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Yeah his guests on the show are quite hit and miss. He had on recently this awful lib Thom Hartmann who did nothing but shill for the Democrats. I couldn’t listen to that guy, had to turn it off.

Also who the hell runs the Democracy at Work Twitter account?! They’ve been posting some serious cringe about Ukraine lately.

But normally his stuff, or at the very least his weekly monologues are worth listening to. I think he’s doing a good job overall.

How radical is Prof. Richard Wolff?
Anyone else get the impression that Richard Wolff is "hiding his power level" so to speak and is actually way more radical than he lets on? He seems to be more of a co-op, market socialism guy on the surface because he talks about workplace democracy a lot, but i remember him during an interview with Hakim saying pretty positive things about economic planning. Recently he has also been praising the People's Republic of China a lot in various interviews, and in the latest interview i watched him give to Briahna Joy Gray he even snuck in a Lenin quote at the end (uncredited of course saying just "a famous political leader once said") basically paraphrased the well known "there are decades when nothing happens and there are weeks when decades happen" line. Is he a closeted ML or what? Is his focus on workplace democracy just a smart strategy to appeal to "baby leftist" Americans and introduce them to basic Marxist concepts without scaring them away?

No she has been making communist youtube content for a long time, a lot of pro-USSR stuff. This is not someone who is new to Marxism but someone who should know better. This is a very serious backslide into ideological idealism. It is straight up anti-Marxist. Sounds like she has been exposed to too much liberal ideology without having had a solid enough grasp of Marxist theory and has started to believe the liberal bunk economics again. It is very disappointing to see from a content creator i used to respect. The effects of living in the imperial core i guess.

I have a physics degree too and i can tell you it’s not as easy as you make it out to be…not unless you’re willing to work an ungodly amount of hours for very little money for years and years until you can actually be seen as qualified.

Unless you go into the financial/consulting sector that is, as that’s basically where all the cushiest jobs for STEM graduates are. Most of the rest just end up in IT where they do the same job anyone with basic programming skills could do.

This narrative that the right wing likes to spread about “oh just get a STEM degree bro and you’ll be fine, the only reason you’re struggling is because you have a worthless liberal arts degree” is pure nonsense, it’s just not the case anymore.

“Fell to his death” sounds like he died accidentally, but the rest of the article makes it fairly clear that he jumped. Dishonest headline.

This is a short excerpt from a longer event with multiple speakers. I highly recommend going to watch the whole thing, or at least listen to a few other speakers, they all offer very interesting perspectives on the global geopolitical situation.

You can still admire and acknowledge the achievements of a particular person without approving of everything they did. People are flawed, they make mistakes, they sometimes hold views that may not live up to our ideal standards. That’s ok. As much as our detractors may accuse us of it, we Marxist-Leninists do not believe in cults of personality.

"You speak of your “devotion” to me. Perhaps it was just a chance phrase. Perhaps. . . . But if the phrase was not accidental I would advise you to discard the “principle” of devotion to persons. It is not the Bolshevik way. Be devoted to the working class, its Party, its state. That is a fine and useful thing. But do not confuse it with devotion to persons, this vain and useless bauble of weak-minded intellectuals.

With communist greetings,

J. Stalin"

I think this needs to be decided by the people of that country. Personally i don’t see why not, it would take virtually no effort, it would be a simple stroke of a pen. But if there is significant popular resistance it will take some time to win people over, and in the meantime i don’t think it’s a priority unless marriage is associated with concrete material benefits (tax breaks, etc.). Otherwise it’s just symbolic. I would say it is much more important for same-sex couples to be immediately granted full equality in adoption rights. That to me seems of much more practical importance than a piece of paper or a religious ceremony.

There should definitely be considerable state financial assistance for families with children.

Kind of. Some are half realizing what’s happening but then falling for right wing populism which identifies some of the problems correctly but misses the underlying cause (capitalism) and proceeds to propose non-solutions which just involve doubling down on capitalism and scapegoating of marginalized groups.

The center is collapsing, liberalism is discredited, but the revolutionary left is not the only option that the disaffected can find themselves gravitating towards, and it is clear that we are also seeing a resurgence of fascism as a result, particularly in the imperial core, the most reactionary of all places in the world.

If you live in the US it’s probably advisable to get a gun and become at least somewhat proficient with it, as well as familiarizing yourself with your local self-defense laws.

Responding to Climate Change: China’s Policies and Actions

http://www.scio.gov.cn/zfbps/32832/Document/1715506/1715506.htm#:~:text=China has announced in 2021,emissions and achieving carbon neutrality.

"Green mountains are gold mountains. To protect the environment is to protect productivity, and to improve the environment is to boost productivity — the truth is as simple as that. We must abandon development models that harm or undermine the environment, and must say no to shortsighted approaches of going after near-term development gains at the expense of the environment. […]

We need to take into full account people’s longing for a better life and a good environment as well as our responsibility for future generations. We need to look for ways to protect the environment, grow the economy, create jobs and remove poverty all at the same time, so as to deliver social equity and justice in the course of green transition and increase people’s sense of benefit, happiness and security." - Xi Jinping


“What is socialism and what is Marxism? We were not quite clear about this in the past. Marxism attaches utmost importance to developing the productive forces. We have said that socialism is the primary stage of communism and that at the advanced stage the principle of from each according to his ability and to each according to his needs will be applied. This calls for highly developed productive forces and an overwhelming abundance of material wealth. Therefore, the fundamental task for the socialist stage is to develop the productive forces. The superiority of the socialist system is demonstrated, in the final analysis, by faster and greater development of those forces than under the capitalist system. As they develop, the people’s material and cultural life will constantly improve. One of our shortcomings after the founding of the People’s Republic was that we didn’t pay enough attention to developing the productive forces. Socialism means eliminating poverty. Pauperism is not socialism, still less communism.”

https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/deng-xiaoping/1984/36.htm https://dengxiaopingworks.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/to-build-socialism-we-must-first-develop-the-productive-forces/

Fun fact: the Nazis were big fans of Trotsky’s writings on the Soviet Union under Stalin, so much so they frequently used them as propaganda material.

https://www.moonofalabama.org/ and https://thesaker.is/ post regular updates and news, in particular the latter’s “Sitrep” articles are quite good (the site as a whole is a bit sus but on this conflict their takes are spot on). There are various telegram channels that do extremely frequent live updates (i don’t follow them but i believe Intel Slava Z are often the first primary source on any given military news), and i’m not sure if ASBMilitary still posts about this conflict but in the initial weeks they used to be quite good before they were banned off Twitter. Also definitely follow Pepe Escobar (also kicked off Twitter now but you can find him on VK) and read all his articles on The Cradle too. On Youtube you have Brian Berletic: https://youtube.com/c/TheNewAtlas/ and Richard Medhurst: https://youtube.com/c/RichardMedhurst/ And finally there is The Duran, who though they are coming at this from a very different ideological direction than we are usually have reliably solid analysis and are up to date with the news: https://odysee.com/@AlexanderMercouris:a (i’m posting the Odysee link here though they are also on Youtube because i expect more and more Youtube will crack down on dissenting voices in the future).

Because an all out Ukrainian assault on Donbass was imminent, they were massing a huge amount of troops and equipment on the contact line and had already started to massively escalate shelling in the days prior to Russia recognizing the DPR and LPR. They also have documents proving that such an operation had already been approved and scheduled to begin mere days later. Russia beat them to the punch.

If they had allowed the invasion of Donbass to happen it would have been a bloodbath and would have resulted in a mass ethnic cleansing like what happened 1995 in Croatia with NATO help where as a result of just such an operation 500,000 Serbs were pushed out of Krajna.

This is the imminent reason why it had to happen before the end of February. The broader reason for why such an intervention was necessary regardless of the Donbass situation is because if they waited any longer NATO would have become impossible to dislodge from Ukraine.

Arguably Russia should have acted in 2014, and they did to a degree, they annexed Crimea to keep the Sevastopol port from falling into NATO hands. But they were not yet prepared for the all out economic war that the west has now unleashed on them, so they could not undertake any larger scale intervention yet.

Russia spent the past had 8 years making themselves more or less sanctions-proof and getting close to China. And the US has also declined quite a bit since then.