I like the concepts of both platforms, Deviantart and Wattpad, but both have been going down the tubes, and the argument can be made that they have always had a pretty big cringe problem.

Is there a platform or platforms more geared toward artists and/or writers like either of those two centralized sites? Pixelfed maybe? But I get the impression that it’s more Instagram as opposed to Deviantart. Writefreely for Wattpad? Are either very similar to those centralized sites at all?

I was about to suggest MediaGoblin which is very reminiscent of DeviantArt. But, it looks like their federation efforts never made it off the ground ☹️


I don’t know Wattpad, but for writing there are WriteFreely like you mentioned, and also don’t forget Plume.

Since it’s still quite small, I’d rally people around Pixelfed. But you’re right, that doesn’t exactly cover the Deviantart use-case. Let’s hope somebody takes action to develop something to fill this space.

WriteFreely isn’t really a community platform, just a clean and simple blogging platform with a paid exclusive interaction module.


Yeah… Plume is probably more what you’d expect.


Not federated (yet?) But there is a FOSS Deviant art alternative: https://github.com/Weasyl/weasyl

Pixelfed also has some community features and should work fine for art sharing.

Yes, for Pixelfed. in the future they plan on making features so the site can be used as art portfolio. Even though I think it can be used now for that.

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