there are downsides to this type of things, but it sure is convenient.

But you see, those communists were bigoted modernists who believed words had meanings and that material reality was important. Good thing we’ve got benevolent capitalists in our society to teach us stupid working class folk about lived experience, anecdotal evidence, the elastic definitions of words, and that material conditions don’t matter. Anyway, better get back to my Uber gig, then lock myself back up in my isolation cell to watch Netflix. Empowerment! /s

Unfortunately voice and video are non-negotiable for my use-case, so for now I’m sticking to Element and/or SchildiChat.

I used to love Discord and think it was a very good piece of corporate software, and I happily moved all my communications to it at one point. When I started to move to FOSS alternatives to most corporate social platforms I got rid of Discord too, then I tried to go back for the sake of my friendgroup, but when I went to make a new account, it decided it needed a phone number to verify me, because of my VPN. Then I got banned. Then I made a new account, and got banned again. I don’t have any more phone numbers and can’t really get back on Discord, and this seems like a massive flaw to me.

In addition to this, all sorts of group chats, message boards, forums, etc, have now been locked behind this wall. Projects and communities that used to have an IRC or a forum are now almost exclusively located on Discord. It’s like Facebook in this way.

It’s also just a shitty electron wrapper around a webpage, which I have FeelingsTM about.

Not to mention the MASSIVE problem Discord has with pedophiles and groomers.

I actually have a lot of books at home and I sort of move around them in a weird way. I’ll read a chapter of one, then read a bit of another, then back to the first one, then something completely different. I do read a lot but very little of it is structured.

I played Wargrave in my high school’s production of And Then There Were None and it was a blast. By the way, every version has a different ending: the book, the play, etc. All different so there aren’t spoilers.

Just my shoes, no clothes, huh?

I have three different email addresses I use for various purposes. My email client supports multiple accounts, so I just do it that way.

I mean I’m sure there are plenty of vegetables I don’t like that I’m not aware of (I haven’t tried them all) but I’m not fond of cabbage or peas.

Nice try, my enemies

Lol no but anyway I have an irrational fear of wasps and I am somewhat afraid of heights (or as I like to put it at work, “extremely conscious of ladder safety”)

The only way this could be the case would be if some sort of objective criteria for beauty could be created based on an aggregate of subjective opinions (like we do with art, where the quality of a piece of art is based on an objective scale made of many subjective opinions). However, no objective standard for the beauty of a language exists, so no.

As a disclaimer, I believe COVID is real and the antivaxx conspiracy theories are absolutely ridiculous. That being said, literally in the first paragraph of this article it does say “…omicron does appear to be less severe compared to delta—especially in those vaccinated…” Peer-reviewed medical studies out of South Africa (which has a very robust healthcare system - that’s why these variants are often first identified there in the first place) show it may be 80% less likely to result in hospitalization and other research may suggest it’s 90% less likely to result in hospitalization or death. The numbers in the US (the ones I’m most familiar with, sorry) also suggest less hospitalization and death from this new variant. While cases right now are absolutely DWARFING last winter’s surge, we aren’t seeing comparable rates of hospitalization, ICU hospitalization or death.



ICU Hospitalizations:


These data are from CovidActNow, a non-profit organization which has been dedicated to tracking COVID numbers in the US since March 2020, despite the previous administration’s efforts to downplay the pandemic. They’re doing good work.

COVID is very real, very nasty, and to be taken seriously. But please keep in mind that news outlets in a capitalist society are in the business of manufacturing hysteria and keeping people engaged, much like corporate social media companies.

TL;DR Be careful but don’t panic. Do your own thinking and research.

Lmao yes, I lack empathy for other human beings because I made fun of something. Excellent deduction.

“We were really disappointed that Linux couldn’t run malware rootkits game publishers call ‘anticheat.’ Anyway, based mostly on this, my buddy’s toxic gAmEr friends, and the fact that a couple very specific games are difficult to run, we’re gonna call it ‘not ready.’”

Unfortunately not. It’s been talked about before and they threaten to shut the whole place down in that case.

Sure. There are still very few good alternatives.

Generally, right and left are a question of “power in the hands of the many” vs. “power in the hands of the few” or more specifically capitalism vs anti-capitalism. These have nothing to do with culture-war issues. Conservative and liberal are frankly just made-up US things and make less and less sense every passing year because Capital very effectively uses them to divide and sow dissent among the working class.

I sell my labor for 40 hours a week to an industrial facility.

This looks really cool but I immediately recognized some shared free assets from Wesnoth, lol

I reduced my snacking quite a bit, exercised better portion control, started going to the gym three to four days a week for at least an hour. Small habitual changes resulting in slow weight loss have given me the best and most long-term results.

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve followed the situation so it’s possible my information is outdated.

Left/right is a good paradigm if we’re looking at power in the hands of the many vs. in the hands of the few, I feel like, but it is increasingly watered down and applied to issues for which is it inappropriate. The US culture war is a good example of this.

The number of people bringing red-tribe-vs-blue-tribe culture war nonsense into leftist spaces is astounding. People think leftism is just “being a really intense and edgy liberal”

I do all of these things in Linux and enjoy it more. Doom Eternal runs better for me than it did in Windows lol

I disagree completely. I think it is far superior to Windows as a daily driver.

I’m an ex Windows poweruser/gamer who switched over to Linux and find it infinitely more capable.

I discovered this excellent performance of Silly Wizard's "The Queen of Argyll" today and figured I'd share!

I have created a new community as I recently saw there isn't an existing community for go, the ancient Chinese board game of strategy.

How to cope with lack of IRL friends/acquaintances on the Fediverse?
So, I completely switched to FOSS federated social networks toward the middle of 2020. I love the Fediverse, but nobody I know IRL seems to care at all about it in any capacity, so I'm basically just screaming into a void full of other FOSSheads. How do I reconcile this? How do we get our IRL peeps on the Fediverse?

Spotted on Diaspora today.

I just discovered this and am in love with it!

What are these cats I’m seeing everywhere as avatars? [SOLVED]
I feel like every third person has that same cat as their avatar. Some are like different colors and some just have an overlay or whatever but it's the same cat. What is it???? SOLVED: They are all from this tool:

Best Places to Meet New People Online?
Hello everyone. So this year has me feeling very isolated and I'm thinking about how easy it used to be to meet people online and how difficult it's become to do so. There used to be tons of good places to meet people but internet culture has changed so much that now it's virtually impossible. Even places like OkCupid (which used to be *great* for meeting new people, both platonically and otherwise) has devolved into a tinder-esque swipefest. What are some good places to meet people online nowadays? Obviously fediverse/FOSS sorts of places are preferred but not 100% necessary. I just need new friends.

We’re still here! :)
Hey everyone, I just figured I'd remind you that this community is indeed still here. It seems like things got kind of quiet! :)

Is there a way to block Roku adds and tracking with my router?
Hey everyone, I've recently been wondering if there were any good ways to block ads and tracking on my Roku on the router level. I can't really set up a pihole or anything like that (which would be perfect for this, I know) right now.

Hey everyone, if you use Pidgin, the wonderful multi-protocol free and libre instant messaging client, come join me over at [c/pidgin.](

How to only see subscribed communities on front page?
PLEASE is there a way to ONLY see SUBSCRIBED communities on my front page? I'm CONSTANTLY seeing stuff from communities I'd actually rather like to block and I'd just like it to not be included by default.

Best diaspora instances?
Hey everyone, what are some of the best instances, in your opinion, to run diaspora?

Hey everyone! Check out my profile and add me if you feel so inclined.

Good Matrix rooms?
Hey everyone, what are some good Matrix rooms?

New Matrix Room for Making Friends
Hello everyone! I've created a room at for making new friends to chat with on Matrix!

First Post!
Hey everyone, I just made the commitment to stop using corporate proprietary social networking. I'm a 27-year-old nerdy dude from the US (Kansas) who loves gaming, free software, philosophy, politics, coffee, playing guitar, and meeting new people. Feel free to message me at

Matrix Friends, a new community for finding people to chat with on Matrix.
Hey everyone, I made a new community for people to find chat partners on Matrix.