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Politics is life why would we want to ‘disconnect’ from that reality. That said most just dislike talking about certain aspects of politics as they feel a total disconnect, as we only frame it (since imperialism/white supremacy) from a hierarchical perspective - the ‘experts’. Also no mention of P2P - Usenet - BBS or the one that got them really afraid Napster.

Another huge issue is the smart phone and how we connect, as so many don’t see the ‘internet’ they just see what their ‘app’ shows them. Blockchain ugh the far right idea that lefties love.

Yup the digital dark age is becoming an abyss, hopefully the continued fall of the US doesn’t take us all down… And on that cheery note :)

The definition of mature content will be so blurry that they’ll use it to further restrict political discussion so anything deemed misinformation (which changes monthly) by the establishment will disappear under the guise of protecting the children.