Basic Marxism-Leninism Study Plan


Historical Materialism

Scientific Socialism


Political Economy

How to Make Historical Materialist Analysis

Introduction to the method

Marx & Engels’ Application


Resources for Marxist Political Economy

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Weilai Hope

Good Work.

That sub wont get banned though. It would be too mask-off for reddit to do that. Instead they’re just transforming the sub into a fake commie lib sub. Recently there was a series of weird bans towards genzedong members, totally random for posts months or weeks ago, including myself, for things like “abusive behaviour” even though the comments were lacking that. My ban was changed to a week long mute when i simply replied with “What?”. Seems to me like some kind of stealth attempt at purging the sub of proper leftists and just leaving it full of fake commie libs.


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Excellent! A complete basic course of reading & study in Marxist-Leninist writings for beginners is exactly what I needed. Many thanks for posting this.

Thanks! I was looking for a compiled list of resources.

Might be nice to add it to the sidebar of /c/communism


Damn nice, thx for doing this. The three sources and three component parts is one my fav short essay intros.

Very good call on having divided world divided class in there too. Def good to have some advanced labor aristocracy unequal exchange stuff in there. I’d also recommend adding John Smith - imperialism in the 21st century.

I don’t want to be an ass, truly, but any foundational guide to ML should include marxist feminist texts, decolonization texts, and marxist influenced queer liberation texts.

ML is an evolving science and giving a reading guide that is fundamentally pre 1920 is not great. It’s reminiscent of what trots do tbh.

Seeing Sakai, who is valuable, but memeified, but not Fanon? Really?

Atleast include Kollontai, also. Maybe also some Arruzza and Federici.

Disagree or agree with PSL, but their liberation school curriculum is on point.

IMO this list is filled with redundant texts and non necessary reads also. This is fully inadequate to beginners, and also runs the risk of beginners seeing necessary and crucial developments in ML thought as secondary. A lot needs to be scrapped.

I’d also recommend including Althusser and Gramsci.

would you be down to amend the reading list? i’d love to read more on marxist feminism and queer lib. i’m familiar with fanon and am currently working my way through wretched of the earth.

Do you have any introductory texts you’d recommend for everyone after Fanon you talked about?

Hey i remember you from chapo megathreads. First comment of yours I have seen here so a warm welcome, comrade.

Thanks comrade, glad to be here <3

This is the list I personally used when I was getting into Theory but for the Political Economy section the Soviet Political Economy textbook I found to be very good

Edit: also the book ‘fundamentals of marxism-leninism’ is a pretty good book but I have found it to be littered with traces of Kruschevite revisonism


I feel this is too loaded for beginners. Should select five or so from this list for an introduction to beginners.

But I understand if you want copy the post verbatim as it was posted.

Does that mean I shouldn’t have started by reading Das Kapital? Because I started by reading Das Kapital.

There’s nothing wrong about starting with Das Kapital. But most who are just learning about Marxism-Leninism will consider it too difficult and too hard to understand probably — I read the first 4 chapters of Das Kapital so far (then I had to delay further reading because I no longer had the time or energy, I should continue somewhen), and I had to really study it like some people study math, i. e. write out all the important information in points, draw some scheme to visualize it, etc., so not exactly an easy book to start with. I started with Imperialism As The Highest Stage Of Capitalism, it was much easier and still addressed important aspects.

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