They honestly should be looking at their hosting costs. There’s probably a lot of costs they can cut down and a lot of unused resources. Their services aren’t really demanding, and their membership fees should be able to cover 60 users.

their president mentioned on friendica they are also missing man power (people willing to put hours), so if anyone has enough skills/motivation/time they could use the help maybe someone doing the leg work could help them get a better deal.


If they are really running all these services, €60 a month might be pretty easy to hit.

I can’t find this public monthly financial report … does anyone have it? It would be easier to understand where costs are piling up

The usage of every euro will be made public information via monthly financial reports. As a member you get to influence how we spend these funds.

their friendica instance seemed very slow, i actually migrated to another one which was a lot faster ( I hope more funding will make them get faster servers.


similar story for me and several fediverse instances (one peertube and another friendica). it’s somewhat disconcerting that well-funded/well-staffed instances attract more users (and tend towards centralisation).

If an undercover Jack Dorsey blueskies proxy comes in with a couple million dollars, some experienced technical and marketing staff and starts blazing high quality video and content streams, and stealth product placement ads, it’s going to be like Jupiter on the edge of the solar system grabbing all new entrants. If they adopt a closed by default federation model, they could even create something akin to blue checkmark instances.

we should do what we can to bootstrap real federation advocacies.

also worth mentioning is they intend to spread information about federated web projects, they do this by maintaining wedistribute and

All about open source! Feel free to ask questions, and share news, and interesting stuff!

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