African Auxiliary Languages

Ituĩka is Gikuyu name for break/rapture and revolution, transformation, and transition. At ituika Literary Platform we believe that by centering the writing, the teaching and translation of African languages, we can transform African societies. …


Education of Central African Republic

The adult literacy rate in the Central African Republic is 36.8%. Male literacy is 50.7%. The literacy of women is 24.4%. Therefore, the literacy of men and women differ by 26.3%. Government spending on education is 1.3% of GDP. The Central African Republic’s education index is 0.318 - the formal le…


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And if you know know of any easy ways to upload Youtube videos to the Fediverse, perhaps on Peertube, then let us know!..

African Auxiliary Languages

    Share resources, information, and content in and about African auxiliary languages like Afrihili and Guosa .

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