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Celebrating our Stateless African Heritage!

In this video, I will suggest a slightly different way of looking at African history. I am a Panafricanist and I understand the importance of our people knowing our history. As Marcus Garvey said - a people without knowledge of their history is like a tree without roots. …

I’m going to be honest, I’m just lazy. Haha. I just don’t want to slog through the links on /r/Afrihili then copy and paste them into /c/Afrihili.

Please, tell everyone who might be interested in it.

Mostly, I’m just looking to have someone help me post and/or archive all the links here too, just in case Reddit ever fails.

WEST AFRICA: THE GUOSA OR THE ENGLISH? The colonial lingua franca monopoly of the indigenous independent Nigeria and the West African nations did not only destabilize and destroy the socio-political and industrial strategies of the countries; it raised data or questions which borders on the basis fo…

Many of you may already be familiar with Eurocentric auxiliary languages like Esperanto and Interlingua, but I’d like to introduce you to the brainchildren of Africa: Afrihili and Guosa. …