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cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/340026 > This is great for moving RISC-V to mainstream. Pine64 makes great hardware.

But I assume the binary compiled for ARM won’t work for RISC-V

Just a reminder that Amazon has "unregretted attrition goal"s. All managers have quotas to fire around 5% of their team each year. You can find lots of horror stories in Blind or Reddit. Here is a news article about it:


The reason young men went hard-right in the last decade is because left-wing movements stopped talking about issues that affect men. The vacuum was filled by people like Jordan Peterson.

You can’t build a popular movement and be dismissive of half of the population.

nice! do you know if it’s just a matter or compiling against a different target or is there more?

Isn’t Armbian for arm chips? They also support RISC-V now?

I’ve seen this in other places as well, especially hackernews. Why is that?

Atom is very lightweight and has lots of plugins. VSCode is packed with features that just clog my workspace.

I don’t have much context, why would you get downvoted? Sounds like a good feature to me.

Ukrainians in the separatist regions were already being shot at for years. By their own government!

Not suprising. With the recession people are buying fewer expensive cars probably.

I don’t have a TV. I’m asking to understand what it runs inside.

Is this something a router-based DNS filter like PiHole remove?

It's so obvious even the mainstream media gets it.

The leader of the opposition was already in house arrest.

US Sanctions are resulting in a chipmaking boom in mainland China.

Facebook and Mark Zuck did not like this.

Language Filters
As more Lemmy instances come online, I see more and more content under All from languages I do not speak. Is there a way to implement a language filter, or to manually remove those instances from my feed?