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firefox is one of the first things you see on the flathub homepage because it’s top of the popular apps along with spotify…

Just tried to load post via fosstodon and it presents itself as a link to the lemmy op rather than having it load as an interactive thread.

But at least friendica <–> lemmy communication works smoothly.

First they came for those inciting violence and bigotry and I said good fuck those guys.

Seriously though, your argument fails when we get into specifics into what’s being blocked.

what are you playing on?

If on desktop install gzdoom and do “gzdoom -iwad /path/to/satanic2.wad” in a terminal and that should launch the game.

if you’re playing on android you can install “freedoom” then you place satanic2.wad DIRECTLY into /freedoom/config/ NOT /config/wads as that’s for add ons.

from there you can launch satanic2.wad from within the freedoom app.

Nazi infestations are the worst possible antifeature of a social network

trying out replying to comments and it gives a little window with parent comment in it.