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Taxes are only “low” in the United States if you’re a rich oligarch who gets their money from stocks and dividends.

If the council had voted it down, would the cops have arrested them? What a totally normal and free “democracy.”

In this case, it’s just funding for the LAPD to push the homeless around and steal their stuff periodically. The homeless include an army of the mentally differentiated who can’t be used for slave labor.

The worst part is, the taxes aren’t even low. The money is just spent on 3 trillion dollar jets that don’t work.

The laborers who creates these festivals were largely contractors. They either died or moved on to new employment during the pandemic. Now festival promoters are flabbergasted that their low paid workers were actually the ones who made shit happen.

😂😂. Interjecting material reality into a corporate scheme? Get this Marxist out of here.

Company exec: “This amazing iNoVaTiOn will save millions of tons of CO2!”

Exits auditorium and proceeds to take 10 minute private jet ride back to his suburban mansion with 3 pools.

Wing? No, you only wish for such a great view. You’ll be in packed rows on the top of the fuselage. Air flowing cleanly over the wings is kind of important to the whole generating lift thing.

You thought convertibles were cool? Wait until you experience mach .78 right in your face!

A modern band tour almost certainly requires trucks for the equipment. If you are touring overseas, you typically will rent most of the heavy stuff in the country you are traveling to. The bands core equipment like guitars and drums and shit can definitely be checked on commercial flights.

The exploitation is being done by YouTube. The audience is also being exploited. Take a look at the people who make billions, not the content creators who, on average, make pennies.

He never plans to leave, why would he? He wants you and me to pay him our life savings then go die in a shitty Martian cave.

I’m old enough to remember when NYC’s entire first response communication failed because it was located in one tall building. Anyone who believes these wireless alerts will be going out after a nuke hits the city is huffing some serious glue.

No thanks. I need my phone to work instead of consuming 10 hours a month for troubleshooting custom ROMs.

Only excited because one of these July 4 holidays will be the last one the empire celebrates.

It’s more of a symptom of the problem than the root cause. A system that places the needs of landlords above all others is the root.

Not everyone has the luxury of living in a 3,000 sq ft house with room for two full sized washer/dryer combos. These stackable units are great for apartments, you know, the type of home everyone should be living in.

Subjecting the rights of a historically marginalized group to the popular vote has not proven to produce progress for those groups.

In the US, patriotism/nationalism are the same thing. Maybe patriotism is good in an ML society, but in a capitalist one it pits workers against their own class.