I hate the airline industry with a fucking passion. Soon they’ll have us getting in the fetal position in a 2ft by 2ft by 2ft cardboard box with tubes up our ass and in our urethras, stack us in cargo planes with minimal climate control, and call it innovation. Fuckasses

Libs would cherish this.

At least libs who don’t fly economy would lol

They’d call it innovation.


I have postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. Standing still for as little as one or two minutes is a challenge for me and people have told me before that my feet ‘looked red’ or that I suddenly looked uncomfortable when all that I was doing was standing in place. My blood pools in my feet and sometimes I can even feel them throbbing. My condition is not so severe that I need a wheelchair, but I need to sit down or I’m very uncomfortable and at serious risk of fainting.

I’m just glad that I have no plans to fly anywhere because the best that these seats might do is delay my symptoms for a short while. The absence of proper seating would be a little more serious than an ‘inconvenience’ for me.

Capitalism is ableist in nature, Comrade


Now see, I certainly agree with statements like this one, but after using Reddit for so long it’s hard for me to avoid imagining somebody replying to it with ‘OH YEAH? WELL UNDER COMMULISM THEY WOULD JUST KILL YOU FATALLY TO DEATH UNTIL YOU DIE SO STFU STOOPID IGNORANT TANKY READ HISTORY BOOK!!!!!!’

I know that it’s far less likely in this community, but if somebody is taking screenshots of these posts for the amusement of his dipshit anticommie friends then I am sure that somebody would say that.

I have orthostatic hypotension which causes very similar symptoms and this was the first thing that came to mind. worst case scenario I’m sure they’d have accessible seats for disabled people that we could use, however I highly doubt these would ever make it past marketing. luckily safety in aviation is still taken seriously and these would be awful in a crash so it’d never be approved by EASA/FAA etc

These seats will probably have a little hole on the ass of the seat so the company execs can come fuck your ass from behind. This would give you a 5% discount.

Thankfully they haven’t been adopted yet, even by airlines that were initially interested. The design is from 2013, and they came back with a new design not long ago. I’m not sure which one is in this picture.

They will sell this as saving the planet and ‘progressive’ liberals will go on more flights thinking they are combating climate change.

They will avoid trains for being too inefficient – too few travelers per carriage!

They will avoid trains for being too inefficient – too few travelers per carriage!

That have been covered too.

That looks horrendous!

Company exec: “This amazing iNoVaTiOn will save millions of tons of CO2!”

Exits auditorium and proceeds to take 10 minute private jet ride back to his suburban mansion with 3 pools.

You’ve got all that spare space on the outside of the plane. What’s the big deal about wearing an oxygen mask for the journey?

You thought convertibles were cool? Wait until you experience mach .78 right in your face!

Refusing to sit on the wing of a plane makes you an enemy of the planet in my opinion.

Wing? No, you only wish for such a great view. You’ll be in packed rows on the top of the fuselage. Air flowing cleanly over the wings is kind of important to the whole generating lift thing.

Caring about aerodynamics makes you an enemy of the planet.

😂😂. Interjecting material reality into a corporate scheme? Get this Marxist out of here.

I would rather swim across oceans than subject myself to this

Airline exec: “We can fit 80% more people in a plane if we cut them up first!”


Spoiler this please

Don’t promise me a good time.

I hereby require the NSFW copy pasta

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