Release 9.9.1 · mastercomfig/mastercomfig
Highlights: FPS increases, Spy hitreg improvements, visibility tweaks Support me: Learn how you can support more updates to mastercomfig! How to install: Instructions on setting up mastercomfig ini...

Like previously mentioned, this new framework allows app development to introduce new features much more easily and unlocks a lot of potential for the app.

In the next release of mastercomfig 9, barring any more patches, you can expect to see support for class configs, crosshair customization, weapon customization and more advanced keybind setups.

These features are already near completion and are in the polish stage for bug fixing and visual enhancement. I can’t wait to see what the community thinks about this, and hope the app becoming a one-stop shop for all TF2 customization provides value to all of you. I’m always open to feedback and new ideas, just let me know what you’re thinking of!

mastercomfig should have stayed a performance config; a TF2 customization framework is outside the scope of mastercomfig’s goals.

Team Fortress 2
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