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it’s not a new concept though. it is the way the internet was designed and everything used to work up until the point corporations managed to hijack the ecosystem so they could harvest data and make billions. the open and federated part of the internet is still here (IRC is still alive and well, for example, and open source is still a thing), the vast majority of people just don’t know about it because they weren’t around pre-corporate era, and all they know is what corporations tell them through anti-competitive moves stifle competition and isolate users.

i hope we will reclaim the internet one day, but governments don’t seem to care about keeping up to date with corporate abuse laws. i mean, point me towards one government that isn’t using Windows, for example; and the fact that nearly all governments depend on Windows is both unethical and in many cases illegal, since the tax money paid for infrastructure and IT development should ‘go back’ to the local population, not paid to a foreign corporation, especially not for decades, due to legacy issues.

spreading misinformation is obnoxious, and you defending such behavior is no better.

appropriately, antivaxxers won’t live long enough to be a permanent nuisance for society.

they would if they could. which is my point. without a replacement OS in the pipes, apple would be shooting themselves by demonizing open source software in front of the government.

considering Darwin (unix/BSD) is open source and what MacOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, iPadOS and bridgeOS runs on (and by law, they can’t close that source code), I can’t see Apple arguing in favor of closed source software. Assuming they don’t have an entirely new inhouse OS in the pipelines that they’re planning to replace Darwin with.

Ha! Good thing I just quit my day job as an SEO specialist. An entire industry based on googles whims and secret algo is incredibly fragile anyway. It’s insane how dependent nearly all business is on google. I hope they ban more of their tracking stuff!

signal is centralized, requires your phone number, hosted in the US, has very limited interface and features, and run by a steve jobs type personality. thanks, but no thanks.

mumble (which displaced ventrilo/teamspeak as the previous dominant gaming chat clients) was already displaced by curse voice, which then got displaced by discord.

discord was selling itself as “the good guys” who would never do something scummy, and targetted the market as a slack for gamers, and right before launch, they sold out. but it was already “too big” to get people to change client. and now it’s growing even more because people are looking at it as an alternative platform to facebook groups - now that facebook is fucking up groups.

agreed. i’ve been stuck with discord for years because i don’t really keep in touch with a lot of people and the three main people i keep in touch with uses discord exclusively (one is a developer and uses it within those circles, the other is a gamer and uses it within those circles, the third is an aquarist and uses it within those circles). i’ve argued so many times that we should move to matrix, but they insist that the community structure of discord is superior to anything on the market. @Ninmi@sopuli.xyz has a valid point that it has a good structure for plain communication, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good community platform for exchange of information; which is your point and i wholly agree. for the purpose of exchange of information, “guilded”, a discord clone, is superior as it actually has multiple information exchange features such as an actual forum on top of discords features. unfortunately it is also not FOSS and it is my personal reason for choosing matrix over it, despite matrix not having the features either discord or guilded does. it is frankly infuriating that something like guilded can pop out from nowhere with a small team and do what matrix has failed to deliver for years.

yes, a lot of food focused papers are published without proper test groups or done on animals - which doesn’t translate well to humans. nutritionists aren’t usually scientists though and as you said they usually reference trial studies for their job, and a lot of those studies are sponsored by big corporations with an agenda. it’s also important to understand that not everyone metabolizes nutrition at the same rates (sometimes not at all). what work for some, may not work for others, which is why using someone who looks fit as a goal and reference might not actually work for most people. there are just too many factors at play. anyway, for a proper clue the field of interest is molecular biology. which is rather new in its application for diet and nutrition.

how is that a problem with matrix? it has minimal metadata, encrypted, and don’t require any form of identification to use.

sure mostly everyone use the matrix.org instance, but that’s a problem of most federated services. we’re all here on lemmy.ml, while we could be elsewhere. but that’s also the whole point of a federated service. you could host it yourself. if your threat level required it.

you can’t host telegram. you can’t host signal.

sure, could be argued that XMPP is a better option than matrix. it’s old. relatively stable. and still somewhat familiar and popular throughout all these years. but that comes at the cost of no modern clients. no modern features. and opposite to matrix, no central hub/gateway or client for casual users to adopt a core service and participate through - which is pretty important if you actually plan to use a social medium.

the only problem is cars provide a lot of freedom in the sense of ability to deal with the world around us. transportation of individuals or goods or trash. other forms of infrastructure, such as trains, limits a lot on where and how you live your life.

i don’t own a car nor do i have a driving license. i live in the middle of nowhere, 8km from nearest town, smack on the middle of the arctic circle. and do have access to great public transportation system (bus pass by once every 2 hours, about 30 minutes walk from the house). but when it’s -30°C outside. or when i need to transport goods such as food supplies or live animals (i keep tropical ornamental fish). or when (like this summer) i had to throw a lot of rotten wood and panels while renovating my house (not to mention transporting new materials). i can’t use the bus. even if there was a train, i wouldn’t had been able to use that for any of this. the only reason i can make do at all is because my neighbor (who lives 2km away) has a car and a wagon.

i just can’t see a feasible alternative to cars that wouldn’t completely congest any public transportation system when just trying to live life, without access to cars. i mean, unless we rollback time and make modern personal mini-blimps a thing. that would be awesome. i’d be okay with that. let’s do that.

either they’re hoping their application will be denied so they can drum up support for anti-china theatrics, pretending like their original boycott never happened. or they’ll get approved, and claim they got denied, to drum up support for anti-china theatrics.

or perhaps they’re just being bipolar little shits posturing without a spine to back it up.

by equal value i did not mean equality. i think it’s important to make the distinction between equality and equity.

edit; i love this meme:

the way i see it, you could just break it down to a simple state where you either think all people are of equal value, or you think only a handful few are of equal value. which makes it pretty one-dimensional. left vs right. all the layers in-between are dramatized excuses and rationalizations of either position.

engagement is the point. controversy is king.

being religious has nothing to do with traditional values. nor does traditional values have anything to do with religion. i know some americans say this, but that’s also the point, it’s an american political adhoc, exploited by a particular block with a very flexible ideology that changes regularly while pretending it’s an ancient practice. that is all.

it would be both easier and more practical for them to use linux, if they wish to maintain competition on global market for software development. if they instead make their very own operative system, there would be compatibility issues and a lack of developers available to participate in the global market.

could fediverse be installed on an RPi4?

i’ve got an RPi4 not doing much legwork atm. is there an easy way to install and host lemmy on it? if not, maybe a mastodon instance?..