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Doesn’t make me angry cause I’m not ideologically blind like you,
in reality I begrudge every chinese prosperity!

Atleast we know that you are a NATO supporting neofascist.

Either you are schizophrenic, or you really think you can speak for others.
If I’d be truly neofascist, I´d spread kremlin propaganda all day long.

Your insults are disrespectful. Now back to your grammar lesson.

No worries, the illegal russian war will greatly promote the expansion of renewable energies and reduce dependence on fossil fuels that are harmful to the climate.

Don’t use cringe sources like business insider, we are supposed to be better than this

However, the grain does not necessarily remain there, as it is further processed into flour.

Don’t worry, thanks to your tireless efforts, one day I’ll become a wannabe communist too posting tankie sh*t

Communism understander has logged on.

Well spoken comrade sock-puppet!

Are tankies in the room with you right now?

Glad you asked. Only internet super-hero tankies who make themselves believe they are communists.

Looks like Western propaganda has been effective!

Just ask the victims I’d say.

Can you prove “the” dutch who voted for this declaration are experts in genociding?
Or is it just shithouse slogans?

It is a political decision not to supply modern weapons, which does not mean that Germany does not have modern weapons.

Germany? they dont even have ammo, only for two days.

Surprise, they fire NATO ammunition. US would deliver for sure.

have old and deficient weapons and equipment.

Espacially compared to russias soviet-time euipment, right.

Until now, the German arms industry has only manufactured for export but not for the Bundeswehr itself.

Well, that escalated quickly.

If they invade Russia the Russians will die by laughing.

Right, after they died meaningless on Ukrain soil.

Calling others neofascist, cause it helps you feeling a little like a leftist, that’s a bad thing buddy.
At least you switched your wording from “Nazi” to “neofascist”, so we have some educational progress here, well done.

Slovenia said Wednesday one of the images Russia used to claim Ukraine is planning to detonate a “dirty bomb” was an old photo of smoke detectors taken in Slovenia.