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And the ‘TOTAL’ chaos follows the oil people wherever they land.

Most communications with Palma and the surrounding area have been cut off by the insurgents, although some in the besieged town got messages out using satellite phones. The town is where many contractors have been working for a multi-billion-dollar liquified natural gas project by the French energy company Total.

In recent years, bees in North America, Europe, Russia, South America and elsewhere have started dying off from “colony collapse disorder”, a mysterious scourge blamed partly on pesticides along with mites, viruses and fungi…

Science and technology are not value neutral. It is driven by ideas of value, in this case profit:

But although this new therapy is extremely promising, there are still numerous barriers to delivering this care, one of them being cost. Therapies for rare diseases aren’t profitable, so all this is funded by donations, fund raising and charities, with many other children waiting for treatment.

"But although the Indian Ocean is bordered by Africa, Asia and Australia, the single biggest harvester of yellowfin in the area is the European Union. EU nations – principally Spain and France – operate a “distant water fleet” of 43 vessels that fish the seas thousands of miles from home. In 2019 th…

One would think that with all the talk around ‘sovereignty’ the governments would see the dependency matrix they are fixing themselves in. They also do not come cheap – an email account on Xchange may cost over 10Dollars a month. It is puzzling how a low-income country would opt for a costly, dependence-inducing platform yet their technical people advise on fairly priced options that give them more autonomy.

Aaaaaaaaah. Like fine wine. They do not make them this finer any more.

I found individuals in tech-departments (the sys-admins) can play a disproportionate role in steering an organization or government office to FOSS or closed-source. While I see OSA has the right message, they are also funded by some of the main beneficiaries of closed-source surveillance software used by governments in Africa: Microsoft + Google. I hope the board offers more insight and capacity in how to deal with these structural issues.

Wishing Sam the best:

“I can do these things without being on the Board for OSI, but I have the opportunity to bring more people around the culture, as I recently did with many efforts from Africa, like the Open Source Festival.”

Aladin Borioli - Hives - Idea Books

How bees and humans have related based on a study of apiary (especially beehives) architecture. …

The Garissa solar plant is doing 50MW - https://www.rerec.co.ke/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=53&Itemid=234

I wonder what led to East Africa success in this area. I do not know whether it is relative to other regions but in absolute sense, they seem to be doing something right.

Seems the EV adoption is happening in the most unexpected spaces, like fishermen in Lake Nam Lolwe (or as the British called it, Lake Victoria): https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-africa-56273602

He managed to convince the court to allow him file the case as a pauper, without having to pay any litigation charges. The case will be mentioned on January 26, 2021. …